Danny Amendola’s agent scoffs at impact of Titus Young claim

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The Rams’ low-risk waiver claim of wide receiver Titus Young isn’t the kind of move that impacts a team’s overall plans.

Specifically, it shouldn’t change the way they view negotiations with pending free agent wideout Danny Amendola, at least according to Amendola’s agent.

“I don’t think it affects Danny one bit,” agent Erik Burkhardt told Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Titus Young isn’t anywhere in the same ZIP code as Danny as far as a player goes.

“I’m sure Young may disagree with that because he thinks he’s better than Calvin Johnson.”

Oh my.

Burkhardt should be careful about putting his client in harm’s way, because Young has already shown himself willing to punch a teammate.

So maybe if the Rams re-sign Amendola, he’ll be careful to tell Young that was the agent scorching him, and not reflective of his own thoughts.

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  1. I lost a lot of respect for the Rams the minute I saw they had claimed Young off of waivers. Why enable a turd? Make an example to the rest of the up and coming players and black ball him out of the NFL.
    It looks as if the repercussions could already be starting…

  2. Danny is the man, and I’m sure he wants to be back. He’s the type of player that could help keep Titus in line. The only thing that scares me about bringing Danny back is, because he plays with the pedal to the metal, he tends to get banged up a lot.

    But I’d be comfortable entering the season with Givens, Quick, Danny, Titus, and Pettis. A nice mix of talented guys.

  3. I don’t think it’s Amendola’s agents place to be speaking about other receivers outside of his client. That said, Danny is a sure handed great slot receiver who is going to give you everything he has every play. However, potential wise, Young may be a better receiver. I say this because he is bigger, stronger, and faster than Amendola, and he can play the slot or line up outside as a X or Z receiver. Amendola is definitely the safe man’s bet, but as we saw with Jacoby Jones, sometimes it just takes a change in atmosphere to wake up a player’s potential.

  4. F titus young. Why anyone who would claim a guy who is so me-first he’d sabotage the offense is beyond me. This guy is a turd, and needs to be flushed. Just when i thought the rams MIGHT be on the right path to get back to 8-8 and above, they claim titus young.

  5. I’m a lifelong Lions fan (harsh, I know) who absolutely hates Titus Young. That being said you guys have really beat the dead horse into an unrecognizable pulp with this “better than Megatron/punched a teammate” angle. We’re all very, very clear that those things happened.
    By the way did Suh ever “stomp” on anyone or “kick” anyone during a game? You still seem pretty hung up on those two non-stories as well.

  6. It’s a stupid comment, even though it’s true.

    There are better ways to point out that your client is better than another player than to take shots at said player.

    How about “while Danny appreciates any moves the Rams make to strengthen the overall roster, we’re certain they realize the value of players who have already been major contributors for them”.

    It’s Amendola, not Burkhardt, who may have to go into the locker every day with Young, so creating a potentially awkward situation isn’t serving your client very well.

  7. Danny Amendola 7 Receiving TD’s over 5 NFL seasons

    Titus Young 10 Receiving TD’s in limited action over about 1 1/2 seasons.

    All about getting into the end zone people. Rams haven’t been able to do it consistently since 2006.

  8. Would love to have DA come to the niners as a slot guy. Hope for the rams sake they don’t let him go but I also hope for their sake they don’t break the bank either

  9. After the fiasco where Fisher discarded Vince Young as untrustworthy, Titus Young-Jeff Fisher doesn’t seem like a marriage made in heaven.

  10. “Burkhardt should be careful about putting his client in harm’s way, because Young has already shown himself willing to punch a teammate.”


    Uhh really? Danny is probably one of the toughest if not toughest players on the team. The man plays fearless every Sunday, whether it’s going over the middle or returning Punts. He was almost killed during that Clavicle separation (no exaggeration) and still plays just as hard.

    I’d bet the house of Danny to win that fight if it came down to it.

  11. jeff fisher has no problem keeping idiot players on his roster. fat albert and pacman were staples of the fisher regime in tennessee

  12. The Rams organization should be ashamed of itself. They’re enabling Titus Young and his outrageous behaviour. If players see that they could lose the opportunity of a lifetime because of their selfish actions, this type of behaviour wouldn’t exhibit itself. But young players realize that there’s always at least one greedy, enabling organization mixed in with all 32 teams. Shame on the Rams.

  13. Do not be surprised if this ends up being one of the best moves the Rams have made in awhile.

    Many of you are unwilling to look at the other side of the story and you have a vested interest in Young failing.

