Cam Newton helps Auburn basketball team to win


When Cam Newton’s in the house, Auburn just doesn’t lose to Alabama.

His quarterbacking the Tigers to a comeback win over the in-state rivals helped him win a Heisman Trophy and a national championship in 2010, and last night, his people skills helped the basketball team.

The Panthers quarterback took to the student section to fire up the crowd, in what was said to be a factor in Auburn snapping a six-game losing streak with a 49-37 win over the Crimson Tide.

Considering there are SEC football games with bigger scores, it’s hard to know how much to value it, but the Auburn players apparently noticed Newton and the student section whooping it up.

“I hate to admit it, but I was paying attention to the student section, and I saw him out there leading cheers,” Auburn forward Allen Payne said, via’s Joel Erickson. “I just heard the crowd, and it pumped me up. That’s great he was leading them on.

You can watch the video here, and it’s clear Newton’s having as much fun as those around him.

Newton’s back on campus this spring working on his sociology degree, and apparently inspiring his basketball brethren.

Maybe he can fire up the Panthers this fall, and help them improve on a 13-19 record during his time.

16 responses to “Cam Newton helps Auburn basketball team to win

  1. I’m sure there will be some people that have a problem with him not spending every second of the offseason improving his football game. After all, Cam is not immune to criticism like Rob Gronkowski.

  2. It says a lot about this man’s character that he is going back to finish his degree. I wish him well.

  3. Yes the inability for the Tide to shoot the ball (all season) and drive the paint (all season) weren’t the deciding factors in the game.

    It was Cam in the crowd.

    Give me a break.

  4. Good for him supporting his alma mater. The haters always hate, so I’d like to see how they do it on this story, but since a bunch of people “thumbed down” people giving RIP’s when Dalaney Walker’s aunt and uncle were killed then sadly anything is possible.

  5. I hope he has a great bounce-back year, because he was amazing as a rookie, & is one of those guys who make football more fun to watch.

  6. I have not been a particular fan of Cam Newton, but I admire him for finishing his degree and for showing genuine enthusiasm for his school in a sport other than his own. I doubt he showed up as a publicity stunt (like celebrity “fans” at Lakers’ games).

  7. Good for Cam on going back and getting his degree. Always good to have a fallback plan should anything happen to his football career. Especially with that little kid that’s loosening up his arm, Cam’s gotta be worried he’ll be out of a job soon.

  8. ok, so the panthers were that great he can now help auburn win with his awesomeness….should be working on his cry baby attitude and watching game film…

  9. There were almost as many points scored in the Super Bowl, and more points scored in the Pro Bowl.

    Is SEC basketball returning to its pre-1970s character–Kentucky takes it seriously, everyone else is killing time until spring football?

  10. he should be worried about making the panthers a winning team, the rookies that came out this past draft, has about as many wins in one season as Cam has in his 2 seasons as the #1 pick by the panthers

  11. thumbs down for saying cam should be more concerned with helping the panthers win instead of auburn…f*** logic

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