Cam Cameron will get a Super Bowl ring

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Cam Cameron didn’t make it to the Super Bowl with the Ravens, having been fired as their offensive coordinator late in the season. But the man who fired Cameron says he wants Cameron to have a Super Bowl ring.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said after the Super Bowl that even after he fired Cameron in December, he would get encouraging texts from Cameron telling him he was still rooting for the Ravens. Harbaugh says that just because Cameron was gone before the playoffs, that doesn’t change the fact that Cameron helped Baltimore get there.

“In my mind, he is definitely going to get a ring. He deserves a ring,” Harbaugh told Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated.

Cameron said in January that he had no hard feelings toward Harbaugh or the Ravens, and he even complimented Harbaugh for firing him, saying that it must have been a smart move because the results speak for themselves. Cameron seems to be taking his firing pretty well.

And Harbaugh seems to think highly of Cameron, despite the way their time coaching together came to an end.

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  1. Cam will get a bit more than half a ring. But he plans to have the missing portion on the underside of his finger so people won’t notice. Unless they look closely.

  2. I listened to SoundFx on NFL Network last night. John Harbaugh was really spreading the man-love every time Flacco had a big pass play or touchdown. Harbaugh was miked up and was saying how he loved Cam, and how Cam was a genius blah blah blah. Hard not to see this coming. Cam should get a ring as was there long enough to contribute to their success.

  3. Class move. Especially in light of the fact that Cameron’s deficiencies were exposed and the coaching staff found a way to correct them. Without seeing those constant shortcomings, the move would not have been made.

  4. He deserves one….THEY WOULD NOT HAVE WON THE SB WITH HIM…..but he deserves one for his years of service and contributions for this year as well.

  5. Bisciotti (not Harbaugh) fired Cameron. He couldn’t stomach losing to the Redskins and two rookie QB’s, a team he and his fans consider a rival. So he pulled a Steinbrenner. Of course it all worked out in the end, and Bisciotti is receiving glowing accolades. But it sets up a dangerous precedent long-term. It reaffirms that Harbaugh is not really in charge and the players will know that when things get testy in the future. Imagine if Jerry Jones had fired the coordinator of a team after week 14. It’s the kind of thing Snyder used to do. Remember the bingo caller?

    Everyone in Baltimore knows that John Harbaugh is a mere PR man, a figure head for a well run organization just like Tomlin is in Pittsburgh. The Ravens theory is that in the salary cap era the organization drives the success of the team not the head coach. The Ravens, like Pittsburgh, actually prefer to not have a brilliant coach. They like a guy who says all the right things in the press conferences and never rocks the boat. The front office and owner really run the team and don’t wish to deal with a great head coach who may seek more power and become recalcitrant.

  6. Sadly, the Ravens would probably have 1 or 2 more of these by now, if they had fired Cameron 2 years ago when it was clear that he had taken Flacco as far as he could.

  7. Good. He deserves one. The guy did deserve to get fired and probably should’ve been fired a long time ago, but to say he never had any good impact on that football team is too much for me to believe.

    Even Rich Kotite saw Wayne Chrebet for what he was worth. Cam Cameron’s influence is more than what we think or realize.

  8. I was calling for Cameron to leave the last three years. Too many of the Ravens’ pass plays had a low completion percentage, plus his situational play calling wasn’t so great. That’s why Flacco has improved so much. However, Cam should get a ring, he is the architect.

  9. I think its normal for most teams to give players that have been on their roster for only part of the season a ring if the SB is won.

    If they don’t it would demonstrate that the team ha really cheap ownership, which I don’t think is the case with the Ravens.

  10. It’s a win-win all around. The biggest win is that he was fired. (He really needed to be fired at least 2 years ago.) The smaller win is that they get to toss him a little consolation prize and look classy doing it.

    1 super bowl ring: $75,000.00
    1 super bowl ring to an offensive coordinator who got fired and THEN the team went on to win the super bowl BECAUSE he was fired: PRICELESS!!

  11. Everyone in Baltimore was calling for him to get fired. Doesn’t make anyone a genius on here. Everyone in Baltimore was calling for Flacco to get cut as well. Up in till a month ago.

  12. Of course Cam gets a ring, its his offence, just called differently.

    When will these clowns learn that Baltimore changed nothing in the playbook, they just changed the way the plays were called.

    Cam deserves a ring, and a swift kick in the butt for his conservative play calling. Shoulda let the rains go along time ago!

  13. If you have a young QB and want to get him up to speed for the NFL quickly, Cam is your man. What he did for Flacco, a FCS product who only had 2 years of starting experience was amazing. He keeps it simple but doesn’t evolve with the player which is why he was fired.

    Like I said if you have a talented but raw QB like Flacco as a rookie, I think Cam would be a great fit for your team. For 2 or 3 years anyway.

  14. John Harbaugh, fine coach and a great man. Ravens are lucky to have him, maybe the Texans can hire Jim Harbaughs Kid from the Ravens when they fire Kubiak.

  15. As someone on the outside looking in, I thought Harbaugh should have fired Cameron instead of Zorn two years ago. But sometimes things work out for the best. By firing Cameron this season, he was able to hire Caldwell and the Ravens caught fire at precisely the right moment. Given how long he remained stubbornly loyal to his former OC, I’m not surprised he wants to recognize Cameron’s role with the team this season. It may be somewhat controversial, but it doesn’t hurt anyone and is a nice thing to do for his friend.

  16. The 2006 Colts gave a ring to Edgerrin James for not being on the team, because of his contributions in the past.

  17. In reality it’s not up to Harbaugh as to who gets a ring. It is up to the owner.

    Some owners even ensure that cheerleaders get rings, never saw any great thoughts issued to them here for that.

    For instance: The Steelers (Rooney) ensured that every full time employee through the year received a ring. However the employees were separated into tiers and the lower tier front office mail guy did not receive the same ring as a player. I also believe that the NFL pays a certain amount for a set number of rings with the team making up the rest of the cost.

  18. A little background would explain so much here. Cam coached for years with Bo Schembeckler at Michigan, which the Harbaughs had strong ties to. Also, Cam hired John in 1997 at Indiana when Cam was the head coach there.

    So John and Cam have know each other literally for years and there is significant mutual respect between the two. I think John fired Cam for not following orders on play calling. No doubt Oz and Biscotti also played a role. We’ll never know for sure who was the driving force. Doesn’t really matter now.

  19. They may have fired Cameron, but they won the Super Bowl with his offense. The job of offensive coordinator is multi-facetted: scheme, verbage, installation, and scouting are the parts of the job outside of the 3 hours of in-game decision-making each week. My guess is that Cam was fired for poor performance during those 3 hours, not for his performance Monday-Saturday.

  20. John Mara has determined that giving a fired coach a ring is a violation of the spirit of the cap.

    So let it be written, so let it be done.

  21. Cool! It’s the right thing to do and from such a classy organization it’s not a surprise! Well earned and deserved!

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