Matt Birk not sure if he’s retiring

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Ravens center Matt Birk said before the Super Bowl that his exit from the NFL would be much quieter than that of his teammate Ray Lewis.

Birk’s just not sure when that departure will come. He flirted with the idea of retirement last year before choosing to return to the Ravens, a decision that paid off rather handsomely on Sunday night. He’s not ready to say that he’s going to be following Lewis into the sunset, though.

“I am not a bright guy, but I do know this: Don’t make any decision before you have to. I normally take a week off after the season and I start working out again. Guys with not a lot of talent, that’s what they have to do in the NFL,” Birk said during an interview on KFAN in Minnesota, via “So in a week, maybe two weeks, I’ll figure it out and see what’s going on. My mindset is I’m playing ’til I’m not, but with all that being said, I’m just a guy that’s happy to be a part of this.”

If Birk does call it a career, he’ll end his playing days after 15 seasons and six Pro Bowl selections. The Ravens drafted Gino Gradkowski in the fourth round last year with the intent of making him the next man to snap the ball to Joe Flacco.

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  1. Birk stays? Gives Gino some extra time to learn. If not? I thought Gino played well enough in his limited snaps to handle a full workload. Next man up!

    Either way, Matt Birk has been huge for Joe’s development and we are more than grateful for him here in Baltimore!

  2. Birk has quietly been the heart of that ever-changing offensive line since he arrived. This was the healthiest season he’s had in quite some time, so I hope he sticks around for one more.

  3. Mattie B. was a class act while he was with the Vikings. Very happy to see him get a ring and hear that he might not be hanging it up yet. One of the good ones in the league.

  4. Rockthered couldn’t of said it any better. As far as the Rice comments on the last thread Rock, I think that would be very intriguing. The most important thing you said is very much valid, Ray was brought into a run first team but now it will be more pass oriented. Not a full out NE type of passing offense, but one that doesn’t require a big-money RB. I personally don’t see that happening, not because of what you said because you had many good points, but because it just doesn’t sound like a Raven front office type of move. I just hope people get what your saying and not take it as a Ray Rice bash or anything cause you make a very good argument. Best part is…we got a GM who’s got a future GM as his right hand man so needless to say we are in good hands regardless.

  5. Matt Birk has been my sports hero since the Vikings drafted him out of Harvard. He can keep playing with the Ravens or ride off into the sunset with the Lombardi under his arm. Either way, I’ll be happy. You are the class of the league, Mr. Birk, and the smartest center in football. Still sad the Vikings let you guy, but so happy you could win a ring with the Ravens!!!

  6. He’s a down-to-earth guy, which is rare for a Harvard grad. He’s right to take some downtime before making a decision. Let the inevitable wounds heal, kick back for a while.

    I think the Ravens front office will be happy with his decision either way, as long as he keeps them in the loop.

  7. Birk was a class act and a great center with Minnesota, and he’s been the stabalizing heart of an ever-changing o-line in Baltimore. I’m glad he won is ring, congrats Matty B!

  8. Ravens center Matt Birk said before the Super Bowl that his exit from the NFL would be much quieter than that of his teammate Ray Lewis.

    That’s because he has class.

  9. Rockthered & Humbleminded:

    I can’t see Rice being traded anytime soon. I’ve watched both Rice & Pierce very closely over their careers (I’m from South Jersey, went to Rutgers, brother attends Temple). Pierce is a good back, but this is a 2-back league. Plus, Ray Rice is an underrated pass catching back. He’s not going anywhere. And as to your assertion that New England is a “full out” passing team, did you miss the fact that Stevan Ridley rushed for almost 1,300 yds & 12 TDs?

    As for the topic of this article: Much respect for Matt Birk. Always played the game the way it should be played.

  10. I agree Zengreaser, he’s not going anywhere. Also your Ridley take pretty much shuts my point down lol I have to say though I’ve never seen a team pay a RB top five money And a QB top five money. Oz got his work cut out for him this offseason, that of course starts after all this celebrating! Congrats fellow Raven fans.

  11. @zengreaser – my bet as a Ravens fan is that you will see Rice moved after next season. Watch, if the Ravens draft the kid out of WV Ty Austin I think is his name, you will see Pierce as the every down back and austin as the change of pace guy.

    As good as Pierce has looked, in 2 years it will be time to move on from Ray as he will be in his late 20’s. We also have that kid bobby rainey who in training camp looked like a clone of ray rice. might see him fill the position.

    in either way I see ray playing for us next year and gone the year after.

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