Joe Flacco’s agent says he should be league’s highest paid QB


Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has made the playoffs in each of his five seasons in the NFL and now has a Super Bowl ring and MVP award under his belt as well.

According to Brian A. Shactman of CNBC, Flacco’s agent, Joe Linta, will be looking to leverage that success into a massive payday for his client. Linta told Shactman he believes Flacco should be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

“When you do a contract of this magnitude, you look at what is the player’s body of work presently,” Linta said. “And what are the expectations going forward over the next four, five or six years.

“Joe wins on both accounts.”

In order for that to become a reality, the Ravens will need to pay Flacco at least $20 million a year. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning made $18 million this season while New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees averages $20 million a year.

As Shactman points out, Flacco has won as many Super Bowls as Manning and Brees and is the youngest quarterback of the group. Linta is likely to make the argument that Flacco has accomplished just as much as Manning and Brees and is just entering the prime of his career.

It appears likely the Ravens will have to use the exclusive franchise tag on Flacco in order to ensure he will remain with the Ravens next season. A deal of this size likely will not be completed by the deadline to designate franchise players on March 4. The franchise tag alone would likely bring $20 million a year to Flacco.

158 responses to “Joe Flacco’s agent says he should be league’s highest paid QB

  1. I’m sure Dilfer’s agent thought the same thing the last time the Ravens won a superbowl.

  2. Awesome postseason but a joke that he would be the highest paid player at his position. He is way too inconsistent in the regular season. Peyton, Brees, Brady, Rodgers should all make more than him.

  3. I love how Aaron Rodgers’s contract is never discussed like this.

    Regardless, this is a great problem for the Ravens. It’s the first time they have a true franchise quarterback. I’m not saying he’s elite, but he is a champion, franchise quarterback.

  4. Umm, maybe QB’s need to step back and stop being so obsessed with being the highest paid players in the league and instead be interested in having an entire team still playing in their city. Apparently they don’t understand that these massive numbers mean they lose a lot of talent that got them to the title game and made them look better than they really were.

  5. Let’s see here….gameplan: throw it up 50 yards downfield, get a pass interference or breakdown on D, and he’s the league’s best QB. Uhhh….okay…

  6. His agent has an excellent argument. He and Flacco hold the cards now, and well deserved.

    Pay the man!

  7. Flacco has some good stats and has won a ton of games but there is no way he should be the highest paid QB. The race for more money has always worked out poorly for the team. The cap hit for those deals is always ridiculous and teams are forced to do some creative accounting. When any player gets that kind of money, the rest of the team suffers. Key players get cut due to cap issues. Those players may not seem as important but they are inevitably missed. $14M is a ton of money and would still allow the retention of other players on a competitive team. I’d go with the non exclusive tag. They can still match an offer but if not, they get some good picks and save some money in the process.

  8. I think one thing we can all agree on is that Flacco’s agent should be the League’s highest paid agent – simply for making that assertion.

  9. I appreciate Joe for all his playoff wins and his Superbowl victory but geez he doesnt put up Brady, Manning or Brees numbers. He is surrounded by talent while those others make the guys around them look good. I think he should get paid but we shouldnt go overboard. I am scared he will get his money and come out and throw up a dud.

  10. Not even close to be making more money than ALOT of quarterbacks in the nfl. If they were paying for under thrown footballs, then he is your guy.

  11. Make no mistake about it … Joe is going to get paid and probably is going to get paid what he wants to get paid.

    How many QB-hungry teams are out there? Plenty. How many rookie QBs in the coming draft are there of similar quality to those in the 2012 draft? Not many. How long would it take for another team to snap up Joe Flacco at this point in time if he weren’t under a franchise tag? No time at all.

    The Ravens gambled on the timing of the contract talks and Flacco won. He’s going to be paid along with the big boys no matter what.

  12. Franchise him and let the cap situation with his supporting cast calm down this year.

    True leaders are the first in line to serve. And though it sounds like a ridiculous oxymoron, the most selfless thing Joe could do right now is accept a $20 million exclusive rights tag without raising a fuss.

  13. Damn it no, with all top paid quarterbacks what I notice about those teams is the lack of cap room to get quality players to make the team. Did Joe Flacco have one hell of a playoff run yes, but was he still inconsistent during the regular season yes. I don’t want to cripple the team for one player. I get Joe’s agent is doing his job but the question you truly have to ask is Joe Flacco the type of QB that makes less than average wr’s look good like a Manning does, like Brady does etc etc that’s a big risk to take by throwing that much money at Flacco.

    Now with that said still like Flacco he’s the Super Bowl MVP and go Ravens. I think Ozzie will get the right thing done

  14. Rumor has it it helps to put good talent around Joe. You know Boldin, Smith, Rice, Pitta, defense an OFFENSIVE LINE. So while Jo may have earned a huge pay day, why not make sure he can earn the whole contract and let the team add other talent so they don’t have to fight the salary cap

  15. Evidently, lots of people forget Dilfer was in his first year with the Ravens, and wasn’t even their opening day starter. He did well in the playoffs and they won the Super Bowl.

