Trevor Pryce thinks Ray Lewis didn’t earn his Super Bowl check


Ray Lewis was able to ride off into the sunset as a Super Bowl champion, but he did not play well on Sunday. In fact, one of Lewis’s former Ravens teammates thinks Lewis shouldn’t even keep his Super Bowl game check.

Former Ravens defensive end Trevor Pryce, who played with Lewis for five seasons, thinks Lewis had one of his worst games in his last game.

Half of his playoff check should go to Dannell Ellerbe for making that last play on that last fade route,” Pryce told Jim Rome. “The other half to Greg Roman, the 49ers’ offensive coordinator.”

The 49ers had a lot of success when going directly at Lewis, particularly when they were able to send tight end Vernon Davis over the middle: Lewis chasing Davis was a mismatch, and if Roman had it to do over again, he’d probably call even more passes to Davis than he did on Sunday, when Colin Kaepernick threw eight passes in Davis’s direction, of which Davis caught six for 104 yards.

Pryce believes the pressure of playing in his final game on the sport’s biggest stage got to Lewis.

“I think he played with a case of the nerves. I think he had the yips. I really do,” said Pryce. “He had it bad; he didn’t look like himself, even his new self. Forget his old self, that guy’s gone, that guy’s named Patrick Willis. But even the guy he was last week, he wasn’t that guy. He had a case of it bad, badly. It was almost like he was just hoping let’s get this over with.”

If the 49ers had completed their comeback and beaten the Ravens, one of the major stories this week would be the bad game that Lewis had. Because the Ravens won, most people are overlooking the way Lewis played. But Pryce is right: Lewis had a bad game.

92 responses to “Trevor Pryce thinks Ray Lewis didn’t earn his Super Bowl check

  1. same agument goes to eli with both his super bowl victories…his defense bailed him out of his bad performances

  2. Wow classy from an ex team mate.

    Considering how well Lewis did play in the games leading up to the SB, this guy should shut his mouth.

    If I were Lewis, I would stab him.

  3. Dumping on Ray is just the fashionable thing to do lately. It will all be over soon as Ray is riding off into the sunset and will be out of sight in a few moths.

    Just FYI, Pryce is not wrong. That was an ugly game by Ray. It’s just an easy shot to take.

  4. He played poorly, but this is just a stupid statement. Would Trevor Pryce give back a day’s worth of his analysts pay for going on the air and saying something dumb (like, y’know, this)?

    That said, I don’t legitimately believe he was saying the guy should forfeit his paycheck because he didn’t play well. It was just an expression.

  5. Everyone knows what Ray Lewis means to that team. Saying he should give up his game check is a low blow. Ray already announced his retirement, this guy is just kicking someone on their way out. Not classy

  6. He earned his paycheck by inspiring his team to win. Defense is a job for 11 men. Does it really matter who makes the key plays if your team wins the Superbowl?

  7. Everyone knows what Ray Lewis means to that team. Saying he should give up his game check is a low blow. Ray already announced his retirement, this guy is just kicking someone on their way out. Not classy
    So that begs the question…a murderer and antler spray user is classy…come on..

    I agree leave the bum alone let him just fade into the anals of Raven history and none to soon. Bye Ray…sigh

  8. Roman failed because he didn’t utilize this more from start to finish. I said the 49ers should go over Lewis play in and play out, and they didn’t do it enough.

    Ravens are fortunate to get a ring when they had such a liability on the field.

  9. Im glad Ray went out a champion and after 17 years in the league he deserves too. But that 17 years showed its face in the Super Bowl. I specifically watched Ray Lewis play and he was way slow in coverage and late diagnosing running plays. Ravens won non the less. Offense scores points defense wins championships.

  10. who is this price guy?! as a 9ers fan Baltimore played a good game and it shouldn’t of came down to the goal line plays bc we were getting our a**es handed to us. the only thing that should be questioned was Greg Romans play calling on the 4 yard line

  11. Slasher looked like he had cement cleats on and repeatedly waved at Niners players as they ran past him. He looked gassed most of the game.
    Sooo glad I don’t have to listen to his ‘god’ schtick anymore. The first words in his post-game interview were, “If God is for you, who can stand against you?”
    Seriously? The creator of the universe gives a fig about who wins a football game? I think not. Talk about arrogance.

  12. This is the flow of football; hopefully more of their guys have bad games than your guys do. More 9ers had a bad game than did Ravens. For a former teammate to point it out is just ridiculous, but I guess it was a good opportunity to grab some headlines before the chance was gone; pathetic.

    The Greg Roman reference was good though but unless you are in the box or part of the decision making process you can’t blame him entirely. A former player should know that.

    Congrats to Ray for going out on top. If your team had to carry you for a game it doesn’t begin to pay you back for the years you carried them.

