Release won’t change Vanden Bosch’s wedding guest list


Kyle Vanden Bosch has been in the NFL long enough to know the business realities.

That’s why he won’t let being released by the Lions affect his personal relationships, or the guest list for his wedding this offseason.

Vanden Bosch told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press he knew what was coming when he was called to general manager Martin Mayhew’s office last week, give his age (34), declining production (3.5 sacks last year) and the Lions’ tight cap situation.

But he said that wouldn’t change the way he feels about the Lions, and that coach Jim Schwartz, defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham and defensive line coaches Kris Kocurek and Jim Washburn will be at his wedding next month.

Asked if that might be awkward, Vanden Bosch said it wouldn’t.

“Not for me,” he said. “I consider them friends, that’s with all of them. And anytime I get an opportunity to attend a Lions game I’ll always be the biggest Lions fan.

“Really, my whole experience just from the players I got to play with and the respect I got from my teammates and from the fans – the fans have been tremendous – and the coaches. . . . Sometimes you work at a place and there’s people you don’t get along with, people you don’t like, but truly the relationships are what I’m going to miss.”

Vanden Bosch was a priority signing for them in 2010, with Schwartz visiting his house at midnight at the start of free agency. But that didn’t overshadow the economic realities this year, as the Lions couldn’t afford a $2 million roster bonus in March or a $5 million base salary.

Vanden Bosch said he wasn’t asked to take a pay cut, and didn’t know if he’d play again or not.

“I don’t feel like I’m fully equipped to make that decision right now,” he said. “But like I said, I’m just going to continue to work and if the right opportunity arises then I’ll consider it.”

Vanden Bosch added some leadership and character to a team that lacked enough of it, and that will be harder to replace than his pass-rush ability.

11 responses to “Release won’t change Vanden Bosch’s wedding guest list

  1. It reads like Vanden Bosch has a firm grasp on reality, particularly reality in the NFL.

    No talking head career for you, son. You’re the kind of guy who might not spew the idiocy that pops up on your little video screen or TelePrompTer.

  2. Whether KVB wants to continue to play in the NFL (neck injuries) or move into coaching, I’m sure he knows that he’d have a shot with the Lions. He’s demonstrated leadership by his actions and dedication to hard work and preparation. However, everyone loses a step eventually and it becomes time for self-evauation.
    KVB has been a great mentor and I’m sure he would be welcomed by the Lions in such a role.

  3. it would be funny if he wore those ridiculously evil looking red contact lenses for his wedding.

    good to hear about a guy acting professional about the business side of the NFL.

  4. Clearly a great guy. Pro athletes like KVB are hard to come by. I’ll never forget sitting sideline at the home opener this past season. Others come off the field and look for somewhere to sit. This guy is always up and if he’s not talking with coaches or linemates, he’s focusing on what’s going on on the field. I’d love to see him back here in any form but I’d be very surprised if someone doesn’t make him a decent offer that prevents it initially. Here’s to you, Kyle.

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