Indy preparing a bid for Super Bowl LII

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The locations for the next two Super Bowls have been set (New York next year and then Arizona).  The finalists for the two after that have been determined (San Francisco versus Miami for Super Bowl L and the loser versus Houston for Super Bowl LI).

That leaves Super Bowl LII as the next NFL title game that is generally in play.  (In English, that’s Super Bowl 52.  And since I am the same age as the Super Bowl, I soon plan to refer to my age exclusively in Roman numerals.)  For the game to be played in early 2018, the folks in Indiana plan to throw their hat with the ear flaps into the ring.

But Allison Melangton, the president of Indiana Sports Corp., said Tuesday that in touting the success of Super Bowl XLVI, Indy won’t point out the two slices of moldy bread surrounding the choice sandwich meat that Indy served up a year ago.  Super Bowl XLV in Dallas featured an ice storm with a response strategy that consisted of hiding under the bed and waiting for everything to melt, along with a game-day seating debacle that still hasn’t been resolved in the courts.  The most recent Super Bowl in New Orleans included a 34-minute power outage.

That’s not been our style,” Melangton said of the possibility of pointing to the failures of other Super Bowls, via the Associated Press.  “Typically, when we’ve been bidding on all our events, we’ve pointed out why they should come to Indy and not why they should not go somewhere else, and it’s worked for us.  So why change now?”

There’s another reason not to change, in this specific situation.  The NFL simply doesn’t care about the glitches that occurred in Dallas or New Orleans, or that may be looming for the first open-air NFL game to be played in the month of February in a Northern climate.

The league isn’t in the business of excluding Super Bowl host cities.  Instead, the NFL wants to maximize the potential locations for the game.  More cities in the mix will lead to more potential bids.  More potential bids will lead to more competition to win the bidding.  More competition will lead to more money for the NFL.

As long as the NFL gets paid, perfection in the execution becomes an afterthought.  Especially since the periodic problems tend to result in even more attention being paid to America’s ultimate reality show.

24 responses to “Indy preparing a bid for Super Bowl LII

  1. Honest question; why does Indy…or New Orleans, Miami or Glendale…deserve hosting a SB on a regular basis more than anyone else? We’re talking about a half billion or so windfall for a city. Think Denver, Seattle, Pittsburgh etc.. don’t need that as much as anyone else?
    I get the cold weather thing and that’s a consideration. But since America is all about “fairness” and “spreading it around” nowadays..

  2. who would want to spend a weekend in Indy in Feb. Superbowl or not.
    New Orleans and South beach are the best locations for superbowls.

  3. Regarding RC33’s questions, I don’t believe it’s necessarily about deserving to host a SB on a regular basis, but rather having the facilities, and the city’s backing, and having an organization that does all of the work to not only get the SB bid, but to do all of the work to ensure the SB runs correctly. I would imagine some of the cities you mentioned, either do not meet the facility requirements, hotel requirements, and other requirements of that type, or they do not have an organization in place to do the legwork, or they don’t have local corporate backing to pay for the fees involved in just putting the bid together, etc… It costs a lot just to put in a bid, and you already have to have a certain amount of money put aside towards meeting the NFL’s requirements in case you do get the bid accepted.

  4. Big dollar sponsors don’t want to party in Pittsburgh, Denver, Kansas City, Green Bay, etc., especially in January. Detroit happened because of the Fords, don’t hold your breath on it returning there.

  5. The only reason people barely remember Indy was due to who played and the game itself. I barely remember where my giants have won their past bowls. Spread the game all over and let the entire nation soak in the greatest thing this country has anymore. Weather…feh. Who wouldn’t love to see lambeau host the game?

  6. There is only one logical locale for Super Bowl LII, and that’s in New Orleans, Louisiana. Last week’s power glitch won’t be a factor when the proposals are presented in October. It was a glorious, unmitigated success in terms of tourist attractions, food, music, sites, and partying. I needed those 34 minutes to recover from the half time show anyway! Besides, 2018 would mark the Tricentenial Celebration for the City of New Orleans. Make the country’s most celebrated sports championship that year a part of the country’s biggest celebration that year!!!!

  7. I used to live in Indy and was at the game and Indy did a fantastic job hosting the event. However, Indy also had an weird weather week and it was very very mild the entire week leading up to the Super Bowl.

    This shouldn’t be surprising that it was able to handle an event like they Super Bowl. They do the Indy 500 every year and that event draws way more people. I hope they get a shot at the game again.

  8. Indy nailed and has proven their abilities to host large events without a hitch.

    To rc33: the windfall you speak of doesn’t exist for the cities themselves (Indianapolis, for instance, would be lucky to break even). The hotels, restaurants, etc.? Yes, they make money.

    If Denver, Seattle, Pittsburgh, etc., wish to host a Super Bowl, they simply need to put a proposal together and bid for one like those cities you mention. There are no guarantees they’ll land the SB, but they undoubtedly will not if they don’t try.

  9. To those asking “why not in XYZ?”…

    Think for ten seconds. The Super Bowl is very much not about the game anymore. Would it make sense to play the championship game in one of the great, historic stadiums from time-to-time, yes. But Beyonce and Fergie aren’t going to be able to bare enough skin in February in Green Bay, Wisconsin for that to happen.

  10. Indy got lucky with weather last year. This year the weather was in the single digits and teens all week, and it snowed on Super Bowl Sunday. That’s not to say they don’t deserve another Super Bowl, but it’s unlikely that the next one would be as good as last year.

  11. I live in Indy as well. If the SB had been in Indy this year. You would have dealt with subzero temperatures. We got luck with the weather once. It will not happen twice.

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