Kirk Cousins wants to prove himself as offseason starter

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Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins wasn’t used to the red carpet, but he said he’s going to spend his offseason trying to make teammates comfortable with the idea of him in the spotlight.

Cousins walked through the NFL Honors show Saturday in New Orleans without the acclaim of teammate Robert Griffin III, but he also walked through healthy, which Griffin couldn’t claim. Cousins was there as a candidate for the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Year award, for some of his relief work last season.

I’m a little bit out of place right now,” Cousins told Rich Campbell of the Washington Times. “It’s neat. It’s just an exciting thing. It’s just a testament to what hard work can do for you. Hopefully there’s more of this to come, not just for myself, but for the Redskins in general.”

Of course, there’s more attention to come for Cousins, since he’ll be the Redskins quarterback through offseason workouts while Griffin heals from last year’s knee injury. People are hopeful RG3 will be back for the opener, but it’s far from a guarantee.

“Now, in terms of my presence in the locker room and that kind of a thing, I’ll probably try to be a little more vocal so that I don’t come across to my teammates as somebody who’s afraid of that role or not comfortable in that role,” Cousins said. “It’ll be an interesting balance to have to walk because obviously I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes, but I also need to be ready if called upon. . . .

“Any time you can have a good idea of what’s coming, it’s going to help. But the reality of my situation – and really the reality of the NFL, in general – is you don’t know what’s coming next. You don’t know what’s around the corner. To think that it’s always going to be planned out for you is naive and foolish. I’ve got to be ready to roll with the punches and react to whatever happens. To the degree that I’m able to do that, I’ll be successful.”

Cousins has proven himself to be adaptable, and capable, but the expectations of the Redskins progress are clearly tied to RG3’s return, and dependent upon it.

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  1. He’s going to start some games for them. I don’t think anyone buys the “6-8 months” timetable for RG3 when 8 months for AP was considered superhuman.

  2. Reach for the stars kid. If you need to play, play well so that we can flip you for a high pick later. I love Bruce Allen and our front office for being the smartest Movers n’ Shakers in the league.

  3. It’s really too bad for everyone that RGIII will be in rehab mode and go into next season with major ??? hanging over him.

    1) The QB class is so weak that Kirk would have inflated trade value going into the draft
    2) Kirk’s development will be stunted yet again when RGIII is ready to take 1st team snaps.

  4. What’s the early line for how long until there are factions and conflicts in the locker room?

    Logical, you can go back to watching your losing Caps, like you promised.

  5. Cousins won’t be traded until his contract ends with him as a RFA…

    Griffin should just heal on his own timeline, we need him for the next 10+ years.

  6. Remember, RG III’s been walking without crutches for two weeks now. That means it was only a couple weeks after his surgery that he stopped using them. Never say never, doubters.

  7. This kid has a great head on his shoulders for sure.

    I agree with freepretzels that Kirk should have came in that playoff game too. Maybe as early as the next possession once the Redskins went up by two TDs. From what I have seen from him, I am pretty certain he could have maintained a lead after being spotted 14 points from Griff.

    RG3 needs to be careful in rehab and do it on his own pace like leafeaterx said, he is a franchise QB and even if he has to give Kirk a few starts to heal… DO IT.

  8. I bet this kid starts at least 8 games. For the Skins to try and bring RG3 back before that is ridiculous. They gave up a lot for RG3 and to rush him back from a SECOND ACL would not be worth.

    My question is, what happens if Cousins is 6-2 as a starter and the offense is rolling. What do the Skins do then?

  9. matthewcarlson1 says:
    Feb 6, 2013 1:42 PM
    We’ll trade you Ponder straight up for Cousins.


    I hate being a Vikings fan and dealing with these idiots. Even when I’m trying to read a story that has nothing to do with the Vikings, these morons go out of their way to bash their 24 year old QB that had the 2nd highest QBR the last 4 games of the season and got them into the playoffs. You don’t have to be a fan, man. Just go root for the Patriots. They are what you want. Or should I say Tom Brady is what you want. Please don’t judge all Vikings fans on the half that hate their team at all costs, yet don’t actually watch the games on Sunday.

  10. and yea did anyone watch the ap awards? griff was walking up steps on his own. granted he’s not ice skating or anything like that. but he looked like he was walking just fine on NFL mobile about ten minutes ago.

  11. RG3 was the reason the Redskins lost that game. Cousins could have won it for them. I could see some interesting stuff going down in Washington in the next couple of years after WAY overpaying for RG3.

  12. bigbluenationdb says: “My question is, what happens if Cousins is 6-2 as a starter and the offense is rolling. What do the Skins do then?”

    Really? If you think Jim Harbaugh replacing Alex Smith with Colin Kaepernick made sense, then putting RG III back in is a complete no-brainer. Simply put, your best quarterback (by far!) is your starter.

  13. I’m just saying don’t doubt RG3, his work ethic and attitude is remarkable, and if anyone other then AP could come back it would be him. He’s already walking perfectly fine, and without crutches, not saying he will be back, just saying dont doubt this guy. But I would feel very comfortable with Cousins playing also, he looked like a very good qb against the Ravens and the Browns, in what were must wins. I can garuntee one thing though, RG3 will be getting down or out of bounds every time he runs now, he won’t try to get more then what’s there. HTTR, next year is going to be an even better season then this past year, hater will hate.

  14. Cousins will have plenty of playing time with the China Doll being as fragile as he is. And since Griffin (china doll) is not capable of winning games with his arm, he has limited longevity as a runner.

    I also loathe China Doll for his conduct in the NFC playoff game – he was selfish and put himself above the team. It would be one thing to do so when there is a quarterback who has never played before, but Cousins has shown he is more than capable given enough time in a game to get his legs under him.

    I actually hope that the China Doll is one and done with his career. Any hope of him ever earning my respect left that playoff game. His teammates should turn their backs on him and let him earn his respect back just like the drug duo of Davis and Williams did through exemplary play.

  15. Wow, Laserw, can you say “Jealous”? And if Cousins starts the first half of the season and goes 6-2. RGIII will still be the starter, but then, the Skins will be able to trade Cousins for a first or a two.

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