  13. Anyone who has watched Ray recently has seen that his play has fallen off. Dramatically. Even in his press conferences lately he seems to have a blank stare on his face.

  14. Trevor who ? Oh that’s right he played here years ago and then disappeared to the wasteland of the Jets right ?

    Amazing how people all the sudden everywhere hate Ray Lewis. You guys are right, a 37 year old broke down LB can’t run with Vernon Davis. Actually I’m really surprised Pats and Denver dust attack the middle more.

  15. What does he want? a record setting game every week from everyone? Everyone has an off day and that happened to be Ray’s. He was lights out all playoffs.

  16. So many haters. Everyone knows his skills have diminished otherwise why would he be retiring. He played in the league for 17 years!!! There is no doubt he is the biggest reason the Ravens got to, and won the superbowl. You can let his actual game performace go. Plus, if he was that bad I think the 49ers would probably have scored more points in the first half and stayed in the game.

  17. johndank says:Feb 5, 2013 11:31 AM

    same agument goes to eli with both his super bowl victories…his defense bailed him out of his bad performances


    The first one for sure, but he made the play when it counted (sucks as a Patriots fan). He didn’t deserve the MVP though.

    I thought he played well enough in the second one to deserve the MVP.

  18. Was Ray Lewis in the super bowl? I didn’t see him do anything during the game. Well he jumped on 1 guy who had been already been tackled.

  19. Though it’s not cool for his own teammate to throw him under the bus, he’s right in the respect that Lewis was totally a non-factor in the game. He was embarrassingly ineffective at pass rushing and there were a couple times when other Ravens tackled the rusher and Ray Lewis jumped in at the end, doing his best to look like he was in on the tackle. Either way, dude is retiring at the right time because it’s pretty clear there’s not much left in the tank.

  20. Ray Lewis did his usual fall on ball carrier after the play was over, what is Price talking bout

  21. If the Ravens would have lost the game, the big story would have been Lewis’ play. It wasn’t just Vernon Davis burning him all day. At least twice, Frank Gore faked him out of his shoes during a run. One time, they showed a quick replay of Lewis being spun around doing a complete whiff on Gore. The Ravens deserved to win because they made more plays, but it was a very frustrating game for a Niner fan. And since statistics are for losers, I’ll point out that the Niners out-gained them by over 100 yards and actually had more first downs. Those plays where Flacco basically just threw up fly balls and the Ravens made the plays just broke the Niners’ backs.

  22. I don’t think anyone thought an aged Ray Lewis was going to hang with Vernon Davis. I heard talk of Walker/Davis using their speed advantage against the linebackers. They did, even Crabtree got a few up the middle and one where Ray was grasping at air. If Ray Lewis doesn’t deserve a check, Donate Whitner, Culliver, Anthony Davis, Randy Moss and Al. Smith all need make reparation payments as well. None of those dudes showed up.

  23. All the local Baltimore support for this guy who legally settled with the families of the Murder victims for an “undisclosed” sum of money.
    People who are innocent do not settle in a civil case and surrender large sums of $ to the victims families.

    I wonder if Balitimorians believe OJ is innocent too.
    Whaddya say Baltimore?
    Because the glove didn’t fit, OJ must be innocent, right?

  24. I have seen a couple of articles that stated had Lewis gotten one to two more tackles in the game, that he would have walked away MVP. So if that is the case, then did he really play that bad? Probably not. Was he a complete standout? No, but he did put a ton of energy behind his teammates with his words and actions on the field. The Ray Lewis pre-game pep-talk/chant was as energized as always, lifting spirits and motivating the team. I didn’t see that much of a difference in Lewis, his aura or play.

  25. Trevor was a great player no question. He certainly didn’t have the career Ray has had, but who did? I’m not knocking Trevor because of his play but because he’s just taking a pot shot at Ray because it’s what everyone else is doing right now.

    Here’s an example. Ray Rice had a poor game, complete with our only turnover. Is anyone saying he didn’t earn his check? Of course not, because he isn’t in the media cross hairs like Ray is.

    It’s a cowardly act, and you know it Trevor.

  26. Trevor give it up. Ray Lewis covered Verndon Davis as well as Patrick Willis covered Quan Boldoin. were you watching the first series when an OLD and SLOW boldoin ran right past willis for the games first TD.

    Ray had seven tackles and no marquee plays but to say he didn’t earn a check is ignorant.

  27. Hey didn’t do nothing in the Super Bowl but get worked.. NFL HANDED OVER THE GAME TO RAVENS!!! Obvious from beginning.. Ray Lewis is a murderer and snitched on his friends!!! Glorify him

  28. Hey didn’t do nothing in the Super Bowl but get worked.. NFL HANDED OVER THE GAME TO RAVENS!!! Obvious from beginning.. Ray Lewis is a murderer and snitched on his friends!!! Glorify him! He’s a joke!!

