Montana would have used a unique approach for receivers who complained

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It’s easy to figure out where 49ers quarterback Joe Montana comes down on the question of whether Jerry Rice or Randy Moss is the greatest receiver of all time.

Still, it’s one thing to guess at what Montana would say and to hear him say it.

Montana said that and more during a Tuesday visit to PFT Live, addressing the differences between Rice and Moss and the impact of having a quarterback who consistently delivered the ball between the “8” and the “0” on Jerry’s jersey.

But Montana never had to deal with Rice demanding the ball, and Montana shared what his strategy would have been if he had to deal with a receiver like Moss or Terrell Owens giving the quarterback a hard time for not throwing them the ball more often.

Montana said he would have said nothing during the game.  Then, he would have come to a press conference with video evidence of dropped passes and bad routes to show when the ball was no longer going the player’s way.

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30 responses to “Montana would have used a unique approach for receivers who complained

  1. The QB can just bury the receiver in the offense. He doesn’t have to say anything. The receiver will get the idea. Warren Moon told a story like that before.

  2. Sure, Montana would have done that – easy to say now that he is a retired old man. Mr. big mouth would have gotten his teeth bashed in by Jerry Rice or any other receiver worth his salt if Montana had done any such thing while he was playing. How about his receivers coming back with “video evidence” of all the crappy passes that Montana ever threw – including those that got his receivers blown up over the middle or were returned for TD’s? Total BS on Montana’s part.

  3. Mike Florio, I thought you’d be old enough to remember that Jerry did his share of complaining, could be a prima donna in early-mid career. He went through that phase and could be a pain. Montana and the rest put up with it. Rice did not make it a way of life, and I think they’d all say he learned not to be that way, which differentiates him from Moss and Owens. But he had his moments.

  4. Rice demanded the ball a lot more than Montana claims.

    It’s like trying to believe a Bill Romanowski statement about Bill Callahan.

  5. Moss would have averaged 20 +tds a year if he had Montana or young throwing him the ball his entire career. Moss would not have had to complain if he was was in that situation. He didn’t complain when he had Tom Brady for a full year, catching 23.

    You may not like it, and 99% disagree with me, but the argument is a very fair one to make.

    I don’t even know if you can compile a list of all the different starting qbs moss has had his entire career. Only one comes even near the abilities of joe Montana.

  6. Moss has been an outstanding reveiver and though I clearly remember Owens barking about not getting the ball on many occasions, I rarely remember that happening with Moss, other than when asked if he would like to catch more passes in press conferences, an answer to whoch every reveiver should answer, yes.

  7. John Unitas would have kicked the guy out of his huddle. When he was playing the only person who spoke in the huddle was him and if you didn’t like it- tough

  8. Uh, right, Joe. Big talk 20 years later. Rice did his share of complaining. If Moss was all he ad, he’d suck it up just like he did with Jerry. Enough romanticizing the machismo if these guys.

  9. Rice demanding the ball is like Michael Jordan demanding the ball, not prima donna , there are 20,000 reasons you get Rice involved with the game.

  10. Plain and simple. I will get crucified for saying this but Montana is not the best ever. It is not even close. He is a product of Walsh (who was ahead of his time). Without the west coast offense Montana is above average at best. There have been numerous QBs that could do what Montana did in that day and time with that coach.

  11. Disagree. He was extremely accurate and led his receivers perfectly, allowing them to run after the catch. He was great in the pocket and could throw on the run. Great touch as well. People forget but he did great with KC sans Walsh. Closest I have seen to Montana is Rodgers with the way he plays. Rodgers just needs a couple more rings to enter that discussion. As others have noted, if Moss played with a great QB like Rice did he would hold all the records. He is scariest receiver to ever play. Six five running a sub 4.3 with hops, athleticism, and great hands. If he was to go play with Brees next season he would catch 80 balls 15 TD in his sleep. Not his fault he has had absolutely nobody to throw to him since he left New England. SF doesn’t count as he was third option on that team just by virtue of being an outsider. If anyone is overrated it’s Rice who had two of the best QB to ever play the game for majority of his career and a darn good one in Oakland. Put Rice on Vikings squad and he doesn’t even put up Chris Carter numbers.

