Chris Johnson, Mike Munchak have “great” conversation


Two days ago, Titans running back Chris Johnson created a stir on Twitter by suggesting that he doesn’t know whether he’ll be with the team in 2013.  Given that $9 million of his $10 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed if he’s on the roster on February 9, speculation renewed that he could be cut.

We later reported that there are no indications the Titans plan to release Johnson, and Johnson has now authored a new tweet that sends the same message.

“Had a great 30min convo with coach munchak and we both look forward to making that next step,” Johnson said.

Per a source with knowledge of the exchange, there was no mention of Johnson’s contract and the conversation is being interpreted as a clear sign that the Titans will keep him.

Which of course means if they cut him we’ll be surprised even though after Manti Te’o we should never be surprised by anything ever again.

10 responses to “Chris Johnson, Mike Munchak have “great” conversation

  1. Did the ‘great conversation’ include Munchak offering to write Johnson a letter of recommendation and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors?

  2. Why don’t we use that 9 million to upgrade the O-line that CJ was blaming his lack of production on?

  3. It would have been stupid to cut him, no one pays attention to the fact that his production dropped rapidly once Chris Palmer became o-coordinator and kevin mawae was gone. we literally zone blocked every play and playcalling was terribly predictable

  4. It’s funny how everyone hates on cj , I understand he isn’t the smartest guy out there or even remotely close but how can people continue to knock the guy who has put up 1000 yards every year since he’s been in the nfl , including a 2000 yard season.. I admit I’m a homer and a die hard titans fan but I notice talent when I see it and he easily top 5 rb in the league. I can admit his production has gone down since his 2000 yard season but theres never been a rb in history who had a better season the next year after there 2000 yd seaaon. So glad the titans kept him and it’s a step in the right direction. Just think how bad the titans would be without Johnson. The only game try would have won last year would have been the lions game , and the jags game due to special teams.

  5. CJ: hey coach, i got me mine
    MM: yeah, now we need you to start producing
    CJ: wat….dat wuz $ to make up for when i wuz underpaid, u want me to produce u gotta pay me some mor money cuz i’m better than that A.Peterson dude.

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