  29. Mr. Wright 212 says:

    What are you, a bunch of 17 year olds on here? You do realize that Pryce won two rings (and was hugely pivotal in both) early in his career, as I recall?

    But by that logic, Pryce can’t talk smack on Lewis. The Ravens records without Lewis this year was right at .500 but they won nearly every game with him. He didn’t play well in the SB but they don’t make the SB without him.

    Pryce is just another ex-player trying to hold onto their broadcasting gig by saying outlandish things.

  30. Noone expected Ray to contribute much during the game. His assignment was Gatorade quality control and clogging up the middle.

  31. Has this site become The National Enquirer on-line? What’s next – “Rex Ryan always hated Ray Lewis’ feet”??

  32. Doesn’t change the fact that when you look at the whole body of work, Ray Lewis is one of the very best to have ever played this game. His leadership is second to none.

  33. Ray Lewis should have retired 7 years ago. He has ruined his so called legacy. Been below average that whole time. His own team didnt even want him when he was a FA couple years ago. Thank God he took less because no one wanted a LB who mouth writes checks his play in the last 7 years cant cash.

  34. If anyone watched the game, Ray was getting toasted on a regular basis over the middle, if you had eyes you saw it.
    But, it’s a team game and the Ravens did what it took to win, Congrats, Ravens and Raven fans.

  35. Ray did look as if he was having trouble getting those deer antlers around to make a tackle.

  36. Before I comment, I would like to say first that I am definitely glad the Forty-Whiners lost but I would agree with Pryce that Ray doesn’t deserve the $$$. Ray Ray didn’t do sh*t all game besides dive on dog piles after plays were over. He whiffed on quite a few tackles and if he made any at all they were on plays that went for more than 5 yards. Maybe he should have a small supplement check for his cheer-leading abilities and helping BAL get pumped up to play a dominant first half.

  37. Talk about over-hyped. I’d rather read countless articles about B. Favre retiring and unretiring than an infamous “got away with murderer”. I understand being a homer, but you really gotta wonder about ravens fans who live in such a fantasy world that they are willing to idolize a murderer. Ray Lewis and O.J. Simpson got away with murder, Rae Carruth didn’t and it doesn’t get much simpler than that. Can’t wait for Ray Lewis’s book to be published, “If I had did It”, oh wait, OJ already used that title.

  38. Lewis was getting destroyed by Alex Boone. Once Ngata was out of the game, there’s no excuse for those rollout passes on the Niners last possession. The middle of the field was Baltimore’s weakness. It needed to be exploited.

  39. That Ray Lewis can play at all after 17 NFL seasons is a miracle. Jonathon Ogden and upteen other guys drafted around the time Ray was have been out of the game for years. Trevor Pryce you are jealous and just really MEAN!

  40. Vernon Davis, one of the fastest T/E’s in the league going against a 37 y/o over the hill, slow L/B and you throw him the ball 8 times? Doesn’t say much for the 49’r HC or OC game plan.

  41. Lewis was 2nd on team team in total tackles in the Superbowl. He lead the playoffs in total tackles. Lewis earned his paycheck and did his part.

  42. Ray had a good playoff run but was TERRIBLE in the Super Bowl. Of course what he could no longer give them on the field he raised the teams level of play tenfold. Its pretty clear that he’s done….good for him to go out on top.

  43. If you listen to the segment, Pryce was not malicous or overly critical of Lewis. Not at all.

    He said he’d never seen Ray Lewis play with nerves before. That the enormity of the moment and heavy legs affected his performance. If anything, he was empathetic of him.

    He also said Ray “did his job” on Sunday.

    It’s the same thing over and over. Story is published with inflammatory quotes. Audience reacts vitriolically. Nobody reads the actual source article, listens to the audio or applies context.

    Rinse, repeat.

  44. didn’t realize that being the only QB in NFL history who’s led a championship-winning TD drive in the final two minutes when anything less than a TD would have meant defeat, is considered having a bad performance.

    The hate for Eli is remarkable. Give credit where credit is due.

  45. Wow, Ray Lewis couldn’t cover Vernon Davis at 37 years old. You know, that same Vernon Davis that I doubt his own teammate currently in his prime can cover.

    I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked. Anymorre hidden gems from the game, Trevor?

    Would somebody tell these idiot ex-jocks and talking heads to please shut up.

  46. criticize his play all you want. lets check the score…ravens 34 san fran 31. ring goes to….ray lewis. thank you ray for your 17 years. you are a legend and will be missed.

  47. Somebody needs to ask Trevor Pryce is he going to give back the money for his last year on the Ravens? He sucked and looked really old. That is why the Ravens and Jets cut him.

  48. Pryce got dumped by Baltimore a few years ago, then faded into the background. Obviously still bitter that Baltimore decided to let him go and get younger. Is what it is.

