Ahmad Bradshaw considers “door open” for return


Ahmad Bradshaw was shown the door yesterday, but the Giants left it cracked open a bit.

Bradshaw said on WFAN that the team told him they “had to move on,” but he also mentioned “future opportunities” with the team.

As tough and productive as Bradshaw has been, he’s also coming off a foot injury which required another surgery, but he seemed to be holding out hope.

“Like I said, it was mentioned,” Bradshaw told host Mike Francesa. “[There’s] always a door open on my side.”

If so, it would be a Monty Hall deal, where what’s behind Door Number Two is far less than the $4.25 million he was scheduled to make.

Bradshaw’s only 26, and while he might not practice much, he has produced on the field, and he’ll likely have options beyond walking back to the Giants with his hat in his hand.

13 responses to “Ahmad Bradshaw considers “door open” for return

  1. There is really not much I can say to downplay what he did as a member of the New York Giants. He was a tremendous asset from the second they drafted him in the seventh round.

    It’s not going to be mentioned as one of the best value picks in the history of the NFL, but, I’d argue that it’s sure one of the most rewarding.

    Coming out of Marshall, the only negative was his ‘attitude’ but the only attitude I ever saw from Ahmad Bradshaw was his fiery temper. He hated losing and when things weren’t going right, he wanted to make a difference.

    I loved when him and Tom Coughlin went at each other, albeit Bradshaw went at TC but it still showed how much heart he had. He will be missed and I hope he can really get back to full-strength because he will give a team the boost they need and leadership.

  2. If history has taught us anything about true RB warriors, injuries can be overcome. He will be back, count on it. Maybe not in Big Blue, but he will suit up for someone. Good luck AB, G Nation will always have your back.

  3. Welcome to Green Bay – land of mediocre running backs. Don’t mind the roster, you’ll start immediately.

  4. 26 years old, 1,300 combined yards in 14 games, and not worth $4.5M?

    If you needed further evidence that teams simply don’t believe in investing big money in running backs anymore, there you have it.

  5. Yep, the Packers make a ton of sense. He’d start instantly and would be effective in their offense. Plus, even though he’s been injured a lot, he isn’t as worn out carry-wise as a lot of other backs in their late 20’s. Green Bay could easily get 2-3 effective seasons out of him.

  6. Jerrah needs to get on the phone Now. We need someone like him to spell the injury prone Murray. With both of them we’ll have 2 really good backs to keep Romo in a position to not have to throw the ball to other teams so much. A good, consistant, running game will help eat up the clock and keep defenses wary of the run. Bye Felix sorry but this guy has more upside.

  7. I was intrigued by the thought of him playing with the other Manning brother in Denver. McGahee is getting old and Moreno hasn’t been a stud in his time there. Also, with Miami letting Reggie walk, they’re another possibility.

  8. I highly doubt Bradshaw would be back with the Giants. He can absolutely still go make a few million elsewhere. It just certainly does not make any sense for the Giants to invest a 1st round pick in a RB, and then pay another one with chronic foot problems 4 million dollars. He’ll play hard for someone else now.

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