Team-by-team cap adjustments for 2013

[Editor’s note:  The 2011 labor deal allows teams to carry over unused salary-cap space.  Or to not carry it over.  Listed below is the cap adjustment that is available to each team.  Unless otherwise noted, the entire amount comes from cap money that can be carried over.  The Cowboys and Redskins have net cap reductions based on $5 million and $18 million in cap penalties, respectively, for the 2013 league year.  These numbers do not reflect availavle cap space but the amount of extra (or for the Cowboys and Redskins reduced) cap space over (or below) the unadjusted cap number, which is expected to be in the vicinity of $121 million per team.]

Eagles:  $23.0 million.

Jaguars:  $21.1 million ($19.5 million carryover).

Browns:  $14.3 million.

Broncos:  $14.1 million ($11.5 million carryover).

Chiefs:  $14.0 million.

Seahawks:  $13.2 million.

Titans:  $12.8 million.

Bengals:  $10.2 million ($8.5 million carryover).

Buccaneers:  $10.1 million ($8.5 million carryover).

Bills:  $9.8 million.

Vikings:  $9.6 million ($8 million carryover).

Packers:  $7.0 million.

Patriots:  $5.6 million.

Dolphins:  $5.3 million.

Raiders:  $4.5 million.

Panthers:  $3.6 million.

Cardinals:  $3.6 million.

Colts:  $3.5 million.

Jets:  $3.4 million.

Bears:  $3.2 million.

Saints:  $2.7 million.

Texans:  $2.4 million.

Steelers:  $1.4 million ($758,000 carryover).

Falcons:  $1.3 million ($300,000 carryover).

Ravens:  $1.1 million.

Giants:  $1 million.

Chargers:  $995,000.

49ers:  $859,000.

Lions:  $466,000.

Rams:  $247,000.

Cowboys:  minus-$2.67 million ($2.33 million carryover).

Redskins:  minus-$13.8 million ($4.27 million carryover).

20 responses to “Team-by-team cap adjustments for 2013

  1. Love RG3 but this list is just another reason why Skip Bayless is a moron listing them ahead of every team in the NFC other than the 49ers going into next season.

  2. So what you’re saying is that Ryan Clady’s new contract or franchise tender will take up 2012 cap space instead of 2013 cap space? I like that!

  3. no Kenny john Mara is the cheater….only saints,boys,and skins abided by the “no cap rules” something that Mara smugly admitted too…its all good tho all things come full circle.

  4. guys this isnt cap space money but carry over money. this isnt how much the team has this year over or under the cap. this is left over money from last years salary. in other words last years cap space of 121 million, the eagles were 23 million under so they can if they chose to bring that 23 million they were under last year over to this years cap making there actual cap space 121+23=144 million.

    redskins got illegally docked 18 mill and cowboys 5 mill, so after they carry over their left over cap money from last year the penalty is 2.67 for boys, and 13.8 for redskins to be subtracted from this years cap space of 121 mill. the redskins are currently over the cap by just under 5 million. they arent 13.8 over the cap as some of you are thinking.

  5. Broncos and Seahawks at the top of the list are another reason both of those teams should be good for a few years.

    Those other teams above and around them have a few glaring holes (at least) that need immediate help and will tie up a lot of that space, potentially.

    Seattle and Denver however just require a bit more depth and minor upgrades at various spots to be even better then the good seasons they had last year.

    Add in the Seahawks maybe shedding Flynn’s cap hit, and Schneider will have a lot of dough to play with.

    I am betting the Broncos are exploring the idea to convert some of that cap space into some sort of covered and warmed stadium for Manning for next year’s playoffs.

  6. Every team should carry over the extra money.
    The Giants have 1 million – put in the paperwork to carry the $$$ & if you use it great, if not – at least you have the OPTION of using that money.

  7. lennydpocketqb:

    The Skins and Cowboys did not get hit by Mara for “cheating”. They were docked by Mara for refusing to participate in a scheme by the rest of the owners to violate federal anti-trust laws.


    Please open your mind and consider not buying into the ignorant media narrative. RG3 was not injured because of the read option. During the Baltimore game he dropped back in shotgun formation (not pistol, not running the read option) and then not finding a receiver open took off running just as Rodgers does every game. He had the opportunity to run out of bounds but made a mistake and stayed in bounds and was hit by Ngata. In the Seattle playoff game, his knee merely buckled while not getting hit right after throwing for the second TD while running a traditional offensive formation to make the game 14-0.

  8. Dallas fan here.

    Nothing quite like sucking AND having no cap space.

    Thanks Jerry. Nice work.

    I guess that’s the fault of everyone you just fired.

    Keep at it. You’re the man for the job.

  9. The one and only thing I like about Howie Roseman, perfectly illustrated here. It’s insane the Eagles have that much cap space after all the free agent signings the last couple years. Cutting Bell just saved them several million more, too.

  10. My beloved Bengals can be 80 million over the cap with no other team with cap space and somehow the Patriots will get front line free agents willing to play for $7 an hour than play for Mike Brown.

  11. But if the Redskins (who to my knowledge are still fighting the ridiculous penalty for not participating in collusion) win that appeal they’ll get 36 mill right back. Hmm, that would make this team very dangerous. I still don’t understand how the NFLPA could allow the NFL to fine the Redskins when they were helping players, really tells you how great the PA is. And how a judge didn’t find this as collusion, really? There’s no cap but they made cap violations, how does that make sense. Really has to irritate Mara that the Redskins won the NFC east anyway. Sure Snyder took a nice laugh to that.

  12. How this stuff works?? I mean if the Eagles don’t use it in 2013 and they eventually save other 5M of this year 121M salary cap they will have 28M of carry over in 2014??

  13. I think teams should be “forced” to carry over their unused cap money and add that to the next years total and that teams should have to spend at least 90% of their available money, cap for the year and carry-over.

    It is sad, that some franchises are total cheap-skates.

  14. >>> Jaguars: $21.1 million ($19.5 million carryover).<<<

    Soooo … this 19.5mil figure in parentheses is the unused cap amount from 2012 (last season) they could bring forward in addition to 1.6mil still left unused & can be carried over once again from 2011? or vise versa?

    VERY confusing presentation …

  15. Mara, Kraft and Rooney run this league. This is a fact.

    Their teams always benefit, on and off the field.

    Goodell is just a really expensive puppet.

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