Charles Woodson’s agent thinks Packers should keep him for 2013

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We’ve heard Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers say that the team should prioritize keeping safety Charles Woodson for the 2013 season and it’s little surprise that Woodson’s agent Carl Poston shares Rodgers’ view.

Most of it, anyway. Rodgers didn’t say that the Packers should keep Woodson at his current salary, which would pay him more than $10 million if he plays 16 games and reaches incentives, just that the team should find a way to keep him on the roster. Poston’s of the opinion that the Packers should be happy to keep Woodson without any restructuring of a deal that has two years left on it.

“I guess the Packers have to make a decision,” Poston said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Is having Charles out there worth $11 million a year? I would think so because he’s one of the better defensive players. He’s not what he was but he’s much more valuable than most defensive players, period.”

Poston did offer another route, saying that they’d be open to anything if it meant more guaranteed money for Woodson. If the Packers feel they need to free up money for other needs, they’ll have to deal with Woodson’s contract before the start of the league year on March 12. Poston said he hasn’t heard anything from the team yet, although we suspect that will change in the not-too-distant future one way or the other.

14 responses to “Charles Woodson’s agent thinks Packers should keep him for 2013

  1. I love Woodson, but he’s simply not worth 10+ mil a year at this stage in his career. I’d love to see him redo his contract and stick around, but I don’t see it happening. The Packers D is at a point where it needs to redefine itself because what they are doing is obviously not working when they face quality offenses… I think they would be better up using that money to bring in a couple of quality free agents.

  2. Why would anyone care what an agent thinks? Of course he wants to get paid another year. That’s like asking Bushmaster if we should keep selling AR-15’s to the public.

  3. As the saying goes, “father time is undefeated.” Woodson is very, very near the end of his HoF career. It’s amazing that he’s been as productive as he has over the past few seasons and well into his 30’s, but you can only outrun the clock for so long. An eight-figure salary is out of the question — as great as he has been both as a player and a locker room leader, the Pack could spend that money on a lot of younger players to develop for the future.

  4. Yep, that was Charles Woodson whiffing on Colin Kaepernick time and time again during the 49ers’ systematic dismantling of the overrated Packers in the playoffs. While the Packers have a great deal of work to do on defense, it’s the lack of any kind of actual running game that had them so easy to beat in the post-season. Keeping Woodson is the wrong direction to go in as this squad starts rebuilding. It’ll get worse before it gets better, Wisconsin!

  5. Woodson has ben great for the Packers but $11millions is way to much for him at this stage of his career. Hopefully he’ll restructure his contract.

  6. Woody has been incredible as a Packer and we all love him up here as a leader, a player, and a role model to our younger players…but 11mil a year is a bit too much with the youth on our team progressing so well…restructure man we love ya up here!

  7. purplepillager says:
    Feb 6, 2013 10:47 AM
    “The Pack should absolutely keep Woodson and his $11 million salary. They have such a great defense with him.

    The other NFCN teams”
    A Defense that’s good enough to have a 15 – 3 record against division rivals the last 3 years …

    16-3 if you count the NFC title game.

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