Aaron Rodgers keeping an eye on Joe Flacco’s deal

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers isn’t worried about when he will get his next contract with the team done, but he knows that Joe Flacco’s deal with the Ravens will potentially impact its size.

Rodgers has two years left on his deal, with base salaries of $9.325 million in 2013 and $10.5 million in 2014, and there’s been some talk about when the Packers might look to bring it more in line with the other top quarterbacks in the NFL. On his weekly radio show, Rodgers showed no concern that reaching a deal to remain in Green Bay would be difficult

“I think everybody is going to see what Joe ends up signing for,” Rodgers said, via ESPNWisconsin.com. “I’m sure they want to lock him up. He’s a great player — had an incredible run in the playoffs — and I’m sure they want to keep him around. A guy like that, with the post-season success he’s had, you want to keep a guy like that around for a while.”

You could say the same about Rodgers, who has a more consistent level of success over the course of his career than Flacco to go with the Super Bowl ring that he won after the 2010 season. If Flacco gets a deal in the Drew Brees range, it will help set the stage for where Rodgers’ discussions with the Pack will start whenever the two sides decide to come to the table.

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  1. Would be nice if one of these guys starts a downward trend in the rediculous contract prices. I know AR has talked a lot about “how much is too much” and what good is it if there’s not a team around you.

    Would love to see him sign a reasonable contract. The “me first guys” drag teams down. I guess the Packers fan in me wants to see AR start a trend.

  2. This was the reason I was cheering for the 9ers.

    Flacco isn’t as good as Rodgers as far as pure position playing goes.

    The Ravens helped out a lot and put a hell of a team together. That allows Flacco to have a efficient run game and a great defense at least up to this point. Rodgers hasn’t in the last 2 years. That’s why Flacco’s silly contract will make Rodgers that much more expensive.

  3. Important to note Favre accomplished more than Rodgers has. He is entering his prime right now. Rodgers had better get his butt in gear. At least Favre went to another Superbowl. Rodgers did not play as well this year as the last couple. To me it looks like he has lost his competitiveness since they won their Superbowl.

  4. Since when is everything about the money? Some of these professional athletes are crazy! If they’re asking for too much money their teams won’t have enough to spend elsewhere. Especially the Ravens, they shouldn’t spend 20+ on Flacco he needs a good team in front of him because he’s not a huge difference maker in games.

  5. These QB contracts are just getting out of hand. It reminds me of the rookie contracts before the last CBA where they just went out of control and started wrecking everyone’s cap.

  6. That was the last thing i was hoping to see with Rodgers. I am not saying he doesn’t deserve #1 QB money but in my opinion its hard to build a team around these QBs if they eat up so much of the cap. Its where i thought the Colts with Manning and the Saints with Brees were starting to come apart.

  7. He is the best QB in the league. I can’t believe he makes half of what Eli makes for the next 2 years. Come on over to the Vikings Aaron. zingy will pay you what you deserve and you and Peterson will win 4-5 Super Bowls.

  8. @Beezo – you’re a hypocrite. Would you rather make more money at your job or get paid half as much so that more people at your job (who perform half as good as you) can keep theirs?

  9. No doubt that Flacco struck gold by winning the Super Bowl during his contract year. The upside is that he’s going to get paid handsomely for it. The downside is that it will be WAY too much for his skill set, and will skew future contract negotiations with other QBs.

    Rodgers is much better than Flacco, though I would argue that neither should demand $20M+ per year.

  10. You can’t compare his next two years base salary to that of an average per year from an entire contract. If you include the average with signing bonus for one player you must do the same for him. Otherwise it’s apples to oranges.

  11. Since the agents are doing the negotiating, its a safe bet that they couldn’t care less who they have to cut as long as they can get the best deal possible. They make more money and attract more/better clients. Where is the incentive for them to settle for less?

  12. Flacco is not even in the same hemisphere as Rodgers,Brady,Brees or Manning. Yes,he had a nice postseaon run for himself,but if you look at his regular season stats,he is slightly above average. No way is he worth the amounts being thrown out there.

  13. If Flacco can approach or surpass Brees’ $20M a year average, and Rodgers plays out his contract to become a FA in two years, I wouldn’t at all be shocked to see his agent come out asking for $25M a year.

  14. Makes sense, they’ll both end their careers with 1 Superbowl appearance.

    I’d rather have Flacco though. They both are average QB’s, but at least Joe can keep his piehole shut for 5 minutes.

