Report: Eagles talking contract with Dennis Dixon

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After successfully pretending to be Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick, Dennis Dixon could now be getting to reprise the role for which he’s most famous:  Dennis Dixon.

According to Geoff Mosher of, the Eagles are in contract talks with Dixon.

Dixon, a Heisman candidate at Oregon and presumed first-round pick, plunged to round five after tearing an ACL during the 2007 college football season.  After four years with the Steelers, he languished on the open market until joining the Ravens’ practice squad.

The fact that he finished the year on the practice squad makes him free and clear and eligible to be signed by another team.

With the Eagles, Dixon would be reunited with Chip Kelly, who served as Dixon’s offensive coordinator at Oregon.  And the move would put Dixon immediately in the mix for playing time, given his familiarity with Kelly’s offense.

At a minimum, Dixon would be the guy who would help teach the offense to other quarterbacks on the roster, Rex Grossman style.

39 responses to “Report: Eagles talking contract with Dennis Dixon

  1. Let me see…college coach coming into the NFL bringing in his old college QBs that stunk in the NFL. Ah, yes… now I remember. Congrats Redskins, you hired Steve Spurrier.

  2. Lets be real, Dixon is not the answer. I like the idea of him providing depth in Kelly’s system, but identifying him as heir apparent would be foolish.

    The Eagles have many needs (OL/S/LB). But I wouldnt be surprised one bit if they snatch up Geno Smith. Even if they have to move up a few spots to get him

  3. Jimmy Johnson did the same thing with Steve Walsh. The good thing was that he drafted Troy Aikman as well. In Kelly’s case, he’s not going to have that kind if luxury.

    At least for next season.

  4. no big deal. only positives to this signing. not like he’s going to start. Just a comfort signing for chip kelly. Happens all the time.

  5. Dennis Dixon seems like a good guy. He’s not getting any younger, and he’s probably running out of time to break through. His experience in Baltimore and Pittsburgh certainly should be appealing. Not saying Dixon is starter material, but stranger things have happened. Good luck to him.

  6. Ah yes…Dennis Dixon…the Eagles just locked up the Super Bowl.

    Step aside Colen Kaepernick…Dennis Dixon has rode into town.

  7. He spent 4 years with Pittsburgh and didn’t know the offense. What makes you think he knows Chip Kelly’s?

  8. Why not just bring in Dan Fouts if you want old Oregon alums? He’s probably available. And probably still has more game than Dixon.

  9. HAHAHA im gettin mad hate for my comment above, but honestly its spot on. Dixon isnt gonna come in and work wonders. Thats called realism. BUT. When they come out and get a mobile qb, and a clear back up at that, what does that tell you?

    It tells me that Chip Kelly is going to gravitate towards a spread offense where the qb can move, similar to the one ran at oregon. Is Vick and his potential 15 million an option, I sure hope not.

    Now is Geno Smith an option? To me, thats a bonafide YES

  10. bengalsstillsuck says: Feb 5, 2013 7:49 PM

    This franchise will suck for many years to come there fans are wannabe rockys but prolly cant rip their way out a wet paper bag please take this city off the map.


    That comment just makes you look really really bad. Obviously Philly is classier than you bashers. I mean your trying to make a point that Philly is trash but by trashing them your actually only making yourself look bad haha…

  11. Hey Runtheball. He played for Chip Kelly and performed well in his offense to be considered for the Heisman before the ACL injury. I’m not saying he’s going to be a pro bowler but I think its safe to say he knows what Chip wants. Why wouldn’t you sign a guy like that.

  12. They would be stupid to reach for Geno Smith at 4. Just because he may or may not be the best QB of this class, doesn’t mean he should be valued as a top 5 pick. Geno Smith to me is no more than a 2nd rounder, if that, not because he’s not a good kid, but because he’s not a good enough football player.

    The Eagles should just ride this season out with Foles, Dixon and see where it takes them, and then look to the future next year when it is a much better QB class.

