Seven cities lining up to host Super Bowl LII

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Earlier today, we pointed out that Indianapolis hopes to host Super Bowl LII, which will be played in MMXVIII.

But New Orleans and five other cities are believed to be interested in hosting the game, which is great news for the NFL, since greater competition results in greater bids results in greater profits for the NFL.

According to Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the cities believed to be interested in hosting the game include New Orleans, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.

The fact that some combination of San Fran, Miami, and Houston will be hosting the two Super Bowls preceding the 52nd edition necessarily reduces the pool of candidates to five.  Then again, other cities can still get in on the action.

Especially if the open-air game in New Jersey ends up being something other than a disaster.

65 responses to “Seven cities lining up to host Super Bowl LII

  1. Detroit deserves one again!!! People loved it there in 2006. Indy too!

    Dallas should never get the right again Because for such a great stadium and knowing that it had snowed in 49 out of 50 states the previous month They failed to be ready for snowy weather in February 2011. Plus, I never heard a more reporters on the radio complaining about that area than any other Superbowl host.

  2. Superbowl helped bring an economic stimulate package to New Orleans. However, they need to fix their power grid before bidding to host Superbowl again.

  3. I’d imagine there would be some sort of battle between the people of Santa Clara and San Francisco if the host city was San Francisco when the game would actually be I’m Santa Clara.

    Anyway, I hope Minneapolis gets one right away.

  4. An open air game will be great. Football is meant to be played outdoors, if you want games in a dome on artificial turf then go to the Arena Football League.

  5. Since the cold-weather open-air stadium barrier will be broken next year, what’s stopping cities like Boston and Chicago from wanting to host a superbowl?

  6. Game should go to New Orleans. If people thought that the party was big this time, just wait until the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, and the city’s 300th anniversary are converging

  7. New Orleans, Miami, Arizona, Houston, Santa Clara, and LA once it gets a team should be in a rotation to host Super Bowls. Next years Super Bowl will be a freaking disaster and in the words of Bart Scott “can’t wait” to see it happen, and will be the last time a cold weather city will host a Super Bowl.

  8. ColfaxDenver says:
    Feb 6, 2013 7:40 PM
    Denver! If new york gets one then we should. it was 65 degree on super bowl sunday in Denver. Plus we have the infestructure


    Lol, Denver must be INFESTed with idiots. Hopefully Denver knows math and architecture better than grammar or else the city would be falling to pieces.

  9. Teams go through the playoffs braving cold weather and the elements, why should the super bowl be any different?  There are a lot of franchises that deserve to host a super bowl.. Hopefully having it in New Jersey next year will really bust open the door for GB, Den, NE, Pitt, and others. 

    Personally I hope it snows 🙂

  10. bring it back to naptown, indianapolis did a great job of hosting it and everybody that went had a great time and had nothing but praises about indy, and we pay our electric bills too unlike N.O

  11. If the open air Super Bowl works in New Jersey/New York, I would think that a place like Baltimore/Pittsburgh/Cleveland/Cincy/Landover (Wash DC) should be in play. For the most part the weather has been decent (in terms of the North, as decent can be) during the Super Bowl week.

    All are football history rich and have a solid infrastructure that could handle the action and activities.

  12. I do not want to see another Superbowl come back here to Arlington. Too many out of staters crying about everything you can imagine. Stay away and don’t come back.

  13. I’m sure Indianapolis is a fine city, but nothing to do there except see the Pigs and Chickens Poop and stuff yourself at St.Elmo’s Steakhouse. San Diego would be great, but their not going to build a Stadium anytime soon. SF,Glendale,AZ,NO,Miami,Tampa would be the logical places to have the Game rotationally due to Hotels, things to do and the most important thing Weather. Maybe Houston,but not Dallas;LOL!!!!!

  14. New stadium or not, Tampa isnt in consideration for any future games?.. thats absolute BS.. Best case scenario it will be at least 10 years between games; 43-53.. thats garbage, spread the wealth… Jerrah needs the extra money to pay off the stadium debt i suppose.. Miami, N.O., Arz., Tampa, Houston/Dallas, San Diego or LA, and one other rotating city with a new stadium or longtime support should be in the permanent rotation of cities to host a game.. So no place can go more than 8/9 years without a game.. unbelievable that the Tampa Sports authority and the city didnt attempt a bid, but the rumors down here was that Tampa was promised SB 48 or 49 but NFL gave it to NYC and ARZ instead.. one more point, every SB in tampa the weather has been perfect..

