Martin Mayhew: Lions will be players in free agency, unlike last year


Last year the cap-strapped Lions did virtually nothing in free agency, and their 4-12 record suggests that was a problem. This year, Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew says, the Lions expect to bolster their roster with some free agent signings.

“We were non-players in free agency last year,” Mayhew said. “I do think that we plan to make some moves.”

The Lions are about $5 million under the 2013 salary cap after releasing Titus Young, Stephen Peterman and Kyle Vanden Bosch, and they’re hoping to work out a long-term contract with quarterback Matthew Stafford that will lower his 2013 cap number, which under his current deal would be about $20 million. Mayhew knows the Lions have to add players.

“We need to make some changes,” Mayhew said. “Obviously, things aren’t going in the right direction. I don’t think they went in the right direction last year. We’ve got to make some changes and have to improve our roster, and we’ll definitely make some moves in that direction.”

If the Lions don’t make the right moves, this could be Mayhew’s last year of calling the shots in Detroit.

11 responses to “Martin Mayhew: Lions will be players in free agency, unlike last year

  1. If the Lions don’t make the right moves, this could be Mayhew’s last year of calling the shots in Detroit.

    That says it all, no next year for Martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. In Mayhew we trust?? Let’s hope it happens. Stafford and Big Play CJ are appealing options for a team. Hope for a good draft and start with rebuilding the interior line.
    How about Ken Holland help him out?

  3. Too bad there aren’t a lot of good DBs available… Grimes if he can pried out of Atlanta maybe??

    Talib, mentally, is too fragile for that environment.

    I just hope they’ve realized you can have Reggie White and 2 or 3 of his clones upfront and you’re still going to need a servicable secondary.

  4. I would be ok with the Lions cutting Raiola and letting Backus go. They have been pretty solid for us, but letting them go would clear some cap space. That being said, I would like to see them draft defense in the first, Barrett Jones in the second, and draft Oline for depth in a later round. Also, in this situation, it would be cool to see them make a run at Jake Long. He has hometown ties (from Lapeer, played at Michigan) and might come at a reasonable price (since he had an off year), assuming a team doesn’t offer a giant contract. That would also give the Lions space to grab a WR in FA (Dwayne Bowe would be awesome) or improve the secondary with some safety help.

    Oline–Long, Sims, Jones, Reiff, Cherilus

  5. Uhm, not to rain on your parade, but why would a 27 year old Jake Long give a 4-12 Detroit team (w/no depth) a “hometown” discount? The Lions are certainly in a MUCH bigger hole than being “one-player-away”.

  6. Never mentioned hometown discount, I said he had an off year, which he did. He was injured and didn’t make the Pro Bowl, so he might not get the giant contract he is looking for.

    That being said, I know that I prefer to work near where I grew up, the same might go for him.

    The main point is that they need to get younger on the Oline, and there are some nice options out there that the Lions have a realistic shot at signing, especially if they can restructure Stafford.

  7. In other words, I’m going to try to spend my way to a winning season because I’m fired if we don’t get one. And if we don’t win, sorry about the whole “being in Cap Hell for half a decade” thing ….

  8. It’s difficult to see how the Lions could be big players in free agency with that piddly amount of cap room.

  9. Raiola should be gone, but keep backus. Delmas only plays half time so if he won’t take a pay cut, so than cut him too. Durant should be gone I hope and Levy is only a so so player, so let them both walk or take a cut. Avril isn’t worth what he thinks he worth although some team will pick him up only to find that out to late. Draft Moore or Werner in the first round and Barret Jones in the second round and look for some help in the secondary again in the rest of the rounds hopeing to find a gem. Pick up some free agents for the secondary , and get younger at the offensive line should give the team a shot of adrenalin.

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