  13. As a Ravens fan who saw what this guy could do as a rookie… I’ve always wondered why teams with horrible QBs didn’t give him a chance.

    Hopefully this works out for him. And thank you to Dixon for whatever you contributed to this Super Bowl run!

  14. Dixon’s problem in Pittsburgh was his inability to learn the complex NFL offense run by Bruce Arians. Kelly knows Dennis. He may be the one guy who can make use of Dixon’s physical strengths in an offense that doesn’t overtax him mentally. I wish Dennis the best of luck.

  15. Yea, we haven’t seen this story before from a college gimmick coach. Oops, Spurrier did get his “Fun & Gun” QBs Danny Wuerffel and Shane Matthews to run his great system, too.

    Poor Eagle fans, when this thing is all over, you’re going to be begging for the good old Ray Rhodes days, let alone the Andy Reid days.

  16. If I were an Eagles fan, I would just switch to baseball or hockey because as ugly as it was for the last two years, it is just the beginning of a very tight spiral down the toilet bowl to the rock bottom of the NFL.

  17. How’s did Grossman teach RG3 and Cousins the Redskins offense? It’s not Kyles Houston offense anymore, its almost completely different. And Kelly is going to learn real quick his offense isn’t going to work in the NFL, he’s not going to have the personel to shuffle players in and out as he did in Oregan. Plus, nomatter what you have, if they don’t get a new OL it won’t matter what you run. Not to mention the several holes they will have to fill on D. Eagles will be a 5 win team next year at best

  18. When people get on here and make broad statements, those people ought to be required to back up their unsubstantiated claims with some hard facts.
    There’s not a shred of evidence to support the allegation that Dennis Dixon was unable to “learn the complex NFL offense run by Bruce Arians.” That is a racist comment, pure and simple.

  19. You guys are so smart you must be coaches. The Eagles bring out the worst in NFL fans, don’t sound so bitter and threatened sweethearts….. And talking about philadelphia being dirty? Please! You are a bengals fan… What would you know about anything??

  20. Low risk, high reward signing.

    And if I hear one more person spout the following crap my head is going to explode:

    -“draft Geno Smith”- just because Smith is black doesn’t mean he’s a mobile QB. Guy is a dropback QB who wouldn’t be a top 15 pick in most years. It’s a weak draft for QBs, no point in reaching.

    -“bring in Tebow”- you should have your football watching rights revoked.

  21. Fact: Dixon made it clear to both the media and Steelers that he wanted an opportunity to be a starter in the NFL. He knew that opportunity wasn’t going to happen in Pittsburgh. He decided to move on.
    Pretty simple.

  22. This is great news – from a financial perspective. I can cancel my NFL Sunday ticket and not waste Sunday afternoons watching the keystone cops.

  23. Dennis Dixon is actually a pretty solid Quarterback, at least much better than people seem to believe he is. He’s technically 2-1 as a starter, though that includes the 2nd game of the 2010 season when he was injured early in the game, which ended his season. That was the last game he even played in. His one loss was his first NFL start ever against the Baltimore Ravens in 2009, which was a very good game that went to Overtime. The game was lost on an interception Dixon threw early into OT, but he hadn’t made any mistakes up to that point and had played a very good game. It was kind of a fluky interception if you ask me. It was a very short pass that a defensive end snagged when trying to knock it down. I won’t say he would’ve been the next Russell Wilson if he hadn’t gotten injured in 2010, but there’s no reason to think he can’t be a winning Quarterback on the right team and with the right system.

  24. bobzilla …

    Your continued obsession with my posts remains flattering, but I’m afraid you’re the one who’s racist if you assume my comment about his inability to learn our offense had something to do with the color of his skin. Both Arians and Tomlin (the African American coach I love and that you keep wanting fired) have said that Dixon was unable to learn the offense. It’s an offense both Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich mastered as backups and the last time I looked, both are African American. Please don’t project your hangups onto me. Thanks.

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