Donte Whitner: Next year we’re gonna win this thing

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The 49ers came close to winning the Super Bowl a year after making it to the NFC Championship Game, leading one member of the team to believe that they have the makings of a dynasty.

Safety Donte Whitner answered in the affirmative when asked if the Niners have what it takes to join a previous iteration of the franchise as teams that have been at the top of the league for several years. There’s something the 49ers need to do before they can actually contemplate dynastic status, however. That would be winning a Super Bowl, something Whitner thinks the team will do next season.

“We take steps every year. Last year we made it to the NFC Championship with no expectations. This year we made it to the Super Bowl and five yards from the championship,” Whitner said, via “Next year we gonna win this thing. Nobody cares about second place.”

Football history is littered with teams who have come close one season and broken through the next. There are also teams like the Eagles, who lost three straight NFC title games before losing a close Super Bowl to the Patriots after the 2004 season and never returned to the big game. Success one year offers no guarantees on next year, in other words, so it will take more than just having the right pieces in place on paper for the 49ers to make good on Whitner’s proclamation.

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  1. the sad thing for him is ev1 starts 0-0…

    its good news for the rest of us.

    start the climb back to the top

  2. Good classic hard hitting Safety. He’s an enforcer and brings to wood to running backs (remember the days when safeties could do that to wide receivers?)

    But he’s a dinosaur. In the modern NFL, you need to be able to play deep zone coverage and not be beaten over the top. With most teams playing with so many multiple personnel packages and formations, there’s not as much of a distinction between Strong and Free safeties. Most teams like to run a mirror so that either safety can play Strong or Free depending on how the offense lines up…or simply keep both of them back in deep zone coverage.

    Bottom line in today’s NFL, both safeties have to be able to protect you from being torched deep and over the top. And the Niner’s secondary still has scorch marks that started in the New England game and then bbq’d against the Seahawks, Packers, Falcons…Ravens.

  3. Not with Whiffner on the team…count him for 3 tds against..blown coverages. He’s good at tackling with his back and tackling receivers in the end zone AFTER they have scored. He’s an immature twitter diva and a crappy DB.

  4. As a Bills fan I enjoyed watching three touchdown passes thrown over him. I wouldnt normally have sour grapes but this guy trashed a team that drafted him early in the first round. He can’t even wrap up. Glad youre not in Buffalo. #jairusbyrd

  5. God I hope not!!! I for one am sick of seeing forty-whiner coverage. Their defense has finally been exposed and their rediculous luck of coming back from being down has also been drained. Next year everyone will see CK is a one and done, the DEF will continue to get roasted in the pass game, and their luck will cease to bring them back into games they should have lost anyway.

  6. Yeah cuz ya know teams that lose the Super Bowl always come back and win it the next year.
    Or maybe that was just the case back in the early 70’s.
    Don’t lose a Super Bowl.
    It seems you end up in some kind of alternate universe that you can’t seem to escape.

  7. “Football history is littered with teams who have come close one season and broken through the next.”

    Somewhat true, but if you’re talking about teams that lose in the Super Bowl, there’s not much litter to be found.

    Last team to win the SB the year after losing it was the Miami Dolphins….in 1973. That’s forty years, if you’re counting.

    In fact, the last team to win the SB fewer than five years removed from losing one is the 1988 Washington Redskins (lost in 1984).

    Heck, the last team to return to the SB the year after losing one was the Buffalo Bills of the early 90s, who managed a four-peat, and lost all four.

    In fact, since 2000, about half the teams that lose Super Bowls don’t even make the playoffs the following season.

    SF seriously has their work cut out for them if they think they’re just going to walk into another SB next year. But, historically, there’s something about losing in the Super Bowl that really hurts a team’s chances when it comes winning one in the next few years.

  8. Buffalo flirted with the playoffs in 1988 by playing in the AFC Championship game. In 1989 they lost in the first round of the playoffs, only to come back in 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 to play in the Superbowl 4 years in a row, an unbelievable feat. Everybody knows that they lost all 4 Superbowls, but just them showing up year after year was amazing.
    The 49ers have a team, that if kept whole for the next couple of years have the chance to accomplish the same or more than the Bills did.

  9. Didn’t Whitner allowed 4 TD’s in the last two games? Watch some tape and learn to cover somebody before you talk. Look at this history of teams that have lost in the Superbowl and understand its going to be a long road ahead.

  10. I couldn’t help but think of the 1984 Dolphins when I read this headline. In 1984, the Fins went to the Superbowl witht he youngest team in the NFL, led by a 23 year old Dan Marino who had put up a season for the ages. It looked like a given that they would get back to the dance at least a few more times, but they never did. You can never bet on anything like that in the NFL.

  11. It doesnt matter, niners are in the same boat as everyone else now except the World Champion Ravens who have the title till next year.

  12. 49ers are lucky that they did not face the seahawks in the nfc championship… i believe that the seahawks will come out on top for the nfc this year… sorry 49ers u guys had all the chance in world in the end… frank gore is another sour loser thought that 49ers are better than the ravens.. the seahawks didnt say anything about they are better than the falcons when they almost pull it out…

  13. Please. You and your team are choke artists!! Your time has come and gone!!! You won’t even win your division next year and might not even make the playoffs!!

    GO HAWKS!!

  14. Finishing 2nd? Get used to it pal. In your own division. Seahawks are better on offense, defense and special teams.

  15. “the seahawks didnt say anything about they are better than the falcons when they almost pull it out”

    That’s because you weren’t better than the Falcons. Falcons just don’t know how to play a full 60 minutes and it caught up with him.

  16. yeah so are the browns chiefs and cardinals fact is really anyone can get hot sneak in and roll thru its been done and will be done again eventually might as well start next year with my 8-8 stinkies

  17. Does this guy ever shut up? Did they beat themselves once again? He better be glad the Giants threw in the towel and opted to rest rather than to grind out another exhausting run, because you wouldn’t have even sniffed the Super Bowl to begin with. Too bad you blew your chance, my sons.

  18. Don’t hate the 49ers because your Seahawks can’t get out of the playoffs

    Hold your Seattle tongues until you ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING

  19. That’s all he is and will ever be is all talk! He didn’t do anything to help out Buffalo, why would they keep that garbage on the field in San Fran? Keep the lies up Loser! I mean Whitner! Or is it whiner?

  20. Odds are, the Niners dont get back. Hard thing to do. Havent been may teams to get back to a superbowl the year after losing in it. Has anyone ever done that besides the Bills?

  21. lol whitner was out of position all night. He was the main reason for Flaccos success. Maybe putting Whitner in his natural position the bench would help & wiring his mouth shut couldn’t hurt either. lol

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