Patriots not sure they can trust Aqib Talib on a multi-year contract


Aqib Talib played well for the Patriots after they acquired him from the Buccaneers just before the trade deadline, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be in New England for long.

Comcast SportsNet’s Mike Giardi reports that the Patriots have enough concerns about Talib’s work ethic that they question whether they can trust him to stay motivated if they give him a multi-year deal with significant guaranteed money.

That’s no surprise: Talib has great talent for the cornerback position, but he always been known as a player whose character red flags make coaches leery of him. Bill Belichick won’t want to dedicate a lot of salary cap space to a player who isn’t going to buy into the Patriot way.

However, if the Patriots won’t offer Talib a big contract when he becomes a free agent next month, some other team probably will. Which means there’s a real chance that the Patriots will have given up a fourth-round draft pick just for the right to rent Talib for half a season.

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  1. The risk of “wasting” a 4th round pick for half a season was always there. If they franchise him it would be about $10.5M, I believe, and they may want to use that on Vollmer. Tough call but their long-term concerns w/ Talib are certainly justifiable.

  2. This guy is being so overvalued and his play with the Patriots was ovehyped. Just people assuming he’s better than he is because he was a 1st round pick. He’s not that good.

  3. I say give up the 4th round pick and let someone else take on this “responsibility/liability”. He is one stupid decision from ending up in jail.

  4. “Which means there’s a real chance that the Patriots will have given up a fourth-round draft pick just for the right to rent Talib for half a season.”

    No big deal. I am sure that at this point, Belichick has somehow figured out how to acquire the other 31 picks in the 4th round.

  5. It’s OK because teams receive compensatory picks when free agents leave, so they will get a fourth or fifth back when he leaves.

  6. If they don’t they better get a replacement quick. He’s the only one in that secondary tall and physical enough to cover guys like Anquan Boldin(who torched them after Talib got injured).

  7. Tough call. On the one hand, he was the first guy in the Pats’ secondary that was above-average in a long (long) time. His injury vs. the Ravens was huge, since the plan was to roll a safety over to Smith and have Talib on Boldin. Talib gets hurt, Boldin explodes.

    On the other hand, we’ve seen what happens when money gets spent on guys who don’t buy in to the locker room. See: Thomas, Adalius.

  8. Redskins fan here so I don’t know a lot about the whole situation. However, it seemed to me that when Aqib went down with the hammy, Boldin started to go off in the AFCC game. Maybe just keep him on one year deals with incentives. If somebody else swoops in with a big contract then let him go. It’s not like the Patriots don’t have 20 draft picks most years. They’ll be fine if they lose a 4th for a guy that gets away.

  9. You can question his mental state and his antics but you can’t question this guys talent. Look what happened after he left the afc championship, Joe flacco went from a 1 for 6 passer to a guy who finished with 70% completions and 300 yards. Without him the patriots are the worst defense in the NFL, with him they would be super bowl champions.

  10. I don’t know what choice the Pats have, it’s not like Ty Law and Asante Samuel are coming back out of the tunnel next year.

    It’s Dennard, Arrington (who keeps getting demoted when a CB is added) and Cole left. Not very frightening to any team.

  11. The Patriot way hasn’t really worked for some time now.
    Drafting has been so-so and their window is closing. Their still in a position to have a good record during the season but losing at home in the playoffs is a sure sign of things to come.

  12. If you pay a headache more money you just get a bigger headache.

    I say let Talib test the market. Sign Keenan Lewis, Hartline, and franchise tag Vollmer.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence the Patriots have fewer draft picks in a relatively weak draft. Deal the draft picks for future picks in a stronger draft.

    Congrats to the Ravens.

  13. I’m sure a lot of teams would give him a shot, but not if it requires a significant commitment in either dollars or years. Maybe work a character clause into the contract.

  14. Even if New England “wastes” a fourth on Talib, the risk was still worth it in an attempt to win a Super Bowl this season. I have no qualms with spending a fourth-round pick to improve a glaring weakness during a championship run, even if the player only stays in town for one season.

  15. Mike Giradi doesn’t know any more than you or I if the Patriots trust Talib.

    I still have a good feeling they will sign him.

  16. The concern was known to all when they acquired him. That’s what made him available in the first place. The Patriots are pretty tight lipped about this stuff, so it sounds more like an educated guess from Giardi than anything else.

    They’ve had two other troubled” players who came in and played well, only to go back to their old ways once they received an extension (Cory Dillon and Randy Moss). I’d be gun shy about the extension as well.

  17. Trust is something you earn. Talib has shown that he is not trustworthy both in college and at the Pro level. Sign him to a one-year deal and if he doesn’t like it he can hit the highway.

  18. You failed to mention that they’ll just get a third round compensation pick in return for his departure. Ipso Facto they rented a player for half a season and the cost was moving from the end of the fourth round to the end of the third round.

