CFL’s top offensive lineman nixed by Packers medical staff


Jovan Olafioye was named the best offensive lineman in the CFL this season, raising his profile and helping him get a look from NFL teams for the second straight season.

For the second straight season, medical issues have kept him from landing a contract. Olafioye was turned down by the Packers’ medical staff after they evaluated his medical records. At issue is medication Olafioye takes because of a family disposition toward high blood pressure, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Olafioye actually signed a contract with the Rams last year before getting dinged in the physical because, per Olafioye, he’d stopped taking his medication.

The good news is that Olafioye has other suitors. He says the Ravens and Steelers are among a half-dozen teams with interest and he also said that the Packers doctors thought that he’d wind up landing with an NFL team willing to take a bigger risk than they’re willing to take in Green Bay.

“They’re sure I’ll be playing for somebody in the NFL this year,” said Olafioye. “That was encouraging. They said my situation is controllable but they didn’t want to take that risk. With their rules they can’t mess with my situation.”

Given all the interest in CFL pass rushers, it makes sense that there would also be interest in guys that have been able to stop them. Now Olafioye just needs to find a way to convince someone his situation is worth messing with.