“Quest unfulfilled,” York says Niners aim to win Super Bowl next season

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Unlike college football, in which 30 or more teams win a bowl game and lift a trophy and proclaim themselves winners, the NFL has, in the final analysis, one team that is thrilled and 31 that are anything but.

Arguably, the teams that get close to the ultimate prize before losing end up being even less thrilled than their peers.

This year, the team that came in second has vowed to complete the job in 2013.

“The primary goal of our organization is to win Super Bowls, and we came up just short of achieving that Sunday,” 49ers CEO Jed York said in a message to fans.  “The Super Bowl does not just mark the end of a great season, but rather represents the beginning of a bright future for the 49ers and our Faithful fans.  I am very proud of our players, coaches, and staff who worked so hard to bring home a championship this season.  This was a great year that produced a second consecutive NFC West title, a home playoff game win, a league-high 9 Pro Bowl players, and an NFC Championship.  Still, in the end, our quest remains unfulfilled.  We now attack the off-season with a renewed spirit and focus on winning the Super Bowl next season.”

It won’t be easy.  The losing team has made it back to the Super Bowl only six times, and no team that lost the Super Bowl has returned the next year since the Bills lost four straight from 1990 through 1993.

Moreover, only two teams have won the Super Bowl the year after losing it.  The Cowboys beat the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI after losing to the Colts in Super Bowl V, and the Dolphins then beat the Redskins in Super Bowl VII after losing to the Cowboys.

In those days, the the Super Bowl was played in mid-January, and the regular-season consisted of only 14 games.  Now, a team that loses a Super Bowl has seven months to recover and reload and relaunch a 16-game season.

So if the Niners pull it off, the feat will essentially be unprecedented.

We’re not saying they can’t.  We’re just saying that, given Super Bowl history, it would be one hell of an accomplishment.

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  1. It won’t be easy. The losing team has made it back to the Super Bowl only six times, and no team that lost the Super Bowl has returned the next year since the Bills lost four straight from 1990 through 1993.

    Moreover, only two teams have won the Super Bowl the year after losing it.

    I’m confused.

  2. we let one slip away. we’ll win it next year for sure. culliver and lamichael james are rookies and made rookie mistakes. kaepernick made mistakes. all rookie mistakes. they’ll come back with more experience. were going to take the NFL by storm next year. watch out.

  3. It aint going to be easy to get back to the Super Bowl,let alone guarenteed.Rams and Seahawks will be much improved.

  4. Going to the NFC Championship game for 3 years in a row is going to be very hard, let alone making it to the Bowl again. They have played a lot of extra games that teams in their division haven’t played. Hopefully it won’t matter. If any team and staff can do it is these guys. They are only going to get more talented and they are young.

    I know most teams don’t go into the playoffs with all of their starters in September, but for once I’d love to see all of the WRs healthy for the playoffs…at least Manningham and Williams. Moss needs to go and let a young hungry player take his place; any WR can catch 500 yards and 5 TDs, might as well be a fast young one. Oh, and yeah, go on the hunt for a stud corner! Can’t let these dual WR threat teams keep destroying the secondary and munching up yards, even if they pass it 60 times a game.

  5. Atlanta, Green Bay, NY Giants, Seattle and New Orleans will all be strong next year as well. And there’s always an upstart dark horse every year as well. After the free agency and draft cycle it will be wide open. 49er’s have as good of chance as any to succeed or fail. They are going to have to learn that always being the “Come Back” team formula is not a good way to win it all.

  6. Last team to lose a Super Bowl, then win it all the next year was Miami (1971-72 and 1972-73).

    Losing SB teams are much more likely to go into a multi-year funk than they are to win on any timeframe.

    Accordingly, last to win within even five years of a SB loss was Washington (1984/1988).

  7. “Hey….that’s much better than our plan.”

    -Owner of the (Pick one) Jets, Browns, Dolphins, Raiders, Cardinals, Chiefs, Chargers, Panthers…..