  15. Mike Francesa loves the open air game…

    Lets see if he is sitting in the cold watching it…

    Yes football is a game for bad weather.

    But the Superbowl is different. It costs way to much to get a ticket and host it etc. You can’t have the possibility of a disaster…

    Maybe the haltime show will be some of our Winter Olympians performing or they can bring in a bobsled team.

    The owners were stupid to build a 1.5 billion $ stadium without a retractable roof and then ask season ticket holders to pay for a PSL…

    People love the games early in the year. Many would rather stay home then trudge through the Snow and ice to get to a game and then sit through one and then drive home again…

    This could be a big flop…….

    Almost as bad as beyonce and those crappy commercials this year…..

  16. “Lol, Denver must be INFESTed with idiots. Hopefully Denver knows math and architecture better than grammar or else the city would be falling to pieces.”

    Yes, because one person’s inability to write represents a metropolitan area of three million people.

    You’re missing two commas, Mr. English Critic.

  17. Real football is played on the frozen tundra. Snow flying, crazy shirtless drunks everywhere, and half the crowd carrying deer rifles under their orange parkas.

    That’s the kind of Super Bowl I want to see.

  18. LA should get it since the 1st bowl was played here and this being the 50 th super bowl. The only problem is there isn’t a stadium here that the NFL likes. The Rose bowl to me should be considered.

  19. Never in NOLA again. There’s not enough hotels and flights in and out of NOLA. Just ask all Niner and Raven fans that had to stay outside of NOLA and fly out of cities like Houston.

  20. Denver would be a really great place to host a SuperBowl!

    Here’s why, some of the best NFL games are when the elements are involved. This isnt vaction time in Hawaii now, we want to see some real football on grass and outdoors. I want to seem the steam coming out of the players nostrils and the dirt on the jerseys man! Denver still has a really nice stadium and the people would really do both teams justice. It would represent the SuperBowl at a high level and the fans there are all pretty classy.

    Not to mention the views while you are in town are incredible and why not go catch some skiing in the rockies???

    My 2nd choice would be Santa Clara. I’m just tired of seeing the same places get it and dome stadiums are not exciting to most football fans.

  21. “Next years Super Bowl will be a freaking disaster…”

    Says the guy from the “city” that just gave us a 38 minute power delay. AFC & NFC Championship games have been held in cold weather. No “disasters”. The Winter Olympics happen every four years without a “disaster”. The most popular game in the entire NHL schedule happens outdoors. No “disasters”. If you don’t want to watch the Super Bowl in cold weather, fine. Stay home. You won’t be missed and millions of fans would kill for your ticket. There’s NO reason for the Super Bowl NOT to be held in every city that can handle the massive influx of people. Corporate fat cats and sportwriters who view the Super Bowl as their tax write off or paid tropical vacation can give up their seats to real fans. Fools like yourself who know nothing of the history of football forget that “the greatest game ever played”, the Championship game where the Colts beat the Giants in overtime and launched the NFL we know today was played at the end of December in Yankee Stadium.

    Steve Sabol said it best, “Champions don’t need palm trees, clear skies and balmy temperatures to prove that they are champions. A game that many call the greatest ever played was played on a cold night in the Bronx.”

  22. Minneapolis so the Packers can show Minnesota how to win a title right on their own field. Being a Minnesota fan is embarrassing enough. That would make it downright unbearable.

  23. There’s NOTHING to do in Santa Clara. SF is a good 45 minutes away with minimal traffic. San Jose? Please.

  24. I still don’t understand why those idiots (mainly Lurie) in Philly didn’t go dome. Isn’t there something convoluted about stadiums in the south being domed while the stadiums up north are open air? Am I the only one that thinks this is crazy? Logic aside, common sense alone dictates a covered stadium would put a northern city among perennial front runners to host a Super Bowl.

