Candlestick Park slated for demolition in early 2014

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Candlestick Park, the stadium that hosted Jerry Rice, Joe Montana and Steve Young in their primes, the site of The Catch and the home field for the 49ers for more than four decades, is slated for implosion within weeks of the 49ers’ last home game next season.

The 49ers will play 2013 at Candlestick and then move to their new Santa Clara stadium in 2014.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that after some talk of letting the stadium sit empty until a new developer is found for the area, the city has now decided on a demolition plan that will see the building collapse very early in 2014.

And so we’ll say goodbye to an iconic American stadium, one which hosted some great moments in NFL history, which served as the home stadium for the Raiders for one season in 1961, which hosted two World Series, and which even hosted the final concert ever performed by The Beatles.

41 responses to “Candlestick Park slated for demolition in early 2014

  1. That sucks. I hope they keep the name or at least try to work a tribute into the name.

    I’m sure the new stadium will be nice, but I don’t want it to be

  2. They should have Paul, Ringo, Montana, Young, and whoever the eff else is still alive and had anything to do w/ that stadium’s great moments, on hand for a wrecking ball ceremony.

  3. They should play the Pro Bowl in a stadium that is tagged for demolition or has otherwise seen it’s last action. That way the announcers have something to ham it up about while the players half ass it on the field. They can tell us all about the history and the great moments from that field.

    Just a thought…

  4. Although the new stadium will be more convenient for a lot of people, I wish they would have stayed in SF. The team practically bent over backwards to make it happen but the city officials (Mayor Newsom) just failed to see the importance. Shame on you SF city council.

  5. I agree it’s too bad they will demolish Candlestick Park. I know I’m in the minority, but I have always loved that stadium. I would love to buy that chain link fence they used to have from the early 70’s to the late 90’s. Ah, the memories.,

  6. They’re the Santa Clara 49ers now. Maybe Silicon Valley 49ers?

    For those who know San Francisco calling it “within the city” is almost a stretch as it is now. San Jose is almost twice the size population wise, and more likely to have fans that actually enjoy the game of football.

  7. Think of the all timers that played and bled here. Joe Montana, Willie Mays, Jerry Rice, Barry Bonds, Troy Aikman, Willie McCovey, Emmitt Smith, Steve Young, Micky Mantle, Ronnie Lott, Brett Favre, Will Clark, John Brodie, Bobby Bonds, Ronnie Lott, Lawrence Taylor…I could go on.

    The Ghosts of Candlestick could fill every one of its 68,000 seats.

    Gonna be a sad day when it gets blow’d up.

    I felt the same way about RFK

  8. To the 2 Packers fans who think it’s shame this dump is being demolished – have you ever been to Candlestick? If you had, you’d be celebrating, not saying it’s a shame to see it go. I grew up watching the Giants and Niners play there, and it was bad from Day 1, and has gotten progressively worse over the years. It’s no Lambeau Field, that’s for damn sure. What IS sad is that they are leaving SF for Silicon Valley. The price of tickets is going up exponentially, and PSLs will be charged to all season ticket holders. It’s a crying shame because a ton of decades-long Niner fans will be completely priced out of the joint.

  9. Lionsdraftguy you live quite a sad life. I used to think you were a typical lions homer and a clown. Now I just pity you

  10. This is the worst stadium in the NFL. The seats are terrible and the facility sucks. If you park in the parking lot ,bring your waders,it is a swamp once our winter rains hit. It literally takes 1 and a half to 2 hours to leave Candle Stick, at the end of a game and get on the freeway because it is a bottle neck with several stop lights. There are great memories ,history and tradition at Candle Stick but it is time to move on. The new stadium is going to be worthy of the team that wears the red and gold.

  11. Sad to see old Candlestick go but the thing was built for baseball. The new Santa Clara place will be better for the fans (those who can afford games.)

  12. NO! I’m not a Niner fan, I’m a Cowboys fan, so I know how it hurts to say goodbye. I loved Texas Stadium and to demolish Candlestick Park is just as bad. I wish these stadiums could somehow be museums.

  13. Why can’t they just leave these stadiums alone? Overhaul them. But these places should be landmarks.

  14. I can imagine an angry Jim Harbaugh, after a loss or a really bad play, volunteering to do the physical demolition. Just give him a sledgehammer and a video replay of that fourth down play at the end of the SuperBowl and the stadium will be gone in about an hour.

  15. thereisfootballwestofjersey says:Feb 6, 2013 9:06 AM

    Think of the all timers that played and bled here. Joe Montana, Willie Mays, Jerry Rice, Barry Bonds, Troy Aikman, Willie McCovey, Emmitt Smith, Steve Young, Micky Mantle, Ronnie Lott, Brett Favre, Will Clark, John Brodie, Bobby Bonds, Ronnie Lott, Lawrence Taylor…I could go on. …

    Uhhhh, I was with you until you mentioned Barry Bonds.

  16. The Beatles played “Paperback Writer” in that concert; they didn’t do that one live very often.

  17. The end of one of the few good TV views in the NFL. New stadiums are a joke with the views on TV. Buffalo, Baltimore, San Diego are among the few left.

  18. Hate to be off topic, but everyone who mentions that 4th down play has pretty much chosen one side or the other. Either there should have been a flag, because Crabtree was held past 5 yards or there shouldn’t have been a flag because Jim Harbaugh complains too much. One of these arguments is missing merit.

  19. As a Seahawks fan that travelled to SF this past season to see a game, It was pretty cool to go to the site of all of those remarkable games. However it’s way past due. I had no idea it was in such ill repair until seeing it in person. Everything is falling apart.

    Even the things you’d think they would upkeep like lightbulbs and video screens were burned out all over. I would say less than half the stadium lights were even working and this was for a night game.

    Lots of history there but that place is definitely done.

  20. I have to say, by the time I was able to make it to Candlestick it was a dump. That being said, there was something magical about watching a football game there.

  21. It was a dump. But it was Our Dump.

    Best day there for me in person was Oct. 11, 1981. Niners 45, Cowboys 14. A young Niners team and Joe Montana proved they were for real.

    Still, the Stick never should have been built there. It was all politics and a sweetheart deal with no regard for the wind-swept fans and stuff like parking.

  22. This is Joe Montana’s House!! I always wanted to watch a niner home game but couldn’t afford the trip to California; I still love my team and will always remember the triumphs of the five championships they have won! God Bless the niners, and “God Bless the stick; long may in reign in the hearts and minds of those who played there and saw great superbowls won!

  23. As a Mets fan, I feel for all the fans who lose a park full of memories. Even when, as noted, it’s a dump in need of replacing.

    As a (football) Giants fan, I can’t say I am that sorry to see it go, even if my team did well there more than once. I think the Niners had a home field advantage that might be harder to duplicate in the new place. (Seems like a lot of teams with new stadiums struggle to feel at home lately.)

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