    But Flacco has been MUCH more successful for quite a few seasons.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if Flacco is paid $20 million, $5 million, or $100K. He’ll be overpaid like all pro athletes, in my humble completely irrelevant opinion.

    But these comparisons to Trent Dilfer are ridiculous.

  16. Brady started 9-0 in the playoffs and didn’t get that contract. Do you know why? Because he knew that spreading the wealth will make the TEAM more successful. In a copycat league players and management still don’t understand that concept.

  17. This is going to get messy, good decision Baltimore not locking him up prior to the best year of his life. Now you will have to overpay to keep a very mediocre QB, good luck with that.

  18. Litna was asked if Joe should be the highest paid QB, he said, “Yes”. What did you expect him to say? “No”?

    Just like when Joe was asked where he thought he ranked among NFL QBs.

    “Well, I don’t know, I’m probably the 8th best.”

    Come on now!

  19. Another thing Flacco, if you do get a huge contract and it does cripple the team and you don’t produce Baltimore can become very unkind very quick.

  20. So his agent thinks he should be paid more than Brady, Brees, the Mannings & Aaron Rodgers? I want whatever he is on so I can understand his thought process.

  21. Is Eli the top paid qb in the league because his “team” won 2 superbowls. Nuff said Joe tell your agent not to write checks your arse can’t cash. Vick is gonna get paid all of his contract too. Not!

  22. He’s still bummed that Palko beat him out at Pitt.
    Maybe the Baltimore Browns can sign Palko instead…

    and lololol to highest paid…

  23. Funny how it’s “win as a team” until the contract is due. Then it’s “I’m the most important person on the team and I should suck up a massive percentage of the overall cap space.”

    I get that this is the player’s vocation, and all those millions end up a lot less when factoring in the shortness of their careers, tax brackets, fees for their lawyer, agent and union, all of it…but you’d like to think that they would still put winning above make every last dime.

    Either Baltimore shrugs and risks not having an ideal QB…or they put themselves in cap hell for a half decade. That, basically, is what his agent is suggesting. In the end, that threatens Flacco in terms of winning, as a million here could be his left tackle, a million there could be his best wideout.

    Will Flacco renegotiate in two years to help create cap space? His agent’s tone does not suggest it.

  24. There is a little thing called consistency that Flacco lacks. He also does not show the understanding and readability of the truly elite QBs. He has the long ball, which he throws up and tells his receivers….GO GET IT! They adjust to the ball! His forte is not pinpointing the ball. He is not on the Top Tier of QBs,

  25. Only if Baltimore never wants to see the playoffs again should they make this happen. Prior to this year, he was just another guy. Be stupid and pay him. It only hurts teams with better QB’s. NO, GB, NYG, DEN, NE to name a few.

  26. Just think what he’d be worth if he didn’t do stuff like check down on 4th & 29 with the playoffs on the line. He should give Ray Rice, and the Den secondary for that matter, a good chunk of that pay day.

    This is going to be one entertaining ride, at least for the rest of the AFCN.

  27. I struggle on this one. At first he doesn’t seem to deserve that kind of money but its hard to argue with what he has done the first five years of his career. Tough to do much better than that, right? I think he for sure deserves Eli Manning/Matt Ryan money and honestly I can’t think of many reasons not to pay him like he is top three. Perhaps he needs to be more a “face of the franchise” type player like Brees and Manning are. Personality and leadership matter and I think he is a step behind the highest paid QBs in that regard.

  28. Lets look at the afc playoff picture. For the next 5 years you have Brady, Manning, rorthlisburger, Texans. It was great that flacco squeezed by the two best qbs in the game, but to think its going to happen again, that while atleast manning and brady are active for the next 5 years, that the afc is going to be represented by Flacco is a fallacy.

  29. An aging roster and a QB that seems to be demanding to be the highest paid player in the NFL likely means no more trips to the Super Bowl for Baltimore. Greed, my friends, is NOT good in a salary cap environment.

  30. Its funny now that every QB that wins a Superbowl must be considered “elite”.

    Let me put it this way… if you’re having to convince people you’re elite, then you probably aren’t.

  31. I have to wonder whether flacco wants to keep winning. If he does, his mega payday will be sure to hinder the teams ability to sign at least one player, compared to if he signed, say, 12-15 mil a year instead of demanding 20. If I were Ozzie I would have to think long and hard about whether he is worth it. Maybe if the price is 20 this year no matter what, they ought to just franchise him and see if he has another year warranting that kind if money. The thing is those qb’s are quite the valuable commodity, I’ve learned that the hard way as a jets fan. If he wants that money, they’re probably better off paying him and keeping him than letting him walk and get an Alex smith. Flacco does have a hell of an arm.

