Hue Jackson adds another title in Cincinnati

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Former Raiders coach Hue Jackson hasn’t been able to find a new job outside of his current team this offseason.  But he has landed two of them in Cincinnati.

Jackson, who became the running backs coach last week, has now been named a “special assistant” to coach Marvin Lewis.

That’s presumably different from assistant head coach, a job that belongs to offensive line coach Paul Alexander.  So maybe it’s more like “assistant to the head coach.”

“People in football know what kind of offensive mind Hue brings to a staff, so he’s going to be great with our running backs” coach Marvin Lewis said in a release.  “And I’m going to take better advantage of his expertise in all aspects of football and coaching, which is very wide.  He will help me be more effective in a number of ways.”

The move also positions Jackson to get more credit for the team’s success (if it’s successful in 2013), which in turn could get Jackson some/any head-coaching interviews next January.

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  1. Hue Jackson is a great coach, made Ocho and Housh relevant when he was their WR coach, if you doubt me how’d they do when they left cincy? Also my guess is Marvin is prepping Hue to be next OC for when Jay leaves after next season for a head coaching position some where.

  2. Jackson is being set up for a fall. If the Bagels’ offense improves in 2013, all the credit will go to squeaky-clean, my-brother-used-to-be-somebody-important-so-never-mind-my-lack-of-accomplishment-I-get-a-free-pass Jay Gruden. If not, all the “assistant head coach” and “special assistant to the head coach” types will take the rap, including Hue.

  3. Just like i said before this is the worst franchise in sports it was voted by America people this team now days though is a stepping stone for teams to advance in the playoffs nothing will help this team.

  4. Marvin is under contract through 2014. Mike Brown honors his contracts. And whose season came to an abrupt end? Lol

  5. As a diehard raider fan, it killed me to see Hue make such strides in Oakland, and then get fired because McKenzie wanted a priest walking the sideline on Sundays. Hue is fiery and has a brilliant mind. He got the most out of his players. IMO, Hue was an upgrade away at defensive coordinator from getting the Raiders to make serious noise. I liked the Palmer trade. While the price was steep, it took balls to make and Palmer just came off of a 4000 yd 22td-11int season. Plenty of teams would take that. Oakland was on the cusp with him. Since the move to Allen, the team is in full rebuild mode and it is doubtful whether Mark Davis will exude the kind of patience that Al never did in the face of failure. My guess is McKenzie and Allen are both on a short leash this season.

  6. I’m pulling for this guy too. Seems like a good role model for other coaches and players.

    Kindof a shame he was used a s Rooney Rule pawn – he’s much more qualified than say, Rex Ryan.

  7. Good for Hue. As great of a coach as he is, he’s probably best not in front of the media. As soon as he threw the Raiders under the bus during that press conference I knew he was as good as gone. Which was too bad because it seemed like the offense was flourishing under him. But I’d rather have McKenzie wipe out the cancer than have Hue reinforce the stagnant Raider mentality. Also, if you think giving up a first and second round pick for a 32 year old overpaid QB (especially with last years draft class) was a good trade I’m glad you’re not the GM.

  8. Hue Jackson, “a role model”?

    The man is a turd, much like Michael Lombardi, neither man are wanted anywhere but where they are.

    He’s a turd that fits in perfectly with that disgrace of a franchise, the Bungholes.

  9. I hope “assistant” in this case means person in control of calling timeouts and replay challenges,

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