PFT Live: What’s the next move for Flacco?

Mike Florio speaks with Joe Flacco’s agent, Joe Linta, about Flacco’s contract negotiations. Will the Ravens use the franchise tag? Have the Ravens lost some leverage now that Flacco won the Super Bowl MVP? Does Flacco need to take less money in order to help the team as a whole? Will center Matt Birk return next season?

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1 responses to “PFT Live: What’s the next move for Flacco?

  1. From a fan’s perspective, our hopes are that Flacco doesn’t demand, much less get, a contract which will hamstring this franchise for the coming decade.

    No one is saying that Flacco should settle for the single digit millions. Just realize that without a Boldin out there to haul in the 3rd and short, you’re not the same QB. Without two deep threats stretching the defenses zones to their limit, you’re not the same QB. Without a slippery TE with great hands, you’re not the same QB. And without a run/catch threat emerging from the backfield, you’re not the same producer.

    It’s a team game Joe.

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