Titans remain expected to keep Chris Johnson

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Titans running back Chris Johnson stirred up some intrigue on Tuesday by suggesting on Twitter that he doesn’t know whether the team will keep him beyond February 9, which would transform $9 million of his $10 million base salary into a fully guaranteed payment.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Titans have done nothing to suggest that Johnson will be released.

The best evidence?  The Titans have not even approached Johnson about a potential pay cut, which presumably would happen before the Titans simply cut him loose.

So if it happens, it will be a shock to everyone.  Including Johnson, despite the dramatic Twitter message from Tuesday night.

17 responses to “Titans remain expected to keep Chris Johnson

  1. I’ve read the headline 3 times and can’t figure out what “Titans remain expected” means.

  2. Sorry, but only AD is worth that kind of cash. At this point, I would also out Ray Rice and Arian Foster ahead of Chris Johnson in terms of guys I would rather have in terms of both talent and overall team attitude. CJ2K was good when he was a 1/4 step faster than everybody else, but a lot of hits and a few years later he is slightly above average at best.

  3. This is getting ridiculous. I’m sure the Eagles were thinking about cutting Lesean Mccoy too. I mean, the Eagles were bad and so was he this year (certainly worse than Chris Johnson). Must be him right? Could use his 9 mil of cap space a year elsewhere too. Does anyone else see how stupid this sounds?

    Of course the Titans are going to keep their best playmaker! Stop with these articles!

  4. He’s a great player when he has something to prove or a paycheck to earn. He’s proven many times that once there’s money to be made he’s a truly great running back, and once he’s been paid he’s average at best.

    Great idea for a new website… a sports website that breaks down performance for athletes in all sports before and after cashing in on big paydays. That would be something to see.

  5. I think they should let him go. Its hard to justify paying these running backs ten million a year anymore when you have rookies and undrafted guys having so much success. They should cut him and go after a guy like chris ivory who will run harder for a lot less money.

  6. @crownofthehelmet

    This confused me too.

    At some point in time, the Titans were expected to keep Chris Johnson. Then, something happened on Twitter, but despite that, the Titans are still (and thus, remain) expected to keep Chris Johnson.

  7. People that don’t know the situation love to dog on CJ. It’s easy to look at his new big contract, look at his stats, and assume the worst of him. Yeah, he had a rough start, but he managed 1,200 yards behind, not only a horrible o-line in the first place, but one that couldn’t stay healthy. He was running behind glorified practice squad guys.
    Fix the o-line, and get him back to more outside plays.

  8. CJ1K is not going to lead Tennessee out of the wilderness or carry them to a winning record. So I don’t see why you spend $9-10M on him. Granted their offensive line is terrible and their passing attack doesn’t attack anything but it just doesn’t make sense. They can’t put any pieces around him to make this all work. I say just go for an Eddie Lacy or a Giovani Bernard in the 2nd round and save millions. And then try to put a contender together.

  9. For better or for worse, he is the best player on their team, they would be stupid to just release him.

  10. He is going to get cut because the player/agent is always the last to know. His production last season was not worth the $.
    It is what is was.
    They are going to cut their losses.
    Bud Adams will not pony up for this.

  11. RBs are cheap right now for some reason. NY just cut a 1200 yrd per season rusher without blinking.

    They may not have wanted all the hoopla in going to CJ and asking him to take a pay cut – I mean can his attitude get worse?

    I say they cut him.

  12. People do realize the Ravens won the Super Bowl paying a RB 9 mil a year right?

    People talk about RBs like they are punters these days. It’s still one of the most important positions on offense. You don’t think the Falcons, Packers, and Giants wish they could have gotten more out of the run game this year? Running the football will never go away. It’s half the game.

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