When it comes to Chris Johnson, decision time coming for Titans


If the Titans don’t cut running back Chris Johnson by February 9, $9 million of his $10 million base salary in 2013 will become fully guaranteed.

Despite multiple reports that the Titans won’t cut Johnson, it appears that Johnson has yet to receive any guarantees about whether he’ll receive his guaranteed money.

“Everyone who is worried bout if I’m gon be a Titan or not next year just understand its all in god hands whatever he won’t I’m ok with it,” Johnson said earlier tonight via Twitter.

Sure, the Titans could allow the deadline to pass and then try to trade Johnson.  But at least Johnson will know that he’s getting $10 million if he’ still a Titan on Sunday.

Either way, it sounds like Johnson won’t know the final answer much sooner than the rest of us.

51 responses to “When it comes to Chris Johnson, decision time coming for Titans

  1. It’s in the accountants hands as well, I think he’s cut if they can’t show a commitment to him.

  2. God: “Sorry starving children in Africa, I’d love to help, but I’ve more important matters… like figuring out what team I want CJ to play for next year!”

  3. For barely being a 1000 yard back while getting close to 300 carries, and having 10 touchdowns in two seasons. Players with minimal production like that don’t cost 10 million a season.

  4. Quick, someone who’s not a Titan fan, tell me the difference the past 2 years between Reggie Bush and Chris Johnson.

    Mmmhhh, exactly. Cut him

  5. Chris will be a janitor for a high school in 5 years tops. He does not seem to have the effort anymore like before the big contract. So my guess is he will end up broke like MC Hammer and lose everything. I hope not but anytime I read anything about him it seems inevitable.

  6. “Everyone who is worried bout if I’m gon be a Titan or not next year just understand its all in god hands whatever he won’t I’m ok with it.”

    Another Nobel Prize winner heard from. I love Twitter.

  7. At least he can still play a little bit. I think.

    He is totally screwed if he has no job playing football.

    He can’t just go do whatever he won’ts.

  8. Since he has his four years service in and would be an unrestricted free agent if he’s let go, Pittsburgh seems like a pretty logical possible destination even though they usually don’t go after bigger name free agents. You’d still have to respect his presence in any backfield with a real QB.

  9. The difference between him and Reggie bush? Nothing, except more 80 yard td runs in history, fastest player in the league, oh and hasn’t missed a game, but yea your right same back.

  10. Parasite! Got his money and then fails to perform. Amazing if anybody takes a flyer. It’s all about the $$$$.

  11. I would cut him. His main skill is speed an that is about used up. All they will be left with is a smallish RB with slightly above average speed and incredibly below average intelligence. Even if he can have another career year, would it make that much of a difference? There are too many holes to fill for them to worry about paying a RB $10M.

  12. If they’re not going to play to his strengths, cut him. No use paying 10 mil to a speedster they’re going to waste by running him up the middle until it’s time to punt again.

  13. $10m should buy a RB who can put up top 5 numbers as long as the O line is at least middle of the pack….

    after all that jawboning and a holdout… he’s not

    fire him

  14. It’s hilarious to me that just a couple years ago people were arguing that he was the best running back in the league. Don’t get me wrong, he should be very proud of that 2,000 yard season, but he should never have even been near that conversation of best ever.

  15. CJs next tweet in response to a fan asking him what he does in the offseason: I luv to play da futball on the game box, because I hav a 98 speed on the madden game!

  16. Wow that tweet was spoken straight from the mouth of a poet, with a tight grasp on spelling and grammar. William Shakespeare couldn’t have said it better.

  17. Anyone remember the last time he was feared? I don’t. He was awesome till he got paid, then turned into the jamarcus russell of rb’s.I don’t see how they’ll keep him without a major restructurement. He’s not worth 10 mil.

  18. Let him go please… I want to hear from those so negative on him here.

    I wanna hear how mystified they are about his cattle-line of bidders…..

    Hmmm…. Rams, Steelers, Cardinals, Jets, Cowboys, etc….

  19. It’s funny. As much as everyone trashes this guy he still had over 1200yds behind an average line. He’s the only playmaker on their team. And we all know that Locker’s no good. He’s not an idiot like Kenny Britt, getting in trouble off the field, so I would take him on my team.

  20. Damn it! This is not fair, I didn’t know God was the GM of the Titans. Guess we know who is going to win the Super Bowl.

  21. Rule: don’t pay running backs that aren’t named Adrian Peterson.

    They should cut Johnson if for no other reason than being able to better allocate funds to other positions. They can glue together similar production from a middle round pick or undrafted rookie without anywhere near the cost.

  22. the titans are going to cut him…he hasnt been the same since VY left the Titans, his skills have diminished like a mofo every since he signed that big deal claiming he was the best RB in football..

    look for him to be in St Louis next year with his former coach Jeff Fisher, or he could head to Indy, NE, Arizona, or Miami too

  23. Why do I get a really sick feeling that this guy is going to be a Jet next year and I actually throw up at the thought he has a resurgence in his career and makes the Jets relevant…….

    Whoa just woke up from the worst nightmare ever!

  24. So a team that went 6-10 last year is seriously considering guaranteeing a 27 year old running back $9,000,000 dollars in 2013? That makes the NY Jets look smart by comparison.

  25. I’ve known CJ for along time now, I was pretty good friends with him back at ECU, and some of the crap people are saying is ridiculous. He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and if you didn’t know he has a learning disability, but hey say stuff when you don’t know crap about the guy except that he’s a football player. He may not deserve 10 mill, but he’s by far the best player on that team, and a great running back can’t run behind a horrible offensive line, look at McCoy in Philly, he took a major hit this year. Also a horrible qb, that can’t throw and you make a guy run 30 times a game. It’s not a lack of effort on CJs part, its a lack of a good team around him.

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