Saints will interview Grantham then Ryan

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Earlier tonight, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Saints plan to hire Rob Ryan to be the team’s next defensive coordinator.  Thereafter, Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that Ryan will be interviewed on Friday, a day after coach Sean Payton interviews Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.

While we can’t confirm Schefter’s report that the Saints plan to hire Ryan, we can confirm Holder’s report regarding the plan to interview Grantham on Thursday and Ryan on Friday.

It’s possible both reports are correct.  But plans, as we’ve seen, can change — whether they’re virtually certain or 95-percent complete.

So maybe it will be Ryan.  Or maybe it will be Grantham.  Or maybe it will be someone else.

10 responses to “Saints will interview Grantham then Ryan

  1. My money is on Holder on this one. Schefter and the rest of the TMZSPN staff are lucky if they are batting over the Mendoza line. Until Jay Glazer reports something from Sean Payton, I will remain skeptical.

  2. I think Rob Ryan will get this one. He’s proven he can coach a defense well. I still don’t understand why Dallas fired him, Jerry jones is a nut. But I feel like he has shown he can coach a 3-4 competently and is probably the best candidate, including crennel and mangini.

  3. Sorry about all u ryan haters but if there is one thing they can do its coach a defense.. it runs in their blood and I guarantee the if rob lands this job his defense will be top 12 barring injury just like dallas went from 31 the previous year to 8th for the most of the year.. after most of their starters, 2nd stringers and even some 3rd stringers were injured they ended up at 17 but thats still hell of a lot better than 31 with most of the same parts

  4. Payton has declared that this time he is going to take his time, admitting that previous DC hires were a bit rushed. After losing “control” of Greg Williams, I think he learned a lesson.

    There seems to be a lot of knee-jerk against Rob Ryan because of the wildman aura that surrounds him on account of his appearance and the BS of his twin brother Rex but, I don’t know how he’ll do working for arguably one of the best coaches in the league. And why hold JJ’s firing of him against him. It may have been exactly what Rob wanted–out of Dallas.

    If he gets the job with the Saints, it’ll be because Payton sees a way to win with him.

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