Ted Ginn’s father wants him out of San Francisco

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During Super Bowl week, Ted Ginn passed on a chance to air grievances about his lack of a role in the 49ers offense.

The man who shares his name wasn’t quite so magnanimous while speaking with Tim Warsinskey of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Ted Ginn Sr., a long time high school coach in the Cleveland area, said Monday that he thinks it is time for his son to move on from the 49ers.

“They don’t use him. He has to find a home,” Ginn Sr. said.

Ginn showed off his ability to make plays in the return game when he helped the 49ers comeback with a 32-yard punt return to set up a Frank Gore touchdown in the third quarter, but he continued to be a non-factor in the passing game. Despite injuries to Mario Manningham and Kyle Williams, Ginn caught just two balls all season and it’s pretty clear at this point that the Niners don’t see value to him as a receiver.

He’ll be a free agent this offseason, which offers him the chance to go to a team offering him at least a chance at a role as a wide receiver. That may not lead to much more than a role as a returner, but it’s something more than he’s likely to find with the 49ers next season.

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  1. He had his chance last year when he was a free agent. After visiting three teams, he came on back. Believe me though, he won’t be coming back after this off season seeing that he did nothing to warrant be resigned.

  2. He was a free agent last year. The Vikings wanted him. He chose to go back to San Fran. Bad choice, as he’d probably have been a starting WR in Minnesota the way it turned out.

  3. If not for the 49ers trading for him and turning him into a return specialist, he would have been out of football for the last few years.

    Josh Cribbs, Devin Hester, Desmond Howard…all very good college WRs/kick returners in college, but not great NFL WRs. Sometimes you have to accept your role and try to excel at it, like Hester (used to) and Howard did, to the tune of Super Bowl MVP.

  4. What a schmuk. A team finally uses Ginn in the only role that he’s proven to be halfway decent in and his dad thinks he needs to leave. Why so he can go to a team and fail at being their receiver too? Why so he can continue to remind everyone why he’s known for having some of the worst hands in the league?

    Yes Ginn please leave, Mr. Hester we’ll take ya.

  5. He doesn’t need to “find a home”, he needs to find a way to catch balls thrown at him at an NFL level. Great feet, bad hands.

  6. it’s pretty clear at this point that the Niners don’t see value to him as a receiver.
    Neither did anyone else which is why we got him from Miami for nothing and immediately used him soley as a returner.

    Or I guess it’s just more likely that coaches from two different teams somehow have failed to realize that Ted Ginn is a magical receiver, even though he can’t seem to consistently catch balls thrown to him.

  7. Maybe they don’t use him because he can’t catch? He also likes to fumble too. I’m all for Ginn staying with us but if he wants to be a good receiver he needs to go back to basics.

  8. Maybe Ginn Sr should have taught his son how to take a hit. Ginn Jr has proven to be averse to such activities. When you run out of bounds early or don’t put in a full effort to catch the ball because you don’t want to be popped by a DB your coach will take notice. That’s why he’s wearing red instead of Aqua.

  9. He is the worst receiver on the roster. His role is as it should be: return kicks and watch Crabtree and Davis catch the bulk of the passes. His role won’t change much with any other team. He’s an above average returner in the kicking game and that’s about it.

  10. he was a free agent last offseason as well, and he said he was looking for a place to be a receiver. no one wanted him last year, and he came crawling back to the 49ers, why would 1 more year and 2 receptions later change that? he has the same flaws, terrible hands, way too weak, often injured, and he doesn’t have even close to the speed he used to. that’s why he lost his job returning kickoffs this year.

  11. I would love to have him in Philly.

    We havent had a decent returner since Brian Mitchell.

    And behind Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, our receivers are blah. So he should get plenty of time as #4 receiver, or filling in for Desean when he is injured

  12. I thought the skins shouldve signed him last year. Let morgan and moss go and pick up ginn. Then the skins wld have a return guy as well

  13. One of my favorite “uh, what?!” plays of the Super Bowl was Kaepernick’s third down heave to Ted Ginn in triple coverage. It’s rarely a good idea to throw the ball to Ted Ginn in single coverage, let alone when three guys are in his vicinity.