  15. It’d be embarrassing to Aaron Rodgers, The Packers and the fans (who all claim to be “owners” so you’d think they’d have a say.. right?) if Aaron Rodgers isn’t the highest paid QB in the NFL by Week 1 of the 2013 season.

  16. Then again there is the fact that the Packers or any other NFL team will drop him like a hot potato if he gets hurt. Brady is the only top QB who takes downscale money to help the team, but he actually makes less than his wife which must help with the light bill quite a bit.

    I agree that the bloated QB salaries hurt the teams, but over the course of a 5 or 6 year contract it really piles up. Even if Rodgers signs a 6-year deal at $20 Million annually he’ll be well below the franchise number by the time the contract expires.

  17. I’m sure that crownofthehelmet would rather have Flacco – or about 30 other NFL QBs – than what his team has at the position right now.

  18. For all of you saying that the QB should take less to help the team keep its players….you know there is nothing preventing the owners from agreeing to raise the salary cap so they can pay their players more.

  19. The thing is, if QB salaries increase at faster than the cap, that will just have a knock on effect elsewhere.

    Some teams will just decide that they are not ever going to pay a RB or FB a substantial amount of money. They’ll just continue to recycle young guys on their rookie contract.

    Another thing that I think will happen is that the top tier CBs will see a decline in what they get paid. To me all the #1 corner on a team does is make sure the other corners get targeted. It feels like teams are more worried about having good depth at the position rather than than 1 shutdown guy.

    Then the last thing to drop will be having to cut decent players. If you have one player eating up 15-20% of the cap, you will be letting some decent players go because you can pay them the $5M a year they are worth.

  20. Did I mention that Flacco has more playoff victories than Rodgers over the same time period? A “consistent level of success” is leading your team to the playoffs every year and then deep into the postseason. Flacco has done that five years in a row, Rodgers has not.

  21. These top QBs have earned it. I’m happy for all of them. The problem is the same as it was for rookies, before the rookie wage scale. Every new contract that comes up, the player wants to be paid the most at his position. At some point, teams can’t do it.

  22. Here’s the facts, QB is primarily the most important position on the field. We see it year in and year out those teams that regularly make playoffs and play deep even to Super Bowls have above average QB’s. We are going to get a first hand look at just how these Flacco type QB deals hurt a team cause it will cause Baltimore some key player losses around Joe to keep him. Every time these QB get these 20$ yrly deals someone else has to walk cause cap hits. Of course agents push teams to the max cause its more money in there pockets for getting these deals for there players. There is already talk of Baltimore releasing Q Boldin. There not gonna be able to resign Krueger or Ellerby I think his name is. Or retain both tight ends as well. Baltimore will keep Flacco but loose some key players because Flaccos cap hit now.

  23. greenmtnboy31 says:
    Feb 6, 2013 4:31 PM
    “Did I mention that Flacco has more playoff victories than Rodgers over the same time period? A “consistent level of success” is leading your team to the playoffs every year and then deep into the postseason. Flacco has done that five years in a row, Rodgers has not.”
    Hard not to win in the playoffs when you’ve got A Running Game – an actual offensive line – a kicker that doesn’t miss – an actual Defense that doesn’t allow 35+ points a game …

    Let’s see how many games Mr Unibrow wins with the 32nd ranked defense… behind an oline that couldn’t block the elderly or a running game with a car salesman as the no.1 option.

  24. Flacco played right at the right time. I know Ravens have to wonder if they pay him the “top QB contract” will he perform to that level every game – as he is NOT known for.

    I think Rodgers is a whole different matter. If Rodgers had the Ravens D on the other side it would be GB with the SB win right now.

  25. @bartlettruss Actually Favre reworked his contract several times to help team caps. I think Brady and Favre are exceptions to the rule though, unfortunately.

    I think the post season is a great stat for Rodgers to be judged upon for huge dollars. He can’t come from behind to save his life, and he has demolished our playoff record (with some help from coaches). If he really wants big money, he needs to perform big in big games. So far his track record in big games isn’t all that inspiring – including a final season game at MN which could have had San Fran going to GB instead of the way it went down. I seriously doubt home field would have changed the outcome though.

  26. @jprcox ” If Rodgers had the Ravens D on the other side it would be GB with the SB win right now.”

    But Rodgers and WRs make a lot more $ than Flacco and WRs. Both teams are at cap limits. So it all comes down to paying O weapons or D weapons. I think it is a valid point that if Flacco gets huge dollars that the D will suffer because of it.

    I also think that the likes of Rodgers and Jennings (greed) will end GB’s window of opportunity prematurely, as we can’t afford to pay for D linemen that we really need to be competitive.

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