  32. I’ll admit I’ve had been drinking the Flacco koolaid here lately; I was very impressed with his playoff run and his deepball is about as good as anyone’s. That said the guy should jump all over $15mil per year. He’s not a top-tier QB.

  33. Highest paid though? Idk. He won his Super Bowl with a hell of a team around him. Probably better than when Peyton and Brees won theirs. Ray rice is the best rb, that is the best defense, boldin is probably the best wr… The only thing that Brees had better than flacco was the number or targets he could get the ball to. Those Super Bowls were won by the qb and this one, I think, was more of an overall team effort than a superstar qb. A winner is a winner though. Marino never got a ring.

  34. I will agree with one Hub Arkush who said on 670 the Score Chicago that Kaepernick had the better game on Sunday. Flacco will never reach another Super Bowl with the Ravens.

  35. I bet Jim Plunkett thought he deserved to be paid higher than Dan Fouts after SB 15.

    I mean, surely his 3 TD, no INT SB MVP performance made him the greatest QB in the early 80’s, right?

  36. Good post season. But he benefited a lot from defenses misplaying his deep ball, and that’s undeniable.

    It’s not like he was really threading the needle. The 2 biggest passes to Jacoby Jones (in Denver and in the Super Bowl) were underthrown and would have been picked off by by most other teams. Boldin made some ridiculous catches for him as well.

  37. Maybe half the time when he shows up for the game, the others when he couldn’t hit the side of Denali he should make what the waterboy makes.

  38. I’m still convinced that he’s an average QB that happened to have 5 good (with a touch of luck) games in a row.

    Man… I would hate to be Ozy right nowQ

  39. This was the funniest headline I read all night. Deserving of a big raise? Yes. Highest paid QB? Come on now. I know his agent’s job is to get more money, but there is no way Flacco is even close to being the best QB in the league let alone deserving of the top paycheck.

  40. And this is why it’s so difficult to maintain dynasties. He’ll demand all this cash, which will prevent the team from being able to give him an adequate supporting cast.

  41. I am so sick of QBs taking all of the credit and blame for winning and losing in the NFL. Football is a team sport. While QB is the most important position in the league and having a bad one could mean total failure for your club (See: Arizona), a great QB alone is not going to win you a super bowl. Joe Flacco has had a fantastic cast around him. He has a great RB with a great albeit aging defense while the Brees’, Rodgers, Mannings and Brady’s have had terrible defenses and have had to carry their clubs by passing the ball. If those guys struggle, their teams lose. If Flacco struggles, Bmore has a chance because of their defense and Ray Rice. Flacco is below these guys in terms of talent and should not be the highest paid qb in the league.

  42. If you look at winning percentage and playoff appearances, I would agree!

    However, Flacco has had the advantage of not only one of the best GMs in the NFL to put talent around him, but a very, very, very solid defense his whole NFL career. It does make a HUGE difference.

    Bottom line, I just don’t think the guy could carry a team on his shoulders. He is a product of a good system. Don’t get me wrong..much respect for Flacco, but not more than Brady, both Mannings, Slothlisberger, Brees…etc..

    Think of it this way..if you were starting a franchise from scratch, would Flacco be your first choice to be the QB? Would he be your second choice? Third? Fourth?

    No, then why would he be paid more than any other QB?

    “Sales 101″…always start high to leave room for negotiations. Agents are ultimately sales reps.

  43. I actually 100% agree with the agent.

    Of course, I’m not a Ravens fan, so anything that ridiculously damages the Ravens is a-ok in my book.

    Hey…..Remember when the Jets signed Mark Sanchez to a big contract despite his regular season performance because he showed up big in a couple “clutch” situations?

    How’s THAT working out Mr. “104 QBR+” Flacco?

  44. Hey, remember this time an agent said “my client is just average and let’s only pay him whatever you think is fair”?

    I mean, it’s negotiations, people get so upset in all this. Ozzie, Steve, et al. will counter with their body of evidence and they’ll reach a middle ground (or, well, something in between that probably is closer to Flacco’s agent’s asking price).

    So many literalists in the world today.

  45. Agent wants to fatten his pockets also…no surprise he would say that, he’s in the moment right now…when things calm down and he comes back down to earth; he’ll realize Joe isn’t worth 20Million and if he feels like that then I’ll believe a pig can fly

  46. I’d take Alex Smith and keeping the team together. Exactly who is gonna bail out his passes? Jones, Pitta, Dixon all FA’s. Mckinney is too though not quite as critical. Then you got Ray leaving. Kruger, Ellerbe, and Reed all FA’s… Boldin a likely cap cut… This team is already fighting way uphill before even dealing with Flacco. Not a cool position to put your coach and other teammates in

  47. Flacco is most definitely worth $20 mil a season. Against the 49ers, he alluded the pass rush, extended plays and threw three TD passes. Flacco has thrown as many TD passes in one Super Bowl than Roethlisberger has thrown in three of them.
    Plus, Flacco has NEVER missed a game due to either an injury or a suspension. Roethlisberger, meanwhile, has never played an entire 16-game regular-season.
    It’s not even a question of whether Flacco is worth the market value of a Super Bowl MVP quarterback. The real question is whether he wants to sabatoge his team by accepting such an obscene amount of money.

