ProFootballTalk: Colts’ success hinders on Luck’s health

Mike Florio says the Colts have felt the effects of losing a franchise QB, and this time around they’ll take the necessary steps to ensure Andrew Luck’s future health. Also, will Dwight Freeney return to Indy in 2013?

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2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Colts’ success hinders on Luck’s health

  1. I don’t think Freeney will be back, and I think it’s a value-for-money reason. It’s not that he’s old, or that the Colts don’t appreciate his contributions, it’s simply because, the fact of the matter is, Freeney showed this season that he has significantly more value as a 4-3 defensive end than a 3-4 outside linebacker, even in a 3-4 scheme where he’s mostly asked to rush the QB. Even if Freeney would be willing to take marginally less money to stay in Indy (which is possible, I don’t know for sure, but Reggie Wayne probably did), odds are the difference will be substantial, because the Colts are highly unlikely to be willing to offer even close to the same kind of money for a guy who’s an average 3-4 OLB that another team is willing to offer for a guy who’s an elite 4-3 DE.

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