Joe Horn responds to Deion Sanders on concussions

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At one point during the NFL Network’s supersized pregame show for the Super Bowl on Sunday, Deion Sanders addressed the issue of concussions in the NFL and said he thought that he thought people were exaggerating their problems to get involved in lawsuits against the league.

“The game is a safe game, the equipment is better, I don’t buy all these guys coming back with these concussions. I’m not buying all that,” Sanders said. “Half these guys are trying to make money off the deal. That’s real talk. That’s really how it is. I wish they’d be honest and tell the truth because it’s keeping kids away from our game.”

As you’d imagine, Sanders’ strong words found some disagreement in the football world. Former NFL receiver Joe Horn, one of the players involved in the lawsuits called them “asinine” during an interview on The David Baumann Show on 1080 The Team and promised to discuss it with Sanders in person.

“Nationally, publicly, he made that comment. I think Junior Seau’s family, I think Dave Duerson’s, I think some families that had fathers, grandfathers or uncles who died from some of those concussions and diseases that caused that, he should come nationally and apologize to those families, because he don’t know,” Horn said.

Horn also explained why he was involved in the lawsuit and said that monetary reward wasn’t the only way he’d consider the effort a success.

“I’m just upset that it wasn’t handled properly when we got concussions the way it’s being handled now.  I’m glad it’s being handled now that way,” Horn said. “It needs to be addressed and if the NFL has to pay for that, and hey, it is what is, but if they don’t and they’re brought to justice and just how to handle better situations, then I’m OK with that too.”

We can’t know the motivations of all the players taking part in legal action against the NFL, but any suggestion about being honest and telling the truth has to involve the seriousness of concussions. Whoever decides about kids playing the game deserves all the information on the subject.

29 responses to “Joe Horn responds to Deion Sanders on concussions

  1. It makes me laugh whenever I hear Junior Seau’s name being brought up. I would of loved to make the kind of money he did playing a sport. Just like Ed Reed said you know what you’re signing up for.

  2. When i played high school football i got almost knock out. The coaches came out pinched my legs to see if i had feeling below the waist. Eventually i got off the field. 15 minuts later coach sent me back in to play.

    I now have memory and concentration problems. So should i sue my local community?

  3. Prime is right. dont say that and stop the kids from wanting to play the game. EVERY player knows what he is getting into before he sign that rookie contract. there are 2 facts about NFL football.
    1. when a player signs that contract he will be RICH
    2. the players will ALL get hurt.
    the only question is how Rich can they get before they get hurt too bad

  4. Because he was so flashy, so dangerous on returns, and so quotable, Deion always got a free pass on his football deficiencies, such as his inability to tackle and his aversion to contact. The guy was known to run away if a running play came his way.

    If he sometimes comes across as a little slow, it’s not due to football injuries, it’s that he’s simply not very bright.

  5. A law enforcement officer gets shot and paralyzed, he was wearing a vest, but the bullet entered through under the arm, does that officer have the right to sue the law enforcement agency he served? That is how I feel about this situation, was there ALWAYS inherent risk? Did any of those players actually believe colliding with each other would not have long term effects? While some may have real gripes, the vast majority are in on a money grab. That is how it looks, that is how it feels. Everytime a player of former player says Saeu or Duerson, I cringe, because I know where their frame of mind is and its something they should have known would happen.

  6. The very thought of a man choosing his line of work for a living that is so violent and detrimental to your health, turning around after his career ends and saying ” I want money for the toll this job has put on my mind and body” is just down right ridiculous. What in the hell was the NFL suppose to warn you about?!?! It’s a head on collision sport, did you think to yourself before playing “At worst…this sport could give me carpel tunnel”?? Bull fighters should sue bulls too, right?

  7. You cannot discount what Sanders said. Many of those involved are broke. The ONLY target is the NFL’s multi billion dollar gravy train. No suits against the NFLPA, NCAA, high schools, etc. The reason is the money. They pretend they were the stupidest people on the planet (ok, some aren’t pretending) and claim they had no idea that multiple brain injuries might be a bad thing. Most if not all of these clowns lied to the trainers/doctors/coaches and actively avoided any treatment or safety measures. They are collectively a bunch of hypocritical scam artists hiring a bunch of ambulance chasers to scare the NFL into a BS settlement.

  8. If it wasn’t mostly about money then high schools and colleges nationwide would be names in the lawsuit as well. Not to mention the NFLPA.

  9. I agree with prime time. And all you baby nfl fans who want a softer game. To bad if you hurt. Quit then. Nobody is forcing you to play. Stupid players should sign waivers

  10. Deion said “half of them”. Joe Horn named two. Where’s the disconnect? If there are 5,000 in the lawsuit, Joe Horn would have to name 2501 who are not just in it for the money to prove Deion wrong.

  11. the suicide rates for all former NFL players are far less then that of the general public, so im not sure what point Joe is trying to make here by pulling out some specific recent suicides

  12. I’m sure there are plenty of people in the lawsuit, who’re suffering from concussions, but don’t kid yourself, plenty of th are in it for the money.

  13. Money grubbing lawyers are seeking these people out. For the most part, the concussion victims are puppets to make the lawyers rich.

  14. Deion is not saying that noone got hurt from Concussions, what Deion is saying is that atleast half the guys joining this lawsuit is doing it for the money and nothing else.

    So when Joe Horn brings up guys that actually got serious issues from concussion-related injuries, he is by no means shooting down Deions argument…

  15. I do get what Deion is trying to say, but its difficult to take him seriously since he was notorious for avoiding contact of any sort. Had he taken or delivered a multitude of big hits throughout his career he’d have more credibility.

  16. fair deal would be lifetime top shelf medical treatment for all players for the rest of their life but the players wont accept that…alot of the players are looking for another paycheck because the squandered their fortune and have not attempted to get employment in the real world

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