  48. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! Good luck being tied down to a 20 million dollar salary cap abomination, going to a very mediocre QB who throws aimlessly jumpballs to the real talent around him. Good luck keeping those stud athletes around that average Joe! The Super Bowl will ultimately be Baltimore’s downfall. How ironic, lmao.

  49. Give it to him; Help the rest of the teams not have to worry about the Ravens as they have to cut all the talent around Flacco to stay under the cap…….

  50. bobzilla, encase you haven’t noticed, Roethlisberger is the ANIMAL of all animals at “eluding the rush and extending plays.” Flacco, give or take, has played behind solid offensive lines while Roethlisberger has takin TWO, count them, TWO of THEE worst offensive lines in football to the Super Bowl. How, backpedaling against your own Terrell Suggs with a broken nose and throwing game-winners in the process.

    Also, a key word in your statement is THREE. Roethlisberger has been in 3 Super Bowls and threw the game winning touchdown, taking his team down the field 90 yards out against Arizona. Flacco is NOT worth 20 million dollars and it’ll show once pieces are takin away from him. (Roethlisberger won a SB with Cedric Wilson at wideout. CEDRIC WILSON.)

  51. His career QB rating is 86.3, in 2012 regular season was 87.7. He was money in the playoffs, but there’s not enough there to justify Flacco being the highest paid. It’s becoming any halfway decent QB holding their franchise hostage to become highest paid, without a care about the impact on the rest of the roster, including some of Flacco’s weapons.

  52. Pay him his money so they lose majority of there prime defensive leaders and see how good he really is he’s good but nowhere near elite yet. It took Eli two Super Bowl rings to be considered elite. But no hate the man for trying to get paid.

  53. Okay, name the Quarterbacks better than Flacco. Brady (35), P. Manning (37), Brees (33), Rodgers (31), Rothlesberger (32), those are the guys you can legitimately say are better RIGHT now. E. Manning is equally inconsistent so you can flip flop those guys. Who else is legitimately better? As of now, no one. In a few years we’ll see where this rookie class and Kapernick are. But none of the rookies can read defenses the way Joe can. Yes, he can read defenses. Not to the elite level but close enough. Kap, I believe will become truly elite in a few years. But the Ravens chose not to pay him earlier, now they get to suffer. He deserves to get paid more than Brady, Peyton and company, not because he is better but because that is the economics of the game. Does Brees deserve more than Brady? Does Peyton deserve more than Brady? Does Mario Williams deserve equal payment to Brady cause they get almost the same. All you that want Joe to take less wouldn’t take lessees in his position. You are fans of the team so you are talking with your hearts not your brains. If you don’t think he’s worth it then let him walk.

  54. Joe Flacco is just a QB. Have fun with him now lol. He probably counts himself a God like Ray Lewis. God Ray Lewis I can’t wait to meet you on the battlefield… you are mine

  55. I am not a Ravens fan, or a Flacco fan, but I am astonished at the amount of Haters. Is he the best QB in the league, not even close; but we all know how the NFL works, and given that formula, Flacco should at least be top three.

  56. We are talking about Joe Flacco right? The QB who was 12th in QB rating, 19th in completion % (a pathetic 59.7%), 17th in TD’s, and 14th in Yards Passing? Wow, definitely sounds like a top tier QB!! hahahahaha Fans of every team but Baltimore are loving the idea of throwing away money on a mid level QB who loves to throw jump balls…it just means less money to spend on filling out the rest of the roster. Good luck getting back to the playoffs if he really gets $20 million.

  57. The highest paid QB not only have playoff wins, but they have good consistent regular season numbers. Joe has one of those therefore he should get 10-15million.

  58. So he wins one super Bowl, and super bowl MVP and that makes him the best qb in the league today? I think you should wait and see a couple years before you start asking for the equivalent if not more than what Drew brees, or Peyton Manning makes

  59. He is the SuberBowl MVP and now he is the biggest douche and distraction to the Baltimore Ravens. Why dont you try consistently winning in the post season and win another ring before you get the prima donna attitude. This whole “Im ELITE” thing is garbage.