    But I’m tired of hearing about the 9ers and how “if they game planned better, would’ve won.” The way I see it? At 28-6 and the 9ers in a 3rd and 13, had the lights not gone out and stopped the game for an additional 34 minutes, this game would’ve been a blowout. No doubt. Ravens had all of the momentum and Kap looked like a deer in headlights. The pistol looked like a BB gun. Our offense made their D look slow and aged. THAT was the reason the game was even close to begin with..

    And PS Pryce- Willis is NOWHERE near the player Ray was in his prime. He’s good, but in no way HOF worthy like the great 52.

  49. You play as a team and win/lose as a team. I would agree Lewis didn’t have a great performance but he did well enough for the team to win. Not t omention the playoff games he played lights out for them to be there to begin with. Not to mention his spiritual on field leadership which many people under-rate.

    Pryce, are yo ustill a Raven? No reason to open your big mouth. Let the guy retire as a champion. No need to call him out.

  50. He earned it with his leadership and inspiration this final season………Can’t take that part of what he did away, no matter what tackles or coverage you think he didn’t play well. The team won…….he was vital for its’ success.

  51. WOW – this guy is a jerk. If nothing else, Lewis was the captain of this team and took control of the defense. Lewis’ play may not have stood out like it normally does, but this guy on the field was a MAJOR factor.

    Lewis has shown us how the game is played. I respect that, and this clown “Pryce” needs to buy himself some class.

  52. My sense is Ravens would have lost the game without Lewis. He’s critical to getting the defense pumped and set all week not just game minutes. I’m sure the 49’rs avoided him on some plays, all these things should be considered as to his value to this biggest of all wins.

  53. Ridiculous article. The pressure did not get to Lewis. He has been in the league 17 years and has been on a winning super bowl team. What got to him was age. Despite all of the hype and the inflated stats given him throughout the playoff, he is a shell of what he once was. If he had 13 tackles in the Denver playoff game, then I had 10 tackles. If he jumped on the top of the pile when the play was over he got credit for the tackle. I watched closely in the super bowl who made the tackle. He could not have made more than 4 tackles the entire game. He whiffed on 4 tackles just in the first half. Am I the only one who is so, so tired of his act?

  54. Trevor is just trying to get some air time since he hasn’t been relevant ever since he had left Ray’s defense. funny, Trevor Price is just another player whose talent was inflated due to Ray making everyone better, once he left i dont think anyone has heard about him since..maybe if he wasn’t such a bust than he might get a chance to go to a super bowl of his own..but since that likely to never happen for him then he should just keep quiet.

  55. Trevor is just trying to get some air time since he hasn’t been relevant ever since he had left Ray’s defense. funny, Trevor Price is just another player whose talent was inflated due to Ray making everyone better, once he left i dont think anyone has heard about him since..maybe if he wasn’t such a bust than he might get a chance to go to a super bowl of his own..but since that likely to never happen for him then he should just keep quiet.

    You won the Super Bowl don’t get carried away like you discovered the cure for cancer. Price was a baller in his day and has forgotten more about football than your little mind can comprehend.. So sit down and get a reality check the Ravens win is good but please you have Become all knowing by scoring three more points… Smh

  56. It boggles my mind that these professional athletes need some nonsensical BS from Ray Lewis to pump them up before a game. I hear over and over again that he’s a great leader, but why? Because he tells them that God is on their side? I just don’t get it.

  57. Props to the BALTIMORE RAVENS!

    Make no mistake, the Ravens won it on the line of scrimmage, both ways. OL line was exceptional. I don’t think too many other teams ran that consistently well against the Niners this year. Flacco played great, he is a stud QB and you better keep him. Better keep Boldin too. The Dudes a play maker.

    Good luck next year, WE WANT YOU BACK!

    GO NINERS!!!!

  58. Oh, and speaking of Ray Lewis, he did not play well at all. Ellerbe also got faked out of his shoes on a run up the middle by F. Gore…complete WIFF!

    F. Gore is AWESOME!

  59. Ya know who had the yips, was R. Moss. He’s had em all season. He kind of looks like an old man running around, and if he catches it, he hits the ground immediately. The ball that Reed intercepted would have been caught by Boldin.

  60. So what if he didn’t play well. The guy is 37yrs old for god sakes!!! And will go down as one of the greatest MLB to ever play the game, and nothing will change that. Ray Lewis retires on TOP, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, but make up stupid excuses. Trevor Pryce retired because no teams would sign him, and he was washed up. This obsession with ENVY is getting ridiculous!!!

  61. Didn’t read all the comments to see if someone made this point but if Lewis played poorly, which I too think he did but don’t really care, does that mean the Ravens beat the niners with 10 men and a gimp? Not sure niner fans would like to hear that!

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