A.J. Jenkins promises to return as a totally different player


The 49ers made it all the way to the Super Bowl this season despite getting next to nothing from first-round pick A.J. Jenkins.

Jenkins played just three games during the regular season and caught no passes even though the 49ers lost wide receivers Mario Manningham and Kyle Williams to season-ending injuries. He was active for two of the team’s three games in the postseason, but didn’t pick up his first catch as a pro during the playoffs either. He wound up having just one pass thrown in his direction all year.

The lack of production obviously didn’t hinder the 49ers all that much, but it is something Jenkins would like to change next season. He plans to hit the weights in order to become stronger and will work out with quarterback Colin Kaepernick in hopes of as part of his quest to come back for the 2013 season as a “totally different player.”

“Obviously, I want to contribute a lot more than I have been,” said Jenkins, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “So I’m going to make that happen and come back bigger, faster, stronger.”

Manningham and Williams are expected back, but Randy Moss and Ted Ginn could both be finished in San Francisco. That would open up a door for Jenkins to move up the depth chart if his offseason brings the improvement that Jenkins is expecting to see.

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  1. A.J. may have seen more playing time if he started the “bigger, faster, stronger” training program during the season.

  2. Overweight, but skinny as a rail thin, with absolutely no work ethic! Perfect for the Bay Area Queens! Roster has 15, 1st round picks & they continually can’t get it done! Window is closed. EVERYTHING WILL GO THROUGH SEATTLE FROM NOW ON!

  3. AJ Jenkins “Obviously, I want to contribute a lot more than I have been,” said Jenkins, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “So I’m going to make that happen and come back bigger, faster, stronger. Hold on, one sec Mr. Barrows. Can I get 3 Whoppers, Onion Rings, Fry Sauce, & a X-large chocolate shake? Yes you may! Does that complete your order Mr. Jenkins? Yeah! Ok, you were saying Mr. Barrows?”

    That’s how it really went for the Bay Area Queens 2012 #1 Pick!

  4. Hi Seattle troll. What other clever gems you got? You learn at some point that making bold predictions for others is a foolish practice. Any star player can have a season ending injury at any point between now and next January. SEA’s schedule gets tougher this year so good luck with all that and staying healthy and keeping that drugged up douche in the secondary’s ego in check and everything.

  5. 49ers definitely reached for Jenkins when most projected him to go in the 3rd-4th rounds.

    Seriously though, who turns down the oppurtunity to be mentored by Jerry Rice (including running the famous hill Rice did during his career)?

  6. Trent Baalke has experienced worst hair loss after this pick. With his Niners team got depleted of the WRs due to injuries, the number#1 draft pick couldn’t beat out a practice squat player (Chad Hall). The ghost of Rashaun Woods is coming back to haunt the 49ers.

  7. Different player? You mean he actually played?

    I don’t the specifics on him. He could be a slow learner and have an amazing season next year, but for a first-round pick to get basically get zero playing time is never encouraging.

  8. Kaep is bringing his recievers with him to Atlanta to start working out next week. I think the lights were too bright for Jenkins and an offseason to learn and train with his quarterback and fellow recievers will do him a lot of good. Be negative all you want, it’s not going to make your team any better. Get a life.

  9. Niners will give him one year to make a difference. Otherwise, could be cut at the end of next year.

    They will look to add at WR regardless of his offseason.

  10. I thought it was a tribute to the niners depth that none of their rookies could get on the field. It’s looking now like they just didn’t draft very well. And uh, Mr. everything will go through Seattle, the team with the best record in the division is getting better all the time.

  11. The talent is there with this kid, but he really does need to bulk up. I never expected him to contribute much this year because he looked like he was a couple off-seasons away from being big/strong enough to play in the 49ers offense, but I didn’t expect him to go without a single reception.

    He’s received a lot of criticism and there are some red flags here and there, but I think the culture in the locker room is strong enough to rub off on him.

  12. The last 1st round draft pick who didn’;t produce in his first year was named Crabtree

    People were down on him for a few years
    Prima donna
    Draft Bust
    How’d THAT work out ??

    C’mon AJ, get it together !!

  13. To the Seattle trolls…..it’s always easier to look forward than backward. Perfect example is a city in Georgia called Atlanta. That rhymes with Mylanta-which you’re likely still taking after your heartbreaking loss to the Falcons.
    Get back to your coffee and depressing weather.

  14. The reality is that the 2012 49er draft was a bust. The 2011 draft was off the charts in comparison . This is why the 49ers really need to trade Alex Smith and move up in the draft. I doubt A.J. is going to get bigger unless he can get his hands on that deer spray that the Ravens are so fond of.

  15. I don’t want to jump the gun right away. But I have the 2004-2005 Rashaun Woods vibe going on right now. I feel 2013 is a make or break for A.J.

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