  60. Usually when this kind of negotiation arises, you agents have to right to assume the average QB salary will rise significantly over the course of the contract (because of the rises in the salary cap), so that has to be factored in to a longer deal to avoid messiness half way through the contract. I recall a few years ago, I believe it was Phillip Rivers, became the highest paid QB, which of course cause great uproar, but the fact of that matter was that there were several high profile quarterbacks coming towards the end of their contract and they were all going to get significant pay rises and a new standard of QB salary was about to be set. I think that’s what Linta is trying to do here. However, with the deceleration of the salary cap it no longer seems reasonable to make a player of Flacco’s ilk the highest paid at his position. There does not figure to be large increases in the cap any time soon and so the average (and so elite) QB salaries likely won’t rise. For Flacco I think 18 million a year is more than fair.

  61. Flacco has all the leverage right now so he should use it. You need a good QB to win in this league – defense alone won’t get you there (ask the Steelers of the 1990s and the Ravens for much of the 2000s). However, if you are a Ravens fan you have to ask yourself if you want at least one-sixth of your cap going to not just one player, but Joe Flacco. I don’t think so.

    But it’s going to happen. Why? Because what are your options? Alex Smith? Tim Tebow? Michael Vick? Matt Flynn? Draft a guy and hope he turns into another Flacco? I don’t think so.

    I think they will franchise him for 2013 and draft a QB in the second or third round and hope for some kind of Russell Wilson miracle for the 2014 season. If not, you are potentially dooming your franchise for a long time by paying this guy that much money.

  62. Flacco is easily the the best qb in the league. It’s just not even close. Peyton? Rodgers? Brees? Brady? Ben? All chumps. None of them have joe’s poise, his brains, his toughness, his arm. If Flacco doesn’t win at least 4 more superbowls it’ll be a disappointment

  63. Wow…slightly above average QB wants a future HOF contact while his team has 20 or so impending FA’s and is already over the cap without them. I think the ravens are likely to go from champs to 3-13.

  64. of course his agent is going to start high…although i agree he isn’t worth $20 million the real question is who else is there? ok he’s not manning, brady etc. but who is available that is better than him? a draft choice? Tyrod? Ozzie is in a tough spot…

  65. I never understand why these a gents are even necessary. I mean, your QB just won the SB and was MVP, and you say that you think he should make a lot of money…

    I could do that. This guy is going to get a big chunk of that money. If I were Joe I would tell him to take a walk and negotiate the deal myself. If you make a little less than he would have got you, it’s probably still more than you would have made once you paid this guy.

    I just think that agents like to think that they are more important than they really are.

  66. The fear is that Flacco will go flacid with a 20 million contract under his belt.he isnt a great quarterback but gets the job done with good teammates around him but can he continue the good work like Rodgers,Breese and Manning have shown over the years they can and will earn their huge salaries,Flacco is a question mark in the future.

  67. Give him any contract he wants! Cut Boldin to make more room…let Ed Reed walk to the Patriots! More than worth it. Than we can see him prove that no one else on the team contributed to them winning the super bowl.

  68. He may be worth the most at this point but why try for it if it’s going to cost your team as many as 4 key players on defense and offense? You’ll have plenty of money why not continue to have a great team?

  69. the guy managed 2 lousy fg’s in critical time. What a joke. The offensive line which was way underrated was the real key to his success. The REAL MVP of the super bowl should have been anquan bolden who made amazing catches in critical time during the game.

  70. It’s his agent saying this. What do you expect him to say? They both know he’s not going to be the highest paid QB in the league, but it’s the starting point in their negoations.

    Rodgers, Brady, Brees, and Manning all will be paid more. But Flacco has thrust himself up into that next tier with Roethlisberger and E. Manning. The man is going to get paid, but we all know he won’t end up as the highest paid QB in the league.

  71. Are you kidding?!? Highest paid- hahaha. Laughable. Just because you win 1 SB and had a good run in the playoffs does not make up for the several years of terrible and inconsistent play. Joe isn’t even top a 10 QB in my opinion. Joe Flacco’s agent is delirious.

  72. If Flacco gets near 20 million the rest of the team will be dismantled. Boldin..gone, Rice…cant afford and so on. Salary cap issue time awaits.

  73. Ravens fan here.
    Of course his agent is claiming he wants a ridiculous amount of money. Right now he has all the leverage and this is how the $ game works. Is he the top QB? No. Does he deserve to be the top paid QB? No. Will Ozzie sign him to be the top paid player? No.

    They will work something out.. Most teams would end up paying 14 to 15mill.

  74. Aaron Rodgers: 104.9 career QB Rating; Tom Brady: 96.6 career QB Rating; Peyton Manning : 95.7 career QB Rating; Drew Brees: 94.3 career QB Rating. Then there is Joe Flacco, 86.3 Career quarterback rating. Identical to Carson Palmers career QB Rating. Flacco is benefiting from being a part of a great team. Dude didnt deserve MVP. What happened to win as a team lose as a team. This dude should not be getting the amount of credit he is. As mentioned before, slightly above average quarterback. Ravens CANNOT give this dude 20+ million a year. Will handcuff their franchise for years to come.