  12. say what you want about Montana and the system that he played in, but the numbers, the clutch plays, and the Super Bowl wins speak for themselves. Montana is one of the best QBs to ever play the game because he got done what was needed to be done. The exact same argument can be made for Brady, that he and the rest of their offense is a product of their system, but the intangible is the players themselves. there are set systems with X’s and O’s, but defenses blow those up, and its the players who make the plays, whether it be through improv, or just plain luck. to say that Montana is not one of the best QB’s to ever play the game is blasphemy, and you should be stoned (Saudi Arabian style, not the fun style) for saying so

  13. Joe Montana judging a diva wr? Understandable. Dude is undefeated in Super Bowls, and one of the best ever. But he can’t really say much considering a few years back he demanded a ton of money to show up at the Super Bowl. That’s pretty diva-ish right there. It’s interesting to think where he’d rank among all time qbs without guys like Dwight Clark, Jerry rice, John Taylor and roger Craig, among others. Oh and not to mention those awesome sketcher shape up ads. Lol

  14. What ever happened to the good old days when two teammates who had an issue could just have a meeting and discuss this without getting a major news outlet involved. This stunt, if it were pulled today, would make us all laugh no doubt. But then the same news outlets would air it along with TO’s sit-ups in the driveway and Moss’s crybaby press conferences in some segment with a lame title while the talking heads crucified them.

  15. Why bury him in a press conference? Keep it in house, take him to the side and bury him to his face with all this footage. If that’s not enough to make you realise that you’re not a superstar, nothing will.

  16. To the clown above who said Montana is not even close to being the best…Montana has 4 Super Bowl rings and he has never thrown a pick in any of them….that is not a product of a system but rather a master QB running a system to perfection.

  17. To the above clown that said Joe Cool was not elite and was a product of a system…Montana won 4 Super Bowls and did not throw a pick in any of them…That is not a product of a system but rather a master QB running a system to perfection.

  18. Devin Hester, you need to read this post and check out the video…it may shed some light on why Cutler no longer throws your cry baby self the rock anymore.

  19. Only ppdoc had this right, not Montana. Unitas, and others of his time, would have motioned the bench to replace the receiver immediately. Further, if they would have kept their mouths shut, as a Steeler fan, Rice and Moss could have replaced Stallworth and Swann, and Owens would hve been an excellent sub!!!

  20. Isnt’t it funny when people only use certain information when it helps the point they are trying to make. For instance, in this case arguments are made against Moss being the best because of the statistical difference. However, most people will say that Emmit Smith is not the best RB of all time but the stats say he is. How about Joe Montana, the stats do not say he is the best, but most will say he is. And save the superbowl argument because that gets twisted to make or not make certain points just as stats do.

  21. How many Hall of Fame QBs did Moss have throwing to him? Yep, just one. And, when he did, he broke Rice’s receiving TD record (in 16 games rather than 12 like Rice did, of course). But after the 2007 season, the 2 highest scoring offenses in NFL history had one thing in common: Randy Moss. He only played 2 and a half seasons with Brady, but somehow he still managed to put up those ridiculous numbers in Minnesota with scrubs and has-beens behind Center. Rice played most of his career with 2 HOF QBs and another who was voted league MVP with Oakland. Jerry Rice’s numbers speak louder than any other player’s in NFL history, but Moss was an undeniable freak of nature on the field, in addition to being a very smart player. Randy Moss tilted the field like only a select few players have ever done– Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers, Deion Sanders, and well, I can’t think of anybody else. Rice had the better career, but if I had the choice to draft either one, Moss was too much of a game-changer to pass up.

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