  25. as I see it right now, the jury is going to be in recess for the NY/NJ super bowl at MetLife Stadium and any other outdoor facility in a cold weather climate until we see what happens.

    we cannot stop major cold fronts and snow storms from blowing into town, and if by chance a major noreasterner hits the week of super bowl in 2014 and ruins the nfl showcase week, then cities like Denver, Kansas City, Boston, Cleveland, Washington DC and Seattle can forget about every hosting a super bowl….

    remember how that snow storm ruined the DFW metroplex in 2011, and while people may be used to snow, its the travel arrangements, the entertainment and the complex schedule that gets ruined. In addition, the nfl has said they will not have any halftime entertainment due to the cold, but are rethinking that now…yeah, good luck trying to get an act to play in subfreezing temps outdoors in February.

    the nfl has told Miami, Atlanta, San Diego and Tampa unless they make major changes to their stadiums, and/or build new ones, they will not see any super bowls in the future. I think Detroit, Indianapolis, and the new Vikings stadium should be in the mix in the future for cold weather sites because they have domed stadiums.

    Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, the new Santa Clara stadium, should all be in a permanent rotation and if Miami, San Diego and Tampa make stadium improvements, they should be in the mix also.

  26. I think Denver would be a great site too, but it’s not because of the elements — because there rarely are any. Like others have said, the weather was nicer here than it was in New Orleans on February 3rd, and it was certainly nicer here than it was in New Jersey. When you see it get down to 42 degrees when it’s dark, please know that dry-cold is probably perceived 20 degrees warmer than anywhere near a body of water.

    Train pulls right up to the stadium right near downtown, dozens of major hotels nearby, and there is plenty of nightlife to sustain the party all week. No one will quite compete with New Orleans and Miami on that level, but Denver has every other Super Bowl site in recent years beat, surely.

    Dome football is a travesty. The sooner we move to sites like the new Santa Clara stadium and Mile High the better.

  27. Dallas! It wasn’t fair to blame Jerry Jones for the weather,it hardly ever snows here so we don’t have that many sand trucks. The seats were an issues but Jerry Jones won’t touch that hot stove again! Best stadium in the NFL and the only metroplex in the country to have one!

  28. Houston is a great city for the Super Bowl, we love football and are a blue collar city, unlike our prissy neighbors to the North in Arlington.

    Personally, I think the Super Bowl should be played in Hawaii every year as a reward to the players and fans, and the Pro Bowl should rotate between all 32 cities and Los Angeles.

  29. Why doesn’t Arizona get in on this? They have an amazing stadium that didn’t come cheap. At least give your city the opportunity for some happiness.

  30. Can you see this under the NFL Shield?: Super Bowl LII New Orleans CCC. It’s Roman Numeral heaven. It’s meant to be!

  31. Imagine if the Super Bowl is played in New Jersey next year with a storm bearing down on the metro area like the one forecast for the next few days.
    Imagine …all the ticked off millionaires. I hope they enjoy sitting in the cold watching teams trying to survive, much less try to achieve the highest goal in the NFL.
    Cold weather domes are ok. Outside in February…they don’t even do very often with hockey.
    The Emperor’s New Clothes….

  32. Minneapolis will get it. The new stadium will be ready by then, and the NFL has a pretty clear record of rewarding new stadiums with a Super Bowl.

  33. I say no to Houston again… The 03′ Pats-Panthers game was there and the travel around the city was terrible. Everything was a 45-60 minute loop around one of two highways. It should basically rotate through SD, Miami, and NO.

    Also someone mentioned people flying in and out of Houston for this Superbowl in NO… guess what… same thing happened in 03, people were flying in and out of NO and driving to Houston.

  34. I get the snow thing but I also don’t get the snow thing. They play plenty of AFC and NFC playoff games in New England, Green Bay, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, etc..
    So its fine to play outdoors in divisional and conference title games but completely unacceptable to play a Super Bowl outdoors?
    One other note; there’s more to do in NYC than all seven of those cities combined. Just bring a coat.

  35. Is anyone else sick of the New Orleans talk already? Been there, done that. Step aside and spread the wealth around.

    I agree that Minneapolis will probably get it due to the new stadium..

  36. “Detroit deserves one again!!! People loved it there in 2006. ”

    Which “people”? Seriously, name one.

  37. “Why doesn’t Arizona get in on this? They have an amazing stadium that didn’t come cheap. At least give your city the opportunity for some happiness.”


    The Super Bowl is going to be in Arizona in two years. 2015 Super Bowl. This bid is a ways down the road, in 2018 or so.

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