Cap carryover figures are final for 2013

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Last year, teams had until February 28 to decide whether to carry over unused salary cap space.  This year, the deadline came two months early.

Per a source with knowledge of the schedule, teams had until December 29 to decide whether to shift remaining cap space to 2013.  Thus, the numbers we posted last night reflect not the available carryover but the actual amounts that were carried over.

Ross Tucker has tweeted that the full amounts were carried over by every team.  Last year, multiple teams opted to abandon unused 2011 cap space.

Of course, having the extra cap space and using it are two different things.  If the Eagles, for example, opt not to spend their extra $23 million, they can carry that amount over to 2014 — and beyond.

But what about the minimum spending requirement that kicks in this year, you ask?  That applies only to the unadjusted cap, which is expected to be roughly $121 million per team.  The Eagles and no other team have any obligation to spend more than 89 percent (on a three-year rolling avergage) of the unadjusted cap.

10 responses to “Cap carryover figures are final for 2013

  1. Congrats to the Eagles for winning the salary cap bowl again. Maybe one day that will equate to a super bowl win.

  2. Gotta give the eagles capital guru credit. It seems like they have signed the most FA over the past few years and still have the most carryover.

  3. Mmmm, not for nothing, but maybe the Iggles should spend more than $50 bucks putting together an offensive line.

    They overpay all over the field, yet go cheap on their OL, and that doesn’t appear to be working.

  4. The players got rolled big time on the CBA. The cap got rolled back, it takes years to begin growing again, and even then teams only have to spend 89 percent of the cap … on a three-year rolling average.

    The players may as well have been represented by Jerry Jones.

  5. The eagles didnt go cheap on their line. They had some big injuries to the highest paid lineman and the guy they spent the money on to replace them demtress bell just sucked. They just need to evaluate o lineman in the draft better.

  6. Its funny how just a few months ago Florio and some of the other writers on this site were saying the eagles would have cap trouble next yr. We laughed then and are laughing even harder now. The only problem the eagles have now is spending the money wisely and with a non football guy like baby Howie things can get ridiculous

  7. Is there some deadline where if they dont use the excess cap then its null and void? I dont mean this year as a date, I mean X number of years?

    This system where the cap just continually carries over is not something Im personally a fan of. For one, it can give a clear advantage to certain teams. For two, it can allow the cheaper teams to just pocket the extra cash.

    Just my two cents.

  8. The funny part is that the Eagles will have more than 23mil after cutting some of the dead weight on the team. They could easily have over 40mil just by cutting Vick and Asomugha. With the 4th pick in the draft and all that cash, it will be real interesting to see what Chip Kelley can do to turn this team around. He definitely picked the right team to rebuild, he has a lot of resources to do it with between draft picks and cash to spend.

  9. The Eagles have extra cash because those huge contracts arent due in full yet. That money is imaginary. They might have it now, but maybe they cant spend it because it is owed down the road. So, they might have to carry that money over to pay off a contract or contracts later. So, it likely isnt money they have just laying around. It might be accounted for in the future.

    Anyway, dont get too exited about some extra cap space on an NFL football team. Odds are that money is spent already and teams wont be able to use it to get “Player A” on the roster.

  10. How would you Eagles fans have reacted if you were told last year that you’d go 4-12 in 2012 so that you could carry over 23m to 2013? By the way, I don’t think that cutting Vick will increase the cap room available. It seems to me that his big contract will decrease it instead. Good time to do it though. I think that Dennis Dixon is a better choice at QB.

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