Steelers officially part ways with Chris Rainey


When running back Chris Rainey was arrested on charges of slapping his girlfriend in the face, the Steelers made it clear that he wouldn’t be welcomed back to the team in 2013.

League rules dictated the Steelers couldn’t pull the trigger until after the Super Bowl, although the extra time did nothing to change the team’s decision. Bob Labriola of the team’s website reports that Rainey, who had two other run-ins with the law during his rookie season, was officially waived on Monday, the first day he was eligible to be dropped from the roster.

The 2012 fifth-round pick is now eligible to be claimed by any team in the league and he pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct charges to settle the case involving his girlfriend. If he passes through waivers unclaimed, he’ll become a free agent eligible to shop his wares to any NFL team.

Rainey had 102 yards and two touchdowns on 26 carries during the season and averaged 26.5 yards per kick return.

22 responses to “Steelers officially part ways with Chris Rainey

  1. This franshise is turning into the laughing stock of the lg. They will be battling cleveland for last in north. I expect cleveland to put a better team together then the steelers this year

  2. If Steelers can have the patience and the staff to develop this guy, he’ll be a monster.

    Kid is stupid fast

  3. The Steelers are doing what should be done is distance the organization from trouble makers. He could be a great person but his bad decision making skills keep him having run ins with the law and press and that reflects bad on team and league. I like his skill set but off field stuff effects his playing time and helping the team. You can find another guy to return kicks and be a dual threat in backfield or wideout play.

  4. big ben owns the nfl aka steelers owns you. 34-31 we will give you another chance next year in the black whole. I believe the steelers are the team that picked up the raiders trash DVD when he was cut from the worst secondary in the nfl. good luck with that. Lol how many games ben throw away this year? More then you can count he is most overrated QB in the nfl.

  5. Wow! The QB can molest college gals in bathrooms and gets a slap on the wrist! whats up with that?

    0 0 Just like rev Ray he didn’t do it….don’t like the taste of that do you moron.

  6. Rainey is fast but enough is enough. 2 OTHER incidents this yr besides the current one, plus the one at FL and the one in HS in Lakeland. Yet people rip the Steelers for droppin him, comparing him to Ben and all that. How many chances should the Steelers give Rainey? Talk about a guy who doesn’t get it. It’s not IF it will happen again, its WHEN. Good move by Steelers.

  7. the steelers will miss on every pick this year just like last. adams can not block. the dt from washington tried to run the locals over with his car. Spense has a bright future on IR. Rainey off team. The players on the steelers admit they need to rebuilt why can you yinzers not see it? there will be many years below .500 in the future for this franshise.

  8. It seems convenient that they make a stand now as opposed to when Roethlisberger was the one running into off-the-field lady troubles.

  9. i wish ravenator would get back from the parade already. so i could giggle with amusement as he rubbs it in steeler fans face that the ravens are SB champs.

  10. Ravenator is probably face down, passed out somewhere with a bottle in each hand.. good for you buddy. You entitled to do so when you win it all.

  11. @stoogy
    You’re as pathetic as the raiders franchise ! The city sucks , and the teams sucks . There’s a QB competition between Palmer and Pryor hahaha , you have defense , no offense , no special teams , no coach , and a field as bad as the redskins , you’ll be lucky to get 1 win next year . The jealousy you have for pittsburgh is just oozing out of you !

  12. I didn’t want to see Rainey go. The guy is fast and looks to have potential. I hope I am wrong now that the steelers have let him go. He did it to himself. After a great this year, I see the steelers right back in the mix this year winning the division. They are known for taking a year off and back in the playoffs the next year. They will be battling the Bengals for the division, watch and learn young bucks.

  13. Oh man, I just feel bad now. What an awesome day in Baltimore. I’ll let this one go. Cheers! Love you Pittsburgh.

  14. ravenator says:
    Feb 5, 2013 4:33 PM
    Oh man, I just feel bad now. What an awesome day in Baltimore. I’ll let this one go. Cheers! Love you Pittsburgh.

    1 0
    We all know this already, but we are not honored by your obsession.. Enjoy your day skippy your team made you proud.

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