  8. You people predicting “Niners won’t win the SB next year” you realize that’s not exactly a bold prediction. It’s Niners vs 31 others, so odds for ANY TEAM to win it aren’t real high. Now, when you proclaimed that the Niners would not return to the playoffs after last year, THAT was a bold prediction and you deserve credit for that. Same goes for calling “One and done,” as well as your predictions vs GB and Atlanta.

  9. If you trace coach Harbaugh’s coaching lineage, you’ll see that his teams have never ever gone backwards – they’ve always gone further than the previous year. It’s quite remarkable and he is, without question the best head coach in the NFL.

    Throw in an owner willing to do whatever it takes, 14 draft picks (most of any team) and a nice dose of key free agents and I don’t see why they couldn’t win it next year.

    And no Seattle, you don’t scare the 49ers. The Seahwals are full of Harbaugh’s castoffs. Do your homework

  10. 31 other teams don’t have the picks or the players the Niners have right now. Watch out NFC West, you are 3 years behind where we are.

  11. Jed York has a model to work from: his uncle Eddie DeBartolo. If he follows his uncle, who won five SBs, then he intends to spend the money to get the best free agents and pay the guys, such as Goldson, the money to stick around. With the cap, it’s going to take some creative accounting. York sounds ready to do it. And many thanks to him for what he has built thus far.

  12. I like Goldson, don’t get me wrong, but spending too much money on him keeps the Niners from solidifying the D-Line and looking for younger corners who don’t blow assignments. Spending money is not the way to a superbowl the same way it was in the 80’s. I trust Baalke and Harbaugh to find the missing pieces through draft, free agency or trade and manage to keep the best linebacking core of all time in play. Build on your strengths and add skill where possible. This franchise is going places.

  13. Perhaps we should just declare the Niners the champs next year and save the time and trouble of playing all those games.

  14. I thought Seattle was winning them all as long as Russell Wilson is the qb….that’s what the Seattle fans keep saying so it’s got to be true right?

  15. We’ll see how well they fare against a revamped and healthy New England.

    Doesn’t look good considering that Brady is not going to go 3-3 in Superbowls. Better try again in 5 years when Brady and Manning are retired.

  16. if he does go back next year, they will be facing the might Andrew Luck’s indianapolis colts in NY in the SB

  17. SF will be a year older. I dont know how they are contract-wise with key players, but it usually only takes one lost, or even disgruntled player to throw a team into a funk.

    Can they do it? They have as good a chance as anyone else. I wouldnt be any more surprised if they won it all or if they missed the playoffs all together.

    A SB loss is historically had to get over. I guess it all depends on how well kaepernick performs when there isnt a qualified guy on the bench behind him. I think Smith being at the ready made Kaepernick more focused. Without that scenario, will Kaepernick keep his edge?

  18. Maybe if Harbaugh Had Some of those “castoffs” he would not have humiliated on national TV in Seattle, and they could’ve stopped the ravens from throwing all over the field on them.

  19. Sorry to disappoint you Seahawks fans: The defenders will get better in containing Wilson. They will not let him get outside and they will jump up with both hands to cover his passing lanes. Unlike Kaepernick, Wilson is too short (even shorter than Drew Brees) to be an effective QB.

  20. No way the niners win it next year The Seahawks will be in New York for the Superbowl….York is delusional.

  21. Rex, if you ever coach a team good enough to make it to the top, this is what you say publicly. Not guarantee a win. Say you’re confident in your team and your goal remains to win the Super Bowl.

  22. Ah, look at all the little fans of teams the Niners are better than come out to spout their little opinions! Yeah the Niners won’t make the playoffs next year. Yeah. Love it.

  23. We will see. Niners and Hawks should have a pair of all out slugfests every year for the foreseeable future just to win NFC West. Popcorn is ready…

  24. The Niners aren’t the only team with an unfulfilled quest. Thirty other teams who didn’t win this year’s Super Bowl feel exactly the same way. And when you consider how long it’s been since the winning team in the Super Bowl made it back to win the game the following year, I’d say the Niners definitely have their work cut out for them. That is one tough mountain to climb.

