Lions deemed Young had no trade value, didn’t bother trying

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If anything was clear from the Lions’ press conference today, it was how much rope they gave disgruntled-and-now-former wide receiver Titus Young, and how they then reached the end of their own rope with him.

General manager Martin Mayhew said he didn’t even bother to try to trade the former second-rounder.

He didn’t really have any trade value,” Mayhew said, via Anwar Richardson of “I didn’t talk to anybody. I didn’t call 32 GMs and try to get a seventh, or anything like that. I think it’s my job to know sort of what his value is, and he didn’t have any trade value.

Young was claimed off waivers by the receiver-needy Rams, but coach Jim Schwartz said the organization gave plenty of chances to a guy who sucker-punched a teammate and deliberately lined up incorrectly because he didn’t think enough passes were going his way

“We obviously went through a lot,” Schwartz said. “We had our incident last spring (punching Louis Delmas). We took quite a few steps there. He came back onto the team and was fairly productive and wasn’t a distraction.

“We had a couple of other incidents and kept him away again, and came back, and we still had other incidents, and at that point, it was done. We certainly exhausted all of our resources in trying to keep him productive and keep him in a team mood, but it wasn’t successful.”

Clearly, there were no regrets, other than wasting a pick on Young.

“I think it was an accumulation of a lot of things,” Schwartz said. “The thing we have to always keep in mind is what’s best for the team as we move forward, and just like making decisions with [cutting Stephen] Peterman and Kyle Vanden Bosch, we also had to make a decision here that was best for the team.

“You can be at peace with decisions with that as long as you recognize that you’re making the decision for what’s best for the team. In that case, that’s what we did.”

It’s hard to imagine things turning out much differently in St. Louis, but the Lions also recognized the problem wasn’t going to fix itself, so they took action this time rather than letting the character problems continue to accumulate.

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  1. Hearing that he had no trade value would be a wake up call–if he has the right kind of pride. Maybe it’ll get his attention because he has yet to demonstrate that he views his behavior as his problem.

    The Lions coming out and being direct about the situation may seem a bit cold but it really it an act of mercy for Young.

  2. This guy’s IQ must be inferior to his age, I mean come on… He could’ve been a very good 2nd wide receiver for the lions and could’ve made alot of money. But now he probably ruined his future and will probably do the same stuff for the Rams. If I had his talent I wouldn’t waste it like an idiot.

  3. Doubtful. My guess is, if they would have hung onto him until the draft they could have packaged him in some sort of trade.

    I’m assuming…..but I am not a GM….I also may be more qualified than our current GM Mayhew.

  4. I think the fact that only one team put in a waiver claim for Young bears out the Lions assumption. Young had a LOT of transgressions in a short period of time and I imagine the Rams will cut him the first time he messes up.

  5. chattanola says:

    Hearing that he had no trade value would be a wake up call–if he has the right kind of pride.

    – – – – – – –

    Nah…I’ve been around guys like this. No doubt he thinks he got his way and that none of this was his fault. The Lions just didn’t appreciate his talents. It’s always some else’s fault.

  6. Like a lot of these players, they think with their ego’s and not their brains.
    stupid, stupid, stupid.

  7. “I think it’s my job to know sort of what his value is, and he didn’t have any trade value…” He’s probably right but these words would have more merit if stated by someone who has done a credible job building a superior NFL roster. Isn’t it also his job not to draft guys that have obvious character issues or health issues, or guys who can’t stay out of trouble, or produce at a high levels? If Mayhew truly knew howmto do his job right, he wouldn’t have wasted a second round pick on a guy who had no trade value less than 2 years after being drafted.

  8. Wow. A 23 year old WR averaging 38 ypg becomes available and he has no trade value? Michael David Smith must be in shock.

  9. Hmmph.

    Well fundamentally I do agree that he didn’t have any real trade value, but that’s an obtuse perspective to have as there were still multiple other strategies of how they could have handled that entire situation to find a better exit strategy value.

    Oh well, it is what it is at this point and the upside is at least they can move on and not have to deal with this distraction any longer. I still think there were better ways to have handled this process by going out of the way to create additional positives from his departure.

  10. “didn’t call 32 GMs and try to get a seventh,”

    the fact that if he had trade value, and he would have called 32 GMs about a trade says alot the lions state (you know…bc most teams would probably only call 31 GMs…)

  11. most GMs wouldnt consider a player with a history of sabotaging an offense in a real game.. titus is done. honestly he is just a stupid person, he thinks hes better then calvin?

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