    As much as I hate Beli-cheat, the magic act he pulls off with draft picks\comp picks is amazing.

  19. 2 years 12 million, if he wants more good bye. If he does this off-season program, plays well in 2013 and then is in the 2014 off-season program he will get another large deal.

    If not, see ya.

  20. No, they wouldn’t get a compensatory pick, he would be a free agent, which means they would get nothing for him. If he was a restricted free agent then yes, but he won’t be. Anyway, he would look good in burgundy and gold, come on over to DC, which would solve a ton of problems for the skins D. That’s if we can’t make a run at DRC.

  21. calhounlambeau says:
    This guy is being so overvalued and his play with the Patriots was ovehyped. Just people assuming he’s better than he is because he was a 1st round pick. He’s not that good.


    There was a definite “something” that was missing when Talib came off the field. When he was there, a lot more man was played, Mayo was blitzing, and the defense looked aggressive to me. I don’t think they took him on to be a star by himself — more a piece of the puzzle that allowed the scheme to take it up a notch. From the laymans perspective, of course.

  22. If he can’t stay motivated playing winning football an playing prime time games how the heck is he gonna perform for a Buffalo or Carolina

  23. The Pats MIGHT get a compensatory pick for Talib if he signs elsewhere. It depends on the total number of free agents they sign and whom they lose and is decided according to a formula that the league uses that also takes into account how much the free agents sign for, and other factors that I’m not faniliar with.

  24. If there’s anyone who can keep a player in line, it’s Belichik. Anywhere else, Talib is back to firing his guns at people and the taxpayers will be on the hook for housing and feeding him in his 6×6 cell.

  25. Coming from a long time bucs fan, Talib is such a frustrating player.. His talent is obviously there, but too many times he got in trouble with the law or had an injured hamstring.. He did play well for the pats till he got hurt once again. I hope he stays out of trouble and contributes to a team, but still happy my bucs got a 4th rounder from them! now we should try to trade Eric Wright for a bag of doritos. Hate that bum, when he was healthy he did not even come close to playing up to his contract. Another one of Dominik’s mistakes, but ill take the bad with the good. Dominik drafted 3 studs last april, Lavonte David ( honestly think he out played Keuchly this year, David was calling our plays on D the entire year, David had more SOLO tackles, and he was drafted in the second round unlike Luke K) Doug Martin and Barron

  26. reasonablemindsays says:Feb 5, 2013 1:59 PM

    Sign him!!! When you have that much talent, in doesn’t matter how hard you work. Just look at Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth
    Boy, do I hope that was sarcasm.

  27. I wouldn’t mind if he gets picked up by the niners on a oneyear deal. He could get his things together and help bring back the lombardi trophy back to the bay… talib/brown/rogers/culliver with goldson and whitner in the back, that would be one of the best db group in the nfl..

  28. Among others, the Pats have given long-term money to Wilfork, Mankins, Mayo, Gronkowski and Hernandez.

  29. They ought to extend Ras-I and Arrington, and sign Talib to a lucrative contract with a lot of guaranteed money, and then their secondary will be allllll set for the next few years… or something.

  30. I think they’ll sign him. They’ve taken chances on a lot of other players with character issues in the past and they typically behave themselves. Somehow I think the idea of being on a team that every year, has a chance to get to the Superbowl is enough to get a player to stay straight.

  31. flapjackdaddy says:
    Feb 5, 2013 3:40 PM
    Do they give anyone (sans Brady) long-term money?

    I assume you mean except Mankins, Wilfork, Mayo, Hernandez, Gronk…

  32. I think they could do what they did for Leigh Bodden in 2010. Let him test FA and see if he’ll give the Pats a chance to base an offer from there. Man it stunk, what happened to Bodden. He was a very nice solid player @ CB until his awful injury ( shortly after the Pats paid him…argh). Had Bodden been healthy they could have put DMac @ safety in 2011 permanently after his rookie year and never looked back. DMac is a very talented player @ safety.

  33. I would bet money that there’s no source or Girardi’s source is full of it. Sick of this BS. Anything to make a name. Pats liked Talib’s work ethic in preseason joint practices with the Bucs. Pats traded a 4th and got back a 7th, which is the same as trading a 5th, which they didn’t have. Good gamble. Will they sign him? Prob not, this is Talib’s big swing for a big contract. Good gamble for a rent-a-player,. Pats had a shot this year with Talib and Gronk healthy. Forget about any conpensatory pick.

  34. The Pats should make a HARD run at Jairus Byrd, Dashon Goldson, or Ed Reed and get back what they have been sorely lacking since they lost Rodney Harrison/Lawyer Milloy. That safety can pair with Steve Gregory and Nate Ebner who held their own as rookies. They should then draft a corner or sign Talib to a one year contract and rotate Dennard and McCourty.

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