  75. This isn’t exactly a free market. Flacco is worth $20 million a year to HIS team, and, if the Ravens choose not to re-sign him or tag him, he would very likely receive that amount from some other QB desperate team (Eagles, Cards, Jets, KC, not withstanding those team’s cap room).

    The fact that he will get more money than other QBs of equal or higher caliber does not suggest he is better than they are, only that Flacco is a free agent now, and it’s time to reset his salary in the QB labor market. Flacco is worth what team’s are willing to pay, simple as that. If Brady, Manning et al were all on the market every year, than their salaries would align perfectly with their skills on the field.

  76. Of course his agent will say this, but it’s not true.
    He is not the best QB in the league today. Maybe he should consider the Ravens, and take less money to keep Boldin. If they loose him that’s just greedy.
    The 49ers could have won the game in the last couple of minutes, but for stupid playcalling, then they wouldn’t be talking like this.
    Very selfish if Flacco takes all the loot, dismantle the team right now.

  77. If the superbowl MVP could have gone to more than 1 player, it would have been the Raven’s D.

    WOW, what a decision for Ravens. Too bad this guy is looking for not just a MAX contract, but the highest MAX contract – when Ravens need to fill other holes made this season.

    I would let him leave.

  78. Great job agent!! Go and pull the hamstring on his team for the next 5 years! No disrespect to Joe Flacco, he is now a championship QB but he isn’t an elite QB still. He doesn’t take over the game yet and dominate with his is entire skill set. He’s bailed out quite often by great wide receiver play which isn’t discussed enough. Go do your job for $20m and let’s see how this turns out but understand you’ll be working down from this figure.

  79. There is no comparison between Flacco & Trent Dilfer… Trent Dilfer was a game manager for a team with the greatest defense I have ever seen backing him up… I think the Giants are still trying to get a first down in Super Bowl 35… Flacco, really put the Ravens on his back & we could be talking about the Ravens with back to back Superbowl victories if Lee Evans makes the catch or Cundiff makes the kick last season. Then how much would Flacco be worth?

  80. I think the whole debate about “Elite status” is pointless. Statistics can show who is more efficient, productive – whatever term you wish to use – on the field. And you can therefore have a very dry but valid ranking of the QBs. This is essentially what QBR is, and according to stats Flacco is in the top third of QBs. However, this isn’t fantasy football.

    A better criteria should be: is a team’s QB good enough to lead a team to a Super Bowl? Joe Flacco has shown that can turn it up a few notches during the playoffs, he can handle the pressure and he can play extremely well on the road. I think those qualities ultimately count the most.

  81. the dude just busted brady and manning and luck and kaep out the playoffs…everyone has been crying he never won the superbowl, well now he has and bottom line…he had a post season as great as you could hope for out of any quarterback i’ve seen and i’ve seen every postseason since the early ’70’s. so he doesn’t put up great fantasy football numbers, big whoop…the kid’s a winner and now its time to pay the man, so pay him…

  82. I understand why his agent would say it. I understand why Ravens fans would agree with it, still in the afterglow of the SB victory. I also believe that everyone will come to their senses and realize why it’s not correct.

    Joe Flacco, for all his consistency and his playoff heroics, is simply NOT the type of transformational QB that others (Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Manning) are. He has benefited so greatly from having RLewis, Ed Reed, Suggs, Ray Rice, that you simply cannot make the argument that he is the deciding factor in the Ravens success.

    Specifically looks at Brady and Rodgers for a second. Both QB’s overcame remarkably weak defenses and highly questionable running games to make it to the SB. Put Flacco on the 2010 Packers or the 2011 Patriots and that’s simply not happening. Put either of those QB’s on this years Ravens, with that defense and running threat, and the Ravens walk away with a SB blowout and an undefeated season. Simple as that.

    Is Flacco very good? Yes. Deserving of best money in the league? Not a chance.

  83. Please Flacco, break the bank on the Ravens front office. Hamstring your team from making any more moves by becoming the highest paid QB in the NFL.

    Because we know your a fraud and it will be my Steelers utmost pleasure at showing the world that the real Flacco is the one we’ve seen the previous three years and not the last 3 weeks.

  84. Many things go into what kinda of salary he will get. Being 28, having played out this original contract, being superbowl mvp, amazing postseason play.. all factor what into he will get. He has maximum leverage and should/will CASH in.