  25. I am a Giants fan, but my gut says Russell Wilson goes all the way in 2013. Not rooting for him, but if the NYG can’t get there again, I think he is a destiny pick. RG3 needs to change his game…right now RW is the shizzit.

  26. I love how 49er dummy’s think they have cap space. You don’t and you got a high priced free agent safety to sign as well. Enjoy the 14 picks in the draft who don’t play. Lame Micheal James was sitting until Kendall got hurt and will continue again, that 1st round wr you drafted couldn’t crack the lineup on an under achieving recieving core. All those draft picks to sit on the bench and not contribute, get better and/or get cut. Thats the 49er way.

    Give it up, you had the talent and you can’t improve. Justin Smith is declining and Aldon Smith is a nobody.

    Hahaha, you know its true.

  27. supashug says: Feb 6, 2013 8:40 PM

    The World Champion Ravens will be better and younger next year, I would bet on that repeat first
    Younger – yes.
    Better – Not a chance. Ray Lewis is retiring, Kruger will leave for greener pastures, Ed Reed and Anquan Bolden are very likely cap casualties (what are the chances these guys will take a pay cut).

    The Ravens are facing Cap Problems, like the Steelers. In 2013, the AFCN looks like its the Bengals for the taking as they are young and up and coming.

  28. Sorry boys 9ers have minimal holes and all “key guys” locked up. We’ll be right back in the mix next year.

  29. I love how Vegas has the Rams at 150-1 odds of winning the SB. I also love how Niner and Seahawk fans keep talking about beating each other for the division. Fisher showed this year with a lot less talent that he and his staff can clearly compete and beat Harbaugh and Carroll. The Rams will only be getting better, so I hope everyone keeps sleeping on the Rams’ chances.

  30. “York says Niners aim to win Super Bowl next season”

    That’s every team’s goal, there are 31 losers and ONE winner, that’s it.

  31. Whoever reaches next season’s Super Bowl, they better bring a jacket. It’ll be fun watching two “warm-weather” teams battle the elements in New Jersey… West Coast teams may want to sit out Super Bowl 48.

  32. I’m surprised that Atlanta fans did not chime in. After all, they were just a 4th and goal away from going to the Superbowl this year. I have not heard that they are losing anybody important.

  33. Frisco knows they aren’t winning it all next year. They just can’t say or admit it. The blew their chance and will have to wait.

  34. Ugh!.. another stupid whiner claiming some ridiculous feat that won’t happen.

    Niners fans are delirious, they think they are Supermen… Too bad their Kryptonite the Rams are in the same division. Not only that but the Seahawks will 2-0 them next year if Wilson and Lynch stay healthy.

    Whiners be advised your team has been exposed.
    1) Your defense will be worse again next year as it was this year compared to the year before.
    2) CK is one and done.
    3) You coach is a whiney sore loser who complains about every call.
    4) Gore is OLD. LMJ fumbles. Hunter will be injured again.
    5) Cap space problems, some key elements will be gone.
    With these facts, how is it you plan to win it all next year??? Not happening.

    I agree with belgaron, Whiners won’t even win the division.

  35. Wait a minute.

    You mean to tell me that the goal the owner of one of the two best teams in football this year is to win the Super Bowl next year?

    What kind of craziness is that?

  36. Lets not forget that Alex Smith was 8-1 before the injury, so Colin doesn’t have a full season on hits under his belt yet. Just ask RG III what those extra games can feel like. Kaepernik,Wilson and RG III if he starts the season will now have to handle all the adjustments the DC’s of the other teams will throw at them. Lets remember that Marino thought he would return to the Superbowl and never did. Who will backup Colin next year is the biggest question and can Justin Smith who is 32 put up the numbers he did this year? As a Midget football coach my DE would be told to attack the QB on every play while my outside backer would have contain on any RB.

  37. Nice to see so many people doubting. We obviously weren’t supposed to make the playoffs this year, right? Last year was just a fluke. Oh, no we made it because we were lucky. We will totally be one-and-done. Oh, whoops again, we just went to the Supe Bowl. KEEP DOUBTING!!!! #Questforsix

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