Justin Smith to undergo surgery, rehab expected to last three months

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San Francisco 49ers defensive end Justin Smith is expected to undergo surgery this week to repair a partially torn triceps suffered in December.

According to Matt Maiocco of Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area, it is expected to be a three-month rehabilitation for Smith.

Smith was injured in the 49ers Week 15 win over the New England Patriots. He missed the final two games of the regular season and got an extra week to rest with the 49ers earning a first-round bye. Smith played in all three postseason games for San Francisco and was credited with 12 tackles.

Smith’s effectiveness was noticeably affected due to the injury and it impacted the 49ers defense as a whole. Linebacker Aldon Smith had 19.5 sacks in 14 games during the regular season playing with Justin Smith. In five games after the injury to Justin Smith, Smith was held without a sack and the 49ers allowed 28.8 points per game defensively over that span.

Per Maiocco, Smith is expected to be back to full strength in time for training camp next season.

17 responses to “Justin Smith to undergo surgery, rehab expected to last three months

  1. He should be back in time for the last OTAs then, which isn’t so bad at all. Hopefully the Niners can draft his successor this year, and then he’s got 2 good years left or so. Not that just drafting the successor to a guy like that is easy to do, though.

  2. Aldon Smith wasn’t double team on the plays I watched. He couldn’t disengage from the blocks from tackles and that’s something that has happened since Justin Smith got hurt. Not exactly double and triple teams as he claims. Isn’t Justin Smith 35 now? Going to be a long rehab. Good luck to him.

  3. Ray Lewis had the surgery and missed 10 games. Great Warrior and in fantastic physical condition to begin with…that’s why he could come back wearing that brace.

    Doesn’t matter…Ray has his second ring…has retired as the greatest linebacker to ever play the game…played 17 years…willed his team to beat Denver..New England and then the 49ers even after Jim harbaugh screwed with the lights at the super dome.

  4. Was the Ravens player pictured called for holding on this play? Because if that’s not holding I’m not sure what it is…

  5. It SHOULD be a long rehab- key word being should. Most normal people (and just about every NFL player that has suffered it) need at least three months to recover from a triceps tear and another month to get the strength back

    Maybe he can borrow some of Ray Ray’s special cheater spray that let a 37 year-old man in his 17th season overcome an injury faster than anyone else in league history?

  6. And for the life of me I’m trying to understand how Mario Williams and J. Smith have torn triceps and a 37 year old Ray Lewis bounce back in the middle of the season??

    Oh, deer.

  7. “And for the life of me I’m trying to understand how Mario Williams and J. Smith have torn triceps and a 37 year old Ray Lewis bounce back in the middle of the season??”

    Well, Justin Smith had a torn triceps and missed only 2 games.

    Ray Lewis had a torn triceps and missed 10 games.

    I don’t see why Lewis’ story is “fishier” than Smith’s when Lewis spent far more time rehabbing the injury during the season than Smith did.

  8. this guy is such a beast. thr 49ers pass rusg disappeared without him. i still remember him dragging three giant lineman into eli. i think he would ve even better as a 4-3 tackle.

  9. Justin Smith when healthy is a BEAST. His play dropped off while he was injured but thats to be expected. Aldon Smith really struggled with him out of the line up or in the line up not anywhere close to 100%. Wish J.Smith a speedy recovery

  10. The difference is Ray Lewis completely tore his triceps. Justin Smith only had a partial one. That’s big with this kind of injury and the ability to play through it.

  11. hateforeveryone says:
    Feb 5, 2013 9:08 AM
    Looks like Justin is a nonfactor when he cant hold anyone. Overrated.

    he was a nonfactor because he played with one arm, aldon smith can thank him for about 50% of his sacks, errrr all of them? no sacks since justin smith got hurt, truth!!!

  12. No one ever brings up the fact of Aldon Smith having a shoulder injury during this time as well. Most sacks ever in his first two years.. nuff said.

  13. Justin Smith is the key to the SF defense and if he can’t get healthy it will be terrible for the 9ers

    As a Hawks fan I can tell you he has dominated my team for the last four years, the one game he missed the Hawks won by like 40 points. Smith eats up a double team and still collapses the pocket. This allows Aldon Smith to get sacks, and it allows a shaky secondary to not have to cover as long.

    I like Smith but a torn tricep at 34 is a big deal, Yeah Ray Lewis came back but lets be honest he wasn’t that good most of the playoffs and he looked terrible in the SB.

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