  85. Reading through these posts gave me a good laugh. Obviously, most folks posting here have no idea what has been going on with the Ravens the past 5 years. Joe Flacco’s personal stats are, unfortunately, inextricably tied to one of the worst offensive coordinators in the NFL. You know…Cam Cameron…the guy who was FIRED with three games left in the regular season. (Cameron SHOULD have been fired two years ago, but John Harbaugh had an ill-advised sense of loyalty to Cameron based upon past history in the collegiate ranks.) EVERY QB — Brees, Rivers, and Flacco — improved AFTER Cameron was gone. It’s not a coincidence. Cameron was the reason for the OFFENSE’S inconsistency. Joe himself was the most consistent, stabilizing factor in the Ravens offense the past 5 years. Cameron’s HIGH RISK offense (i.e. calling for 40 yard pass plays on third and 8, his refusal to use the middle of the field, his refusal to call slants, crossing patterns, draw plays, use motion or deception in the play design, etc.) resulted in QB percentage stats that were lower than they should have been. But it had almost everything to do with Cameron, and almost nothing to do with Joe. Joe achieved what he did DESPITE Cam Cameron, not because of him.

    Added to that, and unlike the Falcons who mortgaged the future to surround Matt Ryan with truly elite WRs and a hall of fame TE, Joe has done it was a sub par supporting cast, along with a joke of an O-line.

    So really…you bashers are so clueless, it’s funny. But carry on…it’ll be a long off season.

  86. He should be paid the highest. He’s played better than any QB in the post-season the last 3 years and always makes the playoffs.

    When will you get it through your heads? You don’t need to be flashy or throw the ball 50 times a game to be great. Flacco, many times has only one chance to get a first down after two runs on 1st and 2nd while Brady, Bree, Rodgers have 3 chances to get 10 yards.

    You same people in disagreement are the same ones who said he would never win a SB.

  87. Ozzie Newsome isn’t dumb enough to pay Flacco/Fluke-o $20M a year. Jerry Jones on the other hand….

    Newsome will give him something reasonable, like $14/15M a year or whatever puts him in the top 6-8 QBs, Flacco will cash that check, and will continue to be an above-average QB on a 9-7 team. Can they put the franchise tag on him??

  88. People are overreacting to this. Of course Joe Flacco’s agent is going to say that Joe Flacco should be the league’s highest paid QB. Quite frankly, if he didn’t say that, he probably wouldn’t be a very good agent, seeing as how the main purpose of an agent is to get their player the best deal possible. What do you expect Flacco’s agent to say, that he doesn’t think Flacco deserves to be the league’s highest paid QB? Give me a break.

    I’m confident the Ravens can work something out. Ozzie’s a brilliant GM, and I have a gut feeling Joe’s going to sign long-term with the Ravens for a somewhat reasonable price.

  89. Oh yeah, you people are idiots. Who cares what he does in the regular season, if make the playoffs every year? Hello?

    The playoffs are where he shines…

    Brady…no SBs wins as elite, game manager during SB wins

    Brees…throws 60 times a game to get 3 TDs

    Manning…great regular season QB

    Rodgers…the best QB in the league

    Flacco…2nd best QB who outplays top QBs when it matters

  90. Comment deleted again I guess

    clashers says:
    Feb 6, 2013 1:28 AM
    dc1to1 says:
    Feb 6, 2013 12:05 AM
    I’m still convinced that he’s an average QB that happened to have 5 good (with a touch of luck) games in a row.

    5 good games? You must mean, 5 good years of luck. You don’t luck your way into a playoff win EVERY year you play, all time most road playoff wins, going to 3 AFC championship games, and a Superbowl MVP. Those are near HOF stats if you didn’t know I was talking about unibrow, no one is that lucky……and if so please name that player.

  91. The commenter who said Flacco is about 10th-12th in QB ranking was about right. Ravens will still franchise tag him b/c talent of that level is hard to come by. Like it or not Flacco is about to get paid.

  92. Haters say what you want. Do I think Joe should be the highest paid QB in the league..Hell no! but the only QB’s in the league that should be making more money than Joe is Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady. Joe is a top five QB and he has the credentials and hardware to prove it. Anyone who has Joe under # 7 in their “top QB in the league list” is a hater.

  93. Sure, why not franchise him vs. killing your team’s salary cap for 2013 and beyond by giving him $20M a year?

    Especially when the Ravens have decisions to make on Ellerby, Kruger and need to give a restructured deal to Suggs as well?

    Trust me: Teams will look at film, especially their offensive line/blocking, and will adjust in 2013.

    It’s easy for ANY QB (yes, even the Weeden’s and Gabbert’s of the world) to complete passes when you’re not getting pressured or hit. Flacco was practically untouched in the playoffs. That had a lot to do with his success.

    If you look at the games where he struggled, guess what? He was getting laid out on his a** and tried to force the issue.

    Saying he’s the best QB in the NFL is like Titus Young saying he’s as good as Calvin Johnson.

  94. Give me a break Flacco cannot be compare to players like Manning and Brees, he hasn’t reach that kind of level yet, maybe after winning at least one regular season MVP.
    Right now maybe talk about him being as good as Rivers, or Michael Vick, or maybe even Eli Manning.