  14. Ted Ginn Sr. should stick to coaching Glenville Tarblooders HS Football team. This is the NFL, which stands for Not For Long. It is true they don’t use or maybe don’t value him as a receiver. With Kyle Williams’s fumbles last year it made him even more valuable as a returner this year. Hell, I was terrified when the Ravens free kicked to him at the end of the game Sunday. He has shown himself to be an average or lower receiver and a far above average returner. Maybe some other team will give him a shot at both, but fathers of NFL players need to shut their mouths.

  15. They don’t use him as a WR because he can’t catch the damn ball and he’s scared to get hit. Dealt with him for 3 years in Miami… he’s nothing more than a solid return guy.

  16. Every daddy thinks Jr. is the best. Ginn hasn’t proven he can step up. Starting WRs have been injured for long periods of time 2 years in a row and Ginn couldn’t fill their role. He can’t pass Kyle Williams on the depth chart. Test FA and see what happens. He and his father are the only ones that see him as a WR. I imagine he will be back unless the 9ers feel that LMJ can fill his role, which would be more ideal as he can get on the field for his true position and Ginn can’t.

  17. Somebody tell me why Cleveland wants this guy? You have/had Josh Cribbs. Last I checked, Cribbs can run, throw, and catch. Seems to me that Shurmur just didn’t use Cribbs enough-not because Cribbs has a deficiency in his game. Wouldn’t it be better to just get Cribbs more involved in the O now that you have Chud? Seems to me, Cribbs is more valuable to the Browns than a one trick pony like Ginn.

  18. sadskinsfan89, you are wrong wrong wrong….Moss ended up being a very important part of the offense this past season. However, Ginn could be a cheap and useful return man for DC next season, so why not throw him an offer??

    As for Mr. Ginn, he should relax- his son is making a HIGH 6-figure salary playing football, for crying out loud, forget the ego and keep working for SF or anywhere in the league he can.

  19. If he could block, run precise routes and catch the ball consistently, he’d be playing more. It’s as simple as that. Kyle Williams, in spite of making those mistakes in the ’11 NFC Championship game, is a more complete player and I’d be fine with him taking over the punt return duties full time if Ginn wants to leave.

  20. The Lions wanted Ted Ginn last year and, as it turned out, he would have seen plenty of time at WR and/or KR.

    With the departure of No. 2 WR Titus Young and Ryan Broyles coming off an ACL injury, there’s another opportunity for him in Detroit–if he’s smart enough to take it, that is.

  21. Sometimes parents just need to let their kids be adults and run their own lives and not try and speak on their children’s behalf. At some point all that has to end, Mr Ginn. You unwittingly teach your child to be ungrateful and ungracious.

  22. If I remember correctly, he turned down the Ravens in offseason when they were looking for a KR before they signed Jones.

    So at least that worked out OK for 2 of the 3 parties involved.

  23. Please, he was in Miami, and spent his time dropping balls. Why do you think the 49ers didn’t throw to him? It’s obvious.

  24. Mr Ginn and your response to a father on your high school team, expressing the same sentiments would be ?

  25. Someone please explain why the 49ers had anyone else returning kickoffs in the Superbowl? I’d much rather see him returning kickoffs for the Bengals than Tate.

  26. He worked out for the Lions last year. Should have signed, our KR is terrible and he would have been in the offense by week 7 last year. We had 5’6″ Stefan Logan (the terrible KR) running routes at one point.

  27. How old does “Jr” need to get before “Sr” just shuts up and lets him answer his own questions?

    Ginn is closer to being out of the league than in it…he’s never been great and there aren’t tons of teams begging to have him.

  28. Come to the Eagles, we’ll take ya. We need a good returner on ST and another decent receiver for competition in camp. Plus, Chip might be able to devise some exciting packages for ya there Theodore Jr.

  29. What a joke. I’ve never understood Ginn taking the punts or kick offs. Even with the fumbles and muffed punts by Williams, I’d rather see Williams back there.
    Ginn take bad fair catches. Lets the ball go behind him too often to be downed and he muffs a lot of punts. And hes just plain useless as a receiver.

    Let him go. Bye! Everyone wave good bye to the Ginn’s!

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