LaRon Landry laments lack of throws from Tebow

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Add safety LaRon Landry to the list of players least likely to return to the Jets.  Apart from the fact that he’s becoming a free agent in March and has said there will be no hometown discount for the team he called home for only one season, Landry has publicly questioned the team’s Tebow strategy in 2012.

“It got to the point where Tim’s going into the game, it’s going to be a power,” Landry said Wednesday on ESPN, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News.  “I would have loved to see him throw the ball a little more.”

Landry said he thought that Tebow would be more involved, and that there was a sense of uncertainty among the players regarding the quarterback situation.  “Certain days I went into the office thinking, who’s going to be up?” Landry said.  “Which quarterback is going to be up?”

Still, Landry said he “most definitely” would like to be back with the Jets.  Given the team’s cap space (or lack thereof) in 2013, that’s almost definitely not happening.

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  1. I despise Laron Landry, and that’s only because I am a New York Giants fan. With that said, I would love to have him roaming the safety spot and laying the pipe on opponents while wearing Giant blue.

    I know it won’t happen, but I can dream. Landry will make a great addition if he isn’t asked to cover as much, he’s the type of player that needs to be in the box or running downhill more often than not.

    For his comments about Tim Tebow, I respect that. Whether you like or dislike Tebow, you have to say what the New York Jets did to him was just outrageous and a waste. Players like Tebow because of his competitiveness and fire, he has the ability to motivate by doing and saying.

    I do not foresee Landry returning, he may follow his defensive coordinator to Buffalo but that’s just a guess obviously.

  2. Sometimes the players are right….some of these coordinators are flat out horrible and everyone on both teams know what is coming…
    but those same loust coordinators seem to get recycled and show up somewhere else.
    WAY too much “overcoaching” in the NFL from assistants who never played the game, are coaches sons, or look like they are 25 and never could have made thier own HS team.

    Need to “let players play” a bit more.

  3. Hey LaRon, come to Detroit and show this disgraceful defense how to hit! Dirty 30 is waiting for you!

  4. Buyer Beware. If the league starts testing blood.

    Contrary to what he says, Landry didn’t get that big on meat & potatos.

  5. Hometown discounts seem more common in baseball where they know they will get the entire value of the contract. In football it is usually all about getting as much as you can because you never know when your time will be up.

  6. LaRon Landry was born and went to school through college in Louisiana. He played in New York for one year. I’m not sure how exactly the Jets would even think he’d offer them a “hometown discount.”

    Actually, “hometown discount” is a term we should probably just retire from the sports lexicon. It has, obviously, been molded to refer to players staying with their current team rather than players actually staying in their hometown. But it’s silly. It’s a negotiating term teams use to try and pay less.

  7. “Add safety LaRon Landry to the list of players least likely to return to the Jets…Landry has publicly questioned the team’s Tebow strategy in 2012.”

    Oh my! He questioned the team stategy. Call the squad cars!

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