Question Darnell Dockett’s sexuality at your own risk


Former Florida State quarterback Chris Rix recently suggested on the radio that former Florida State teammate Darnell Dockett is gay.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

In Dockett’s view, there is something wrong with suggesting that he’s gay.

And so Dockett went on a Twitter rant against Rix, vowing to “whoop[] yo ass” and other more profane statements.

The folks at Deadspin have the link to the audio and the now-deleted tweets.  Rix has since apologized, but Dockett didn’t accept, saying “f–k yo apology pussy.”

The entire incident underscores the level of homophobia that resides within NFL locker rooms, further proving that the NFL isn’t ready for a player to come out of the closet.

If the NFL were ready for it, it would have happened by now.

55 responses to “Question Darnell Dockett’s sexuality at your own risk

  1. I believe Rix. Dockett went overboard with the Catherine Webb tweets, had to been a cover up over his sexuality. He’s def gay

  2. “Not that there’s anything wrong with it.” Maybe not in the REAL world, however, in the NFL, I do not think we will see ANY player willingly come out of the closet any time soon. Nothing like being progressive!!

  3. Maybe when the media agrees there’s nothing wrong with being gay than the players will come out . When the first person comes out you’ll write a story on it . Do you write a story about every player that says he’s straight ??

  4. From what I’ve experienced, people who get overly defensive and insecure about negative comments made about them….it’s usually because the comments are true.

  5. In a world that your fate and career are subject to such open scrutiny he is well within his right to be totally pissed off.

    Modern day gladiator type personalities in the NFL won’t allow for a perceived weakness which is how many would take this whether right or not is irrelevant..

    I do not blame him at all. That’s bullsh*t and I would do the same thing why comment on others private lives REGARDLESS!!!! If you go that far accept pissing someone off and accept them coming to beat the dog sh*t out of you.

    This could cost him teammates and furthermore MONEY!!!! ALL because of unecessary statements by someone else who has no right to make them.

    Rix should be the victim of the backlash and this from a Seahawks fan who hates dockettes actions on and off the field.

  6. Patsfan3776 – “From what I’ve experienced, people who get overly defensive and insecure about negative comments made about them….it’s usually because the comments are true.”

    Yeah? From what I’ve experienced, people who are quiet and don’t defend themselves… it’s usually because the comments are true.

    See how that works? You can insinuate anything about anybody depending on how you choose to interpret their response.

  7. 50% of Americans aren’t ready for this yet. Over 70% of African-Americans oppose gay marriage and gay “lifestyle choices”. So stating that football, a sport dominated by African-American men who see themselves as hardcore warriors and “manly men”, isn’t ready for an openly gay athlete is not very eye opening; it is expected. I don’t think this is right (but I would have said something different when I was 22), yet this can’t be forced…it has to happen organically. In other areas of society it can be forced, but in a football locker room it has to happen when it happens.

    I hope Docket crushes Rix though just for bringing this up like this. Rix is an idiot, why even go there?

  8. Instead of arguing with you about why this isn’t important or why he has the same right to think its gross or wrong as you do to think it isn’t, I’ll simply say goodbye. I’m so tired of hearing about which dudes does or doesn’t approve of what two other dudes do. I’ll be getting my football news from somewhere else from now on. That is all.

  9. vik3z:

    This comment is just ignorant, and I’m guessing you don’t know any gay people. Guess what? Not every gay man wants you.

    BTW, there already are gay players in the locker room, and it hasn’t caused a problem.

  10. It’s physically impossible to go to Fla St and leave after 4 years gay. No, I’m dead serious. Jenn Sterger like women at a 3 to 1 girl to guy ratio. Some of the best trim in the country

  11. its not about them “wanting” me. as a straight male if i was in a womens locker room, whether its ugly, fat women, or super models it would still be innappropriate

  12. I think he is ripe for “sensitivity” classes, maybe he can join the 49er guy so they go holding hands.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

  13. His reaction has nothing to do with an aversion to a gay teammate. If he is gay it damn sure isn’t Chris Rix’s duty to out him if he’s not ready. If he isn’t then maybe, I don’t know, he doesn’t like ppl falsely saying he is.

  14. I am glad he spoke out in that manner. I doubt seriously that a bunch of hetero women will want to shower, etc with a bunch of hetero men. So I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibility that straight men wouldn’t want to be showering with gay men who find them sexually attractive.

    It is against people’s religion and it wouldn’t be allowed in any company in America for fear of outrageous lawsuit $$. Quit forcing this issue down people’s throats, because there are legit reasons for people’s issues when it comes to this. Not all of us want your socialist utopia.

  15. I don’t think gays should be harassed, but this force-feeding all of society to openly accept and like them for being gay is crap.

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion of it.

    Time to stand up to the PC bullies.

  16. Oh come on … you can’t say this incident underscores any phobia in the league. How would you like it if a former colleague went on Sports Reporters one Sunday and announced that you’re gay and your whole public persona is a lie? Wouldn’t you be angry?

    I can’t imagine any of us–straight or gay–would want some acquaintance to go on a public forum and speculate about our sexuality, forcing us to confirm, deny, or issue a no comment. It’s no one else’s business who anyone–including Darnell Dockett–sleeps with.

  17. allowing gay men in nfl locker rooms is the equivalent of allowing straight men into a womens locker room

    or allowing straight women into mens locker rooms

    and they have been allowing that since 1985

  18. What the hell difference does it make if somebody is or isn’t gay? Don’t worry, fellas. Gays aren’t predators… you’re not in any danger.

  19. After reading the comments posted above it looks like the readers of this website aren’t ready for a NFL player to come out…let alone the NFL…as unfortunate as that is, this is the world we live in.

  20. skeebo80 says:
    Feb 7, 2013 7:35 PM
    Keep on…… Rix must not know Dockett is from PG COUNTY

    Nah, born in Atlanta, high school in Montgomery County. Went to Paint Branch.

  21. The media is the reason there are no openly gay players in the NFL. Going by the constant coverage on this subject by several media outlets, a player who came out would get constant media attention and be forever known by his sexuality. Not the ability he has on the field or how good a team mate he is.

  22. I listened to the interview and it felt very weirdly timed just in the context of the interview. Like of all the times and stories at FSU that is the one you brought up? Very odd and makes you wonder if he just doesn’t like Darnell Docket.

    To the point of gay players curently existing in the NFL…didn’t Kwame Harris just get busted for a fight with his boyfriend? If that’s the case that blew over like nothing. I don’t know what it’s like in a locker room but from my view not alot of people cared.

  23. Under NY State law, Rix’s statements are regarded as “defamation per se,” and considered an “injurious statement.”

    The only defense to such a claim is to prove that the statement is true. Several things you can say about someone under our law are considered (on their face) to be damaging to one’s reputation.

    So, in NY State, don’t call anyone a cheat, a liar, a crook, say they have an infectious disease, accuse them of being a prostitute, or say they are gay.

    There are definitely gay players in the NFL, they should be allowed to “out” themselves.

  24. Haven’t some retired NFL players come out over the past few years? I seem to remember a lineman being interviewed by Howard Stern a year or so ago that was promoting his book.

  25. Rix shouldnt of said anything. Dockett obviosly isnt ready to come out of the closet, the way he got so defensive was immature and sounded low rent. Like he was trying to cover it up. My hawks play him twice a year, he’s a d-bag.

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