Leslie Frazier: Hopefully everything works out with Harvin


Wide receiver Percy Harvin will be one of the most watched Vikings this offseason as the team and player try to figure out if their working relationship will continue in 2013.

Just after the end of the season, coach Leslie Frazier said he saw no reason why Harvin wouldn’t remain with the team. Others have cited Harvin reportedly making a trade request last offseason and a “heated exchange” with Frazier during the 2012 season as signs that the two sides may be parting ways. Frazier spoke with Harvin when he came to the team’s facility for an exit physical and said Tuesday and downgraded his expectation to hope that Harvin remains in Minnesota.

“We definitely had to talk just in general about a lot of things,” Frazier said, via 1500ESPN.com. “We had a good conversation. We talked, and it was good conversation. So, hopefully, everything will work out.”

Harvin is set to make just under $3 million in the final year of his contract, a deal that will likely be extended if the Vikings decide not to move the receiver via a trade. Frazier said that Harvin was healthy when he came in from the physical, so the ankle injury that ended his season shouldn’t get in the way of going that route if that’s what the Vikings decide to do.

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  1. I’d love to see him back in a Vikes jersey, with an extension. The guy runs like a cannonball being shot from the LOS. 3 quarters of Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin kicking the crap out of your secondary is a pretty solid offensive game plan going into the 4th.

    If it doesn’t work out, I don’t want to see the kid anywhere near the NFC North. I can absolutely see Percy Harvin flourishing in NE under Belichick..

  2. Percy better get on board if he wants to ride this train. The Vikings proved they can win with or without him and there’s no doubt they will be upgrading at wide receiver with or without him. Frazier isn’t going to put up with a lot of bs from a diva wide receiver. A little is okay, but not a lot.

  3. Harvin is a stud slot receiver who can’t seem to stay healthy.

    I’d say trade him for first round pick and draft Ponder a receiver who is an actual deep threat. Right now, he has none and Harvin, while a great slot guy, is not a deep threat. The Vikings have Jarius Wright who can fill the slot role in Harvin’s absence and Harvin would command a mid level first round pick at least.

  4. Hope he stays, as he’s a heck of a player — and if he’s a diva, at least he keeps his diva act private. If people are basing a damaged relationship based upon a coach and player getting testy with each other on the sidelines, then about 30% of the league’s players must be demanding trades this off-season.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Harvin in Gainesville-North,better known as Foxborough,MA joining the rest of his Gator teammates.

  6. It’s so hard to know what’s going on behind the scenes as both sides have been coy. It seems confusing that a guy who asked for a trade in the off-season, then said everything is great, now has become mysteriously quiet about it. Im just surprised he hasn’t addressed anything himself. The only thing I can do as a fanis trust Rick spielman will get the job dine, and make the right decisionither way. He’s done a wonderful job his first year, so u I trust he will do the right thing.

  7. I wouldn’t be suprised if Frazier told Harvin what they are tring to accomplish aka, Better wide recivers for Harvin to work with!! Not to mention for Ponder to throw to!! Heres the thing Harvin is a little difficult to work with! And the rest of the NFL knows this too!! I belive it is in Harvins best interest to work something out with the Vikes!! The Vikes will have better talent at the wide reciver position this year! which means better numbers for Harvin!! look for a four year deal!! to get done!!

  8. GM Rick will field a few phone calls to feel the interest and trade value for Percy, setting up the decision to re-sign or trade Harvin, also affecting Vikings plan on amount of money spent on a free-agent WR signing. Even signing a WR who may get cut due to another teams cap problems. If nothing gets done with Percy up to the draft, a re-do of his contract sometime during the summer.

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