  95. Hope Flacco can play defense . Ellerbe had 9 tackles , stopped Gore from scoring and blitzed Kapernick on that 4th down . Ellerbe only makes 1.9 million . Krueger is a free agent too. Boldin let him walk? Pay Flacco and ignore the team . Stupid Ravens

  96. By the way, Matt Ryan was the Ravens’ first choice in the draft. When Atlanta snatched him up, they picked Flacco.

    Obviously they chose right. The same year Ryan wins his first playoff game, Flacco wins his first Super Bowl.

  97. @twonis:

    “Specifically looks at Brady and Rodgers for a second. Both QB’s overcame remarkably weak defenses and highly questionable running games to make it to the SB. Put Flacco on the 2010 Packers or the 2011 Patriots and that’s simply not happening. Put either of those QB’s on this years Ravens, with that defense and running threat, and the Ravens walk away with a SB blowout and an undefeated season. Simple as that.”

    Obviously you didn’t watch the Super Bowl, seeing as it was only the second one in history where the losing team scored more than 30 points.

  98. I love the concept of J. Flacco sucking up 20% of the Ravens cap for the next 5 years.

    Slightly above avg. qb getting big man $$’s.

    Ozzy isn’t dumb, that why they balked at $16M/per season.

    going to be interesting…….

  99. Biggest day of this kid’s life and he’s filming it on his little phone? Would Aa-Rodg do that? How about Brady or Manning?

    If you want $20 million, act like you’ve been there before and expect to be back. Not like some dorky kid.

  100. I am a huge Ravens fan and gotta say this is total BS. I think you could arguably pay him the average salary of the top 5-7 QBs or something like that, but seriously…… to pay him what Pyeton Manning and Tom Brady make or more is just ridiculous. I’m a litte put off by the way he casually talks about essentially breaking Biscotti’s bank and putting the Ravens front office in a major conundrum. Maybe he can share some so we can keep Boldin, Jacoby Jones, Kruger, McKinnie and others that were probably just as important in winning the SB.

  101. packersareandwillalwaysbebetterthanthebears says:
    Feb 5, 2013 11:00 PM
    I love how Aaron Rodgers’s contract is never discussed like this.

    Regardless, this is a great problem for the Ravens. It’s the first time they have a true franchise quarterback. I’m not saying he’s elite, but he is a champion, franchise quarterback.


    The best thing about Aaron Rodgers is that he understands that the more you get, the less players around him get. He said he would take a (hometown) discount to have better players around him. (source is ESPN NFC North Blog).

  102. its an agent doing his job. its called negotiating. and flacco is the reigning super bowl mvp. he gets to set the market. i see them signing him to a very large contgract with a huge signing bonus to make the cap manageable for next year. ravens then resign a lot of their stars and defend their super bowl title. go ravens

  103. Lots of comments noting that his contract will cripple the team. The Patriots have remained a strong team. The Colts were always talented with Peyton. The Giants have lots of talent surrounding Eli.

    Maybe people are just choosing to use one talking point as the basis for their opinion. We seem to forget that a creative contract allows Flacco to receive a giant bonus while allowing for cap space as well.

    The $20 million exclusive tag will be crippling – that would be the exact cap charge. A big contract & hefty bonus? $12-14 would be his figure this season. As they reach the backloaded years, he signs am extension, receives a new bonus, everything is spread out again. Eventually they will be in a tough spot – they’ll maintain some flexibility in his prime years.

    This doesn’t mean I think he is Top 5. His agent has amazing leverage though – I bet the Ravens are quite happy to be painted into this corner.

  104. So, coachbeck, as a bengals fan, you think that by keeping Joe on the ravens for the next 10 years, bengals will have a better chance in the AFCN?

  105. pickledgringo says:
    Feb 5, 2013 11:01 PM
    Let’s see here….gameplan: throw it up 50 yards downfield, get a pass interference or breakdown on D, and he’s the league’s best QB. Uhhh….okay…


    Poor sap pickledgringo apparently missed the Super Bowl and the playoffs. Flacco threw three TD’s in the SB and with 11 TD’s and no interceptions, he tied a postseason record set by some guy named Montana.

  106. ballinsohard says: Feb 5, 2013 11:09 PM

    Mentioning Dilfer in the same conversation as Flacco is an insult to the intelligence of football fans everywhere

    Then why did you just mention it?

    On a relative scale, Flacco is closer to being like Dilfer than he is to being the best QB in the NFL.

  107. stainless:
    I live in Pittsburgh, and I’ve followed the fortunes of the Steelers my entire life.
    The jokes on you.
    Two Super Bowl wins: One TD pass.
    I refuse to lower my standards for “great” quarterbacks in order to feel good about myself and my favorite team.
    The Steelers have had success with Roethlisberger as a TEAM. Of course, having No. 1-ranked defenses in five of his nine seasons haven’t hurt, either.
    Joe Flacco has developed into the better quarterback…

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