    If Sherman, the receivers coach, is as good as advertised. If Bradford can look off guys who are tripled covered and get the ball to Young when he is wide open, play after play, after play, then there is a chance that the Rams will get the production out of him that Young’s college coach did.

    Young has a track record of screwing up and then coming back and straightening things out. He was suspended for a year in college, which would have caused 90% of kids to transfer. He didn’t. He served his suspension, came back, and became one of the best receivers in the country.

    There isn’t any excuse for what he did with the lions, but there is another side to the story. lions fan wants you to completely ignore the other side of the story.

    The Rams have Young’s college teammate and receiving partner Austin Pettis. I suspect he was called in. I also suspect that he responded with something to the effect of, he is coachable if the coach earns his respect. He will get open and he will catch the ball if you throw it to him. He will run after the catch. He is a fierce competitor and he’s proven he is a gamer and a winner. If you ask him to run 40 routes a game, most of which he is wide open, and Bradford throws to someone else who is in triple coverage, then there might (probably will) be problems.

    I do not like the Rams, but I think they took an excellent gamble. This was a smart move.

    Amendola is a really good football player. He needs to tell his ignorant agent to shut his piehole.

  14. Playmaker…you’re out of your element. Amendola played one game on ’11 and about half the season last year. In 2010 I believe he was the league leader in total yards or yards from scrimmage…either way.

    Lots of guys have had better physical tools than Amendola, the beauty of it is that while a lot of those guys lack heart or drive, Amendola excells and makes it an opportunity to shine.

  15. Titus young is a piece of human garbage. He sucks at his Position, and sucks as a teammate and if he wants to fight me over what I say I say come find me. It doesnt change the fact that he’ll never amount to anything but someones cell mate in prison

  16. Fisher is pure football. Doesn’t matter who you are coming in to Ram Park. Either you find a way to fit in the system or you don’t. Expectations are crystal clear. If you fit you get to play. If you don’t you’re gone. Simple as that. In just one season Fisher has shown no reluctance to flush first rounders who don’t perform or sit starters who behave foolishly. It’s all done quietly and quickly without media fanfare. Guy like this with his talent and low salary is a no-brainer for Fisher. All upside, little downside.

  17. It’s pretty obvious there is only one way this will work out. Bradford has to target Titus on virtually every passing play. If he gets the amount of touches guys like CJ, Harvin, and Marshall got this year he will be fine. All Titus cares about is himself and his stats. If he gets the stats he couldn’t care less if the team loses. If the other receivers are getting more targets and Titus feels slighted, then he will act out again. It doesn’t matter one bit whether Pettis is on the team or not, because Kellen Moore was on the Lions and tried to talk sense into Titus and it didn’t work.

    Either he gets his targets and is fine, or he doesn’t and will act out again.

  18. I actually like what the agent said, and if Amendola does stay with the Rams, I imagine he will be more than capable of handling the delusional Mr. Young.

  19. This is young’s last stop in the NFL unless he can turn out some Tiffany tuff-licks, WITHOUT the drama. If the Rams can turn him around, when all bets are against him, they will have scored a major coup; he is just that talented.

    If they can’t, Titus will lose his last, best hope at Resurrection in big-time football, and they hefty cash that ensues after a few successful seasons of which he is certainly capable.

    This is a low-risk/high-reward situation. If Young doesn’t see the handwriting on the wall, and pull it together now, he never will, and soon will find himself out of football, possibly forever. It just happens that for once, this is a very clear win-win, or a simple, very rapid loss for a troubled youngster. I hope for all concerned that the former is the case! GO RAMS!!!

  20. I dont see how not signing him would teach him a lesson. He’d still be an a hole either way. what needs to be done is someone like fischer needs to slap some sense into him and maybe he’ll change. I seem to remember a similar situation a few years ago with steven jackson and see how that turned out!

  21. First of all, non Rams fans can f#!+# off with negative crap. Especially Lions fans, really, u still have Suh whose contract will be up soon then u have to make a decision on him. Worth all the trouble? Nope. Titus Young on other hand has mad skills and could make a huge impact, IF he keeps his head on straight. That duty is up to Fisher, sj39, and Bradford. We already know Fish, if he is not producing and becomes a detriment then he willl be bye bye. Great move, low cost probably takes a wr out of mix for draft unless one of the top 2, are there. Keep Danny, pettis, quick, let gibby go. Pick up Ehrtz, get Warmack or other stud ifthere, if not go FA market

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