Matt Hasselbeck open to renegotiating contract


Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is set to make $5.5 million this season and has a cap number of $7.5 million, which might be more than the Titans are willing to pay for a backup to Jake Locker.

If that’s the case, they may be able to accomplish that goal and keep Hasselbeck, who is entering the third year of a three-year deal, as well. Hasselbeck said Wednesday that he’s open to renegotiating his deal “for sure” if it means he gets to stay with the Titans.

“I would be excited about the opportunity because it would be basically having the opportunity to stay,” Hasselbeck said, via John Glennon of the Tennessean. “But again, there’s so much that goes into those things. But from my perspective, yeah, absolutely.”

The issue of renegotiating is likely appealing to Hasselbeck because it would likely mean at least an additional year would be added to his contract. A pay cut might be a different matter, although it’s not clear that the Titans would be willing pull the plug on Hasselbeck at that price. Locker is established as the starter, but he’ll be coming off of shoulder surgery and the team might feel more secure with Hasselbeck even at his original price.

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  1. Matt could have complained loudly last year, but he didn’t. I like him. He’s still a sound QB, but he recognizes the time of life in which he finds himself. Good QB. Good team player.

  2. He should come back home and finish his career where it started. Even with his recent injury history, #8 would be an immediate upgrade over #6.

  3. As a Seahawks fan, I know that with Matt Hasselbeck you get a very, very good quarterback who is a class act. He is always for the team, is a good man, and is an exceptionally positive force in the locker room. He is not one of the elites but he is much more than just “solid.” Having him as a back-up that can step into a starting role at any time is good business at any price.

  4. Matt is a perfect backup in Tenn. Unlike Mark Brunell for the jets he can still play and push Jake to get better.

    Class act

  5. Its only a matter of time before the Titans realize that Jake Locker is not the guy they thought they drafted. His accuracy is not going to get much better and his decision making is kind of weak. Hasselbeck should just sit on the side and be ready to start again soon. He is a much better QB than Locker.

  6. The Titans better keep Matt around for another year or two–as a bridge to their next young QB prospect.

    Locker has got to be considered a major disappointment so far–especially for those responsible for drafting him so ridiculously high.

    He was a very average passer at Washington, (never all-conference first or second team; not-so-honorable mention twice) and he continues to demonstrate the very same maddening inconsistency as a pro he usually showed in college. He does not see the field well, and his recognition of and reaction to what he thinks he sees are still a problem–just like at UW. He’ll be amazing on one or two plays, and then he’ll be just awful and really dumb on the next series.

    His biggest problem appears to be the overdeveloped muscle between his ears.

    After so much success on the part of so many other first- and second-year NFL QBs recently, the hopes that a few had for Locker to develop into at least a competent NFL starter are looking increasingly dim. 2013 will be the third year of a four-year deal with an option. The question is, who might still be around in 2014 to give a hoot about Locker any longer?

  7. For all the “good teammate” comments he’s getting, the fact that Locker is struggling is due in large part to the fact that Hasslebeck isn’t mentoring him properly/enough.

    By watching Hasslebeck out there when he still plays, he’s still throwing ala Favre, trying to force the deep ball in there, still making questionable decisions…as he was the last few years in Seattle. His body can’t zip the pass in anymore to overcome the dubious decisions to throw in the first place.

    One can ask Seneca Wallace, under him for 4 or 5 years in Seattle, how much Hasslebeck helped him to take the next step, and Locker, clearly with more skills then Wallace is finding out the same thing.

    Hasslebeck had skills and ability in his prime that allowed him to get away with some poor decisions (recall he requsted Holmgren cool down for 3 minutes when he made a mistake instead of yelling at him), but didn’t bother or couldn’t communicate his abilities for his backups watching him.

    He may be a great guy off the field and a nice guy on it, but he’s not the lead by example veteran that the Titans thought he would be to help Locker along, in fact, likely hurting his development.

  8. And one more thing about Matt; he could have really created quite a stink and complained about those cheating officials in his only Super Bowl game, but he didn’t……..a Super Bowl that should have been Seattle’s if not ( and yes, I’ll say it )……those worthless NFL officials who made THE worst calls I’ve EVER seen in a Super Bowl !

  9. I would love it if Hasselbeck were cut and the Hawks could resign him as their backup, He is one of the toughest players out there. Hasselbeck has played through countless injuries and deserves some serious recognition. The ideal backup for the Seattle Seahawks is Matt Hasselbeck.

  10. Wow I wasn’t sure NFL players posted on PFT but now I am…welcome, Seneca Wallace (a/k/a stampnhawk).

    If you followed Seneca at all in Cle, he was far, far from a team player. Your babble makes no sense. Hass is an awesome mentor. Seattle really hit the lottery with him then Wilson.

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