Bears increase ticket prices by 4.2 percent, on average

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The Bears won 10 games, but the Bears didn’t make it to the playoffs.

When fans consider the team’s 2013 ticket prices, the team now led by a former CFL coach would appreciate if you focus on the former.

The team has announced that prices are up by an average of 4.2 percent. For 90 percent of the seats, increases range from $3 to $10 per ticket.  (American not Canadian.  Eh.)

Only some United Club seats will remain flat, but those range from $265 to $540 per game.

Yes, per game.

The good news is that season ticket holders will save $25 per game ticket in comparison to the individual game price.

11 responses to “Bears increase ticket prices by 4.2 percent, on average

  1. “The good news is that season ticket holders will save $25 per game ticket in comparison to the individual game price.”

    Wow, what a blessing the owners are bestowing on the season ticket holders. They’re going to save $25 per game ticket.

    In a world not full of greedy bastards, it would cost $25 for one of the better seats in the stadium and $10 for the nosebleeders.

  2. I’m a die-hard Bears fan living in Wisconsin and went to my first game last year…but with the tickets, parking, and concessions prices sky high, I’m not going back anytime soon. Had to wait a half hour to pee during halftime too…and the stadium was recently renovated. I guess I’ll just keep watching from the comfort of my living room.

  3. What a waste of a stadium. You take the 2nd largest market in the NFL and decrease the capacity of the stadiun to the smallest in the league. That makesd a lot of sense. Since it has the smallest capacity, lets raise ticket prices.

    Starting next year, Lambeau will have 20% more seats/capacity than Soldier Field. That is huge. I bet ticket prices in Green Bay will stay steady.

    Why didn’t they put 70k seats when the hideous renovation was done 10 years back. The Bears will always be the Bears and that is why they won’t win anything anytime soon.

  4. I wonder how does this rate compared to all the other teams in the league?

    The Seahawks raised their prices by what they called “a blended 7%.” A complete listing of all 32 teams would be a good read.

  5. I sure do hope this Trestman thing works out.. if not, the Bears are looking like ticket scalpers right now. I mean… WHO raises ticket prices during a coaching change? Are we that much of a schmuck Bears fans??

    Well, they sell out Soldier Field every game.. why not stick it to fans for Lovie’s paycheck?

  6. There is a famous picture of an Army-Navy game at Soldiers Field and there were more than 100,000 folks in the stands. The new Soldiers Field is about rich folks and corporate boxes and it escapes me with the NFL cable TV ticket system why Bears fans keep filling up Soldiers Field in person.

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