Chip Kelly brings Alabama’s offensive line coach to Philadelphia


New Eagles coach Chip Kelly has reached into the college ranks to hire his offensive line coach, and it’s a coach who comes from a very different system than the one Kelly ran at Oregon.

Jeff Stoutland, who was the offensive line coach for Nick Saban at Alabama the last two seasons, has been hired as the Eagles’ offensive line coach, reports.

Like Kelly, Stoutland has no NFL experience at all. But Stoutland ran an offensive line that did a phenomenal job in a pro-style offense as the Crimson Tide won the national championship in both of his seasons with the team.

Three Alabama offensive linemen — guard Chance Warmack, tackle D.J. Fluker and center Barrett Jones — are among the best prospects at their respective positions in April’s NFL draft. It will be interesting to see whether the Eagles draft any of them. Warmack is such an elite prospect that he could be a candidate to go to the Eagles in the first round with the fourth overall pick, while Fluker and Jones could both be second-day targets for the Eagles.

Prior to coaching at Alabama, Stoutland had stints as an assistant at Syracuse, Southern Connecticut, Cornell, Michigan State and Miami, and he was also the interim head coach at Miami for one game.

13 responses to “Chip Kelly brings Alabama’s offensive line coach to Philadelphia

  1. People need to stop saying Warmack is a candidate to go in the top 10.

    It has nothing to do with his play. He’s as dominant a Guard as I’ve ever seen. But – he’s a GUARD.

    There have been 6 Guards drafted in the 1st round in the last decade. The highest of those picked was at 17. That’s because the impact difference between an ‘average’ Guard and an ‘elite’ guard is not as big as it is for Tackles, Centers, DBs, QBs, or any other position that isn’t on Special Teams.

    That doesn’t mean it’s impossible Warmack could be taken top 10 – just incredibly unlikely. He’s even more unlikely to be taken in the top 5. NFL GMs in recent history simply don’t value Guards as high as other positions.

    Michael David Smith: Re-read your own comment. “People need to stop saying Warmack is a candidate to go in the top 10.” [three paragraphs later] “That doesn’t mean it’s impossible Warmack could be taken top 10.” So it is possible, as you said yourself.

  2. I like this move. The guy already knows how to coach top tier talent and Philly’s O-line needs to start dominating if we are truely moving to a run first style offence.

  3. I don’t know much about Chip Kelly’s hires ,

    but . . I do KNOW,
    they are better than last years coaches.

  4. Im starting to like the hires Chip Kelly is making for his staff, they may not be the most recognizable names but they all seem like solid hires.

  5. Some nice staff hires, Mr. Kelly……although the coordinators have us all puzzled a tad.

  6. Warmack SHOULD be drafted in the top 10. The only reason that guards were never taken this high was because it cost too much for the risk. With the new CBA you can take a lower salary risk on a guard if he is that good. Oh, and Warmack is that good! #GoBrowns

  7. Next Hires:
    Dennis Dixon at qb
    Trade for LaMicheal James
    Notre Dame Def. Coordinator
    Oregon Duck mascot to do push ups….

    The Eagles are going back to college baby!

  8. I was actually coached by this guy when I went to a summer football camp at Michigan State when I was in high school. wow. It’s exciting to know you’ve gotten some NFL caliber coaching. He is very good. He should adapt well. Definitely a players coach.

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