Rams take a chance on Titus Young

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The Rams have a glaring need for a speed receiver, and have some recent success with guys with character issues.

So with the risk minimal and the possible reward high, they claimed former Lions wideout Titus Young off waivers Tuesday, according to Jason LaCanfora of CBSSports.com.

Young was such a headache the Lions gave up on him, but the Rams got a huge benefit from rookie cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who many teams were afraid to touch.

Jeff Fisher has the kind of credibility he might be able to pull it off in most cases, but Young has shown signs of not listening to anyone, and the fact he recently said he was better than Calvin Johnson indicates he might have a better grip on the ball than reality.

But for less than $800,000 in total compensation for the year (including his $555,000 base salary), the financial exposure is limited.

46 responses to “Rams take a chance on Titus Young

  1. Dont know why people thought someone wouldn’t take a shot at him. Talent will always win over ‘character issues’. All that matters is winning in this league

  2. Titus Young is locker room cancer……He’ll ruin Bradford, too bad too, looked like the Rams were heading in the right direction for a young team.
    The 49ers couldn’t even beat them.

  3. Bad move.

    The Rams were moving in the right direction. Bringing in clowns like this wing nut is a step backwards.

  4. Titus gets a bad rep, deservedly so, but his old college pal an fellow wideout Austin Pettis plays for the rams. So u know fisher asked him if he’s worth a shot and Pettis knows sure Titus got suspended in college and sat out a year for breaking rules at bsu, but he’s cheap and can take the top of the d so amendola can do what he does.
    Good signing low pay low risk. Possibly high reward if he gets it together.

  5. Too bad the Lions dont play the Rams this season, I think Delmas may want to get him back for that sucker punch in training camp

  6. Can’t say I’m a fan of this move-Young was a waste of space in Detroit.

    But he is talented and the Rams passing and return games lack pop.

    I will say I’m a fan of this new daring mentality at Rams Park. Snead and Fisher are willing to try things the last regime wouldn’t even consider.

  7. I thought hiring Fisher was a great move and would pay huge dividends, but after the sheer stupidy of the Ryan hiring/firing and now the Young signing, the Rams are looking like a desperate, clueless franchise.

  8. Anybody else put in a claim?

    This guy goes beyond the typical character issues. He has shown himself to be so selfish as to purposefully sabotage his own team during the games. Add to that his over the top claims and his constant bashing via twitter (or whatever he used) and I find it hard to see how any player would have any respect for this clown.

  9. BIG difference between Jenkins and Young. Jenkins smoked weed but didn’t cause problems on the field or with his team. Young however caused a headache on the field and his teammates didn’t even want him there. It’s bad when Calvin Johnson talks crap about you and doesn’t want you on the team. Huge difference in my opinion, and a totally different thing to put up with

  10. He’ll be on a really short leash given his behavior up to now. I’m pretty sure Fisher doesn’t want to wait around until it degenerates into more open rebellion. Any player who is so self-centered he’d intentionally line up in the wrong position has a pretty loose grip on reality.

  11. doshawnx says:
    Congrats to the Rams. Not every day you can make a waiver claim on a receiver who is as good as Calvin Johnson.

    Good one, made me laugh out loud.

  12. he might play nice for a year and if he’s focused he can be pretty good. but the long term prognosis is he’s a head case and will likely start causing issues as soon as he feels comfortable. but beyond that i didn’t see much of the “talent” people are saying he possesses. he can run and work past a defense but his hands are very average and he’s had some embarrassing drops in his career in detroit that were not stafford’s fault. not to mention i haven’t ever heard anyone praise him for his work ethic or route-running.

    i won’t be surprised if he contributes some for the rams this year but i’d be shocked if he turns into a consistent number two wideout for multiple years.

  13. mogogo1 says:Feb 5, 2013 5:17 PM

    I thought hiring Fisher was a great move and would pay huge dividends, but after the sheer stupidy of the Ryan hiring/firing and now the Young signing, the Rams are looking like a desperate, clueless franchise.

    Are you saying hiring Fisher didnt pay huge dividends?? He took the youngest team in the NFL who were 2-14 and led them to 7 wins. They drafted Janoris Jenkins when all other teams were leery of him. He had 65 tackles and 4 td’s. And FYI they never hired Rob Ryan. Rob changed his mind about being open to a 4-3 defense

  14. Didn’t Jeff Fischer also sign Moss when he was released by the Vikings a few years back? He sure got a lot out of Moss that year didn’t he?

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