Source: Vick’s release isn’t imminent


Last week, I crossed paths on several occasions with John Clayton of ESPN.  We’d never met before, and I found him to be polite and friendly and collegial and free of any pony tail.

So let’s see what I can now do to screw things up.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times has mentioned on Twitter that Clayton, appearing with O’Neil on ESPN 710 in Seattle, said that Clayton expects the Eagles to release quarterback Mike Vick on Wednesday, a day before $3 million of Vick’s $15.5 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed.

It was surprising, since it goes against multiple reports that the Eagles aren’t concerned about the $3 million guarantee.  If he’s ultimately cut the Eagles will get a dollar-for-dollar credit based on what Vick earns elsewhere.

And I’ve reconfirmed via a source with direct knowledge of the situation that Vick won’t be released before the Thursday deadline, and that the Eagles aren’t concerned about the vesting of the $3 million guarantee.

So we’ll wait for Wednesday and Thursday to come and go without Vick being released, and I’ll hope that the next time I run into John Clayton he’ll be polite and friendly and collegial.

The pony tail is optional.

34 responses to “Source: Vick’s release isn’t imminent

  1. Seriously, I’m surprised Vick’s still on the team. When will those stooges in the front office get the message that Vick needs to get out of town?

  2. $3 million is not all that much if the Eagles are able to find a trade partner who could bring back some talent or cap relief in return. If they can’t (and all signs have pointed to that thus far, as teams wait for Philly to cut Vick so they can acquire him for less of a price), then the Eagles are throwing three million dollars down a pit and wasting their time.

  3. The stooges are trying to get anything then can for him once trades are allowed. If there is no market they will then cut him before minicamps. The stooges then get the 3 million back assuming he is on another team in 2013 getting over 3 million dollars.

  4. From my point of view, Jon Clayton has made alot of mistakes in the past and if he reports something then it you need a second reporter to confirm.

    This could be said for any reporter who works for ESPN.

  5. Vick isnt as bad as people think, its pretty hard to look down field when your running for your life. He still has life left ,he just needs a better line to give him time.

  6. Time to start over Philly…

    Take your medicine and move on…

    Let Vick somewhere else and get hurt half way through the season…and cost them a bundle of money

  7. you dont pay this man the 3 million if he isnt going to be your guy. Drop him please. The Eagles need way more than Vick and his injuries. Clear the cap space and give Kelly some room to add some talent

  8. The Eagles owe Vick a ton of money for this year and much of it guaranteed. When and if some other team picks him up it will be for a much lower yearly rate. The Eagles will be responsible for the difference. They know that the difference will be more than three million, so they aren’t cutting him immediately. Just no upside to it.

  9. Vick is not nearly as bad as the media think. Im shocked at the amount of people that dont know football and cant see the issues on the eagles team. So simple minded to blame one guy. If Vick is the starter in 2013 (lets face it not many other options) then I promise you will see a ton of improvement in Kellys system over Reids predictable offense

  10. Florio vs. Clayton? Mano y mano? Sorry Mike, my money is on John – not even close.

    Do a national TV commercial from your bedroom in your mom’s house in your Slayer cut-off t-shirt, and then I’ll reconsider.

  11. It appears that most people posting on this link are missing the point. Even though the Eagles are guaranteeing Vick 3 million dollars, they will not have to pay it if they cut him and another team picks him up. It’s a dollar for dollar “vested” option, so any team picking him up will have to pay the Eagles back 3 million dollars (assuming his new contract with another team exceeds 3 mil). This is basically a free, extended look at him. Basically, the only way the Eagles will be on the hook for the 3 million is if either they decide to keep him; or they cut him and another team doesn’t pick him up. This is a no brainer.

  12. Watch the Eagles cut him and the bean counter in Cleveland pick him up. I cannot wait to see what goofs Banner and Lombardi make this off-season. Its just like Comedy Central.

  13. chiefnofoldem says: Feb 5, 2013 8:26 PM

    From my point of view, Jon Clayton has made alot of mistakes in the past and if he reports something then it you need a second reporter to confirm.

    This could be said for any reporter who works for ESPN.
    I’m more likely to take Clayton’s word than just about anyone else at ESPN. I’d certainly take it before Mortensen or Sal Pal and the other rumor-spreaders and shouters who pretend they’re reporters.
    pisano says: Feb 5, 2013 8:37 PM

    Hopefully a Mark Sanchez release IS imminent though.
    Not going to happen any time soon. Sanchez’ contract is guaranteed for 2013 (only), so the cap hit and the expense is the same whether he’s around or not. Besides, Rex says Sanchez is his guy, so that guarantees success, right?

  14. Ziggy Wolf, sign Mike Vick. Read option with AP, Harvin, Rudolph. Vick can still play if he stays healthy. Great arm! Betcha Percy stays if we bring in Mike. Option left with Kahlil on that side. Man thats an exciting offense. Ponder is a solid back up, Pro bowl kicker in Walsh. Just do it!

  15. It seems like a lot preliminary reports from ESPN guys end up being wrong and I think it’s reflective of the network doing what it can to fill its broadcasts with “content.” In my opinion, Schefter was the best in the business before he went to ESPN. He was so on-point with his scoops that he completely ruined the excitement of the draft back then.

  16. I doubt the Eagles get any interest in a trade for Vick. Vick is, to date, the most over rated player ever. He is not good and never has been. He has made tens of millions of dollars for being sub-par. Amazing really. It is hard to believe that Vick was given all that cash and contracts as a top quarterback when he has never been above average.

    Vick isnt the only average player to be reported as great when they are not. There have been many, and I am sure many more will be treated the same.

    My question is this. How bad is a player when they make a play or two and everyone gets that excited about them? Toss the rock and the reciever makes the catch, and it is on the sports news like the player just won the SB all by himself. Good players do that like it is routine, bad players that have been fluffed up by the media do it and it is the talk of the town. Why is that?

  17. Vick hasn’t been good since he left Virginia Tech. Couple of years with some sparse flashes, that’s it… And I’m a VT fan. I imagined Vick being great in the nfl, now he’s too old to run the read-option and an avg passer. Good luck to him though.

  18. I think some of you may be missing the point. Chip Kelly’s offense is probably the best fit for Mike Vick. I said this sometime ago. I really wouldn’t be the surprised if he’s starter when the season starts. When the hired Chip Kelly that’s what crossed my mind then and I still believe it now.

  19. So, the Eagles keep Vick and are prepared to eat the $3M if necessary…right after they announce that they will be raising ticket prices 5 to 9%. $3M over 65,000 fans would be $46 a piece…I would rather have the 46 buck than see Vick on this roster a second longer than necessary…cut him.

  20. Cutler Shaub Rivers Any Cardinals QB Cassel Quinn Ponder all still in the league Vick isn’t that bad…. people hate him still over the dog fighting.

  21. Why not see if Vick can play in Kelly’s system. I understand he has struggled, maybe if was Marty’s offense, or the o-line not being able to stay healthy. At least being him to training camp and see what happens. I know so many of you are experts and would be in the NFL if it wasn’t for you bum knee or whatever, so what’s the point of arguing

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