Ray Lewis joins his son on Signing Day as Ray Lewis III picks Miami


After winning the Super Bowl on Sunday and parading through the streets of Baltimore on Tuesday, Ray Lewis’s next stop was in Lake Mary, Florida, on Wednesday, where his son was one of the thousands of high school football players who officially got a college scholarship on National Signing Day.

Ray Lewis III, as expected, signed on with his dad’s alma mater, Miami.

Now I can finally go out and show the world my talent, what my parents have instilled in me over the years and I’m ready to do it,” Ray Lewis III told the Orlando Sentinel.

Ray Lewis said he was proud to see what his son has become.

“His head is on pretty straight and we’ve done a heck of a job as parents with keeping him kind of even keel,” Ray Lewis said. “He already understands that it’s a business and he understands what he’s going to college for, and that’s to get his education. Sports definitely come second.”

The 5-foot-9, 190-pound Lewis III is listed by recruiting sites as an “athlete” because it’s not yet clear what position he’ll play. He scored 93 touchdowns as a running back in high school.

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  1. Job well done in honoring your commitment as a father! Appreciate your passion and commitment to the success of the Baltimore Ravens as well as your contributions to our community over the years! Enjoy your retirement!

  2. I am shocked by the lack of vitriol in this article. Part of the reason why I like MDS. Florio would have found a way to insert deer antlers or other incidences where everyone involved was aquitted.

  3. I surely hope he has been kept on an even keel, because not only will he have an enormous legacy hovering over him, he’s going to have to deal with all the haters his father has acquired throughout the years.

    Let this young man write his own story.

  4. At 5-9 and 190 pounds, sounds as though several cases of deer antler juice are going to be much needed…

  5. Ray Lewis III???
    Pretty weird labeling when you consider Ray Lewis III paternal grandfather is NOT named Ray Lewis.
    Is there anything about Ray Ray that’s on the level and genuine????

  6. The son’s comment seems…I don’t know, but it comes off like the humble apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Also glad to see Ray thinks he’s a good parent. Kid already knows how to get away with murder.

  7. “…we’ve done a heck of a job as parents…”

    RayRay isn’t afraid to pat himself on the back…

  8. Nice job at being good enough to get a scholorship, just wish that the ones that could afford it would repectfully decline the scholorship and pass it onto another well deserving player that might not have the resources to pay for his or her education..

  9. Did anyone else try to sign this kid or is he just getting a legacy scholarship because his father helps with recruiting? I’m not accusing, just asking…

  10. So of you people are some of the most self rightous, insensetive, cold hearted people alive. What does what his father did or didn’t do have to do with this young man. The sins of the father shouldn’t be thrust upon his son. But, I think I know why I’m reading so much hate about a young man that is just leaving highschool. And, it has nothing to do with what his father did or didn’t do. It has everything to do with the “R” concept. And, that’s fine. But, all of you who posted anything negative about this young man leaves a lot to be desired as human-beings.

  11. It’s like Ray Lewis has a knife to all the major media outlets throats begging for continued coverage. Just hope his kid doesn’t continue the tradition of that stupid dance.

  12. I answered my own question. He was a 3 star recruit. He piled up big yards as a running back, but was playing at a private school against lesser competition. It’s not known if Miami will keep him at RB or move him to CB. He played both sides of the ball in HS.

  13. How many kids has Ray had since this young man was born? 4? 5? .

    Ray is a picture dad, he only shows up to be in pictures and take the glory for something he had very little to do with.

    Please stop reporting on the fraud.

  14. All of you naysayers would be beaming about your children too. Get over it, Ray has retired with his Super Bowl ring and is now entering the next phase of his life. He should be proud of his son, looks like the kid is one heck of a football player.

  15. Man lot of sour grapes on this thread. Kid is a player, give him his props. You know who makes this all about Ray Lewis, you! The ignorant trolls who have nothing better to do than hate on a 2x world champion. Rings don’t lie.

  16. Where was all this talk about Barry Sanders son – a Stanford recruit last year. No one had a lot to say about that. Like his family couldn’t afford to send him to Stanford. Stop the hating, and stop placing the hate of the father on the son.

    It’s very unbecoming!

  17. You guys have problems. I’m not a Ravens fan, so don’t consider my biased by any means. But his son is going to play football for Miami, why can’t you just let it be and be happy for them? Saying he’ll have a killer career and all that? C’mon son. The kids a good football player who deserves the opportunity he was given. Much like all the players who are getting a chance to make a career out of football, be happy for them. Regardless of who his father is.

  18. It is interesting how a guy who’s made tens of millions of dollars in the last 15 years gets his kid a scholarship so he goes to the U for free, or at least with some kind of discount….I’d like to hear the details of that arrangement

  19. Mel Kiper and Todd McShay at espn better be careful what they say when it comes time to evaluate Ray the III, maybe not that’s one double murder I think we all could live with

  20. Really ppl… As a parent myself the day my son graduated from college my wife and I looked at each other and said the same damn thing. C’mon ppl be real about yourselves if your children accomplish something worthwhile in life the parents should path themselves on the back for raising a heck of a child.

  21. They hesitant to call him a running back because he still needs work on his cutting and slashing.

  22. What school gives a scholarship to someone who doesn’t have a position defined? Why isn’t athletic dept investigated? I bet Ray Ray gave a donation.

  23. Ya know, I just read a story about how RL III has had to deal with people calling his father a murderer on Twitter through out their play off run.

    I have to wonder if it’s the same hacks who make snide comments on the internet.

    Some of you people. Just clowns. Not even funny and not even getting paid for it.

    Jokes on you.

  24. I’m far from a Ray fan and I understand what you all are saying about why does he get a scholarship when he doesn’t “need” one but, say Mia is the only place that offered one so he takes the money vs paying it all out of pocket. What parent wouldn’t do that? OR what if he had several scholarship offers and Mia’s was best. A scholarship is a place on the team, no? If he were a walk-on would it be the same? And I would like to think that the reason his son got a scholarship isn’t need based, it’s talent based. That’s a whole different brand of scholarship. So, if Ray’s son got a scholarship for football and Ray said no, I can afford to pay for his education all that would mean is a less talented player gets a free ride. Not a fan of that. Of course, maybe I’m just naive to the whole way it works too.

  25. To everyone saying Ray Lewis is stealing his son’s spotlight: you have no idea what you’re talking about. They are FATHER and SON. Of COURSE Ray is going to be there to support his son. You think any 18-year-old is going to say, “Dad, I’d rather you not be with me on signing day because this day is all about ME.”

    It’s not as if Ray Lewis III won the Super Bowl and Ray Lewis I showed up to hold the trophy and give a speech. Let this family live, geez.

  26. Kvanhorn87.
    You sir, are an idiot.
    How much of a donation would ray have to make in order to get miami to give up a scholarship that they could have used to bring in another player? A couple hundred grand?
    Uhhhh, it would be cheaper just to pay his tuition, if he was trying tou buy his way in, don’t you think?
    And for the rest of you ninnies that keep complaining about raya constant media exposure- websites are measured by clicks, and tv shows are measured by viewers, and it’s a buyers market-they only “give the people what they want”.
    So stop buying what they are selling.

  27. He received a first rate education at a Prep school, his father is a multi millionaire..Of course he did well..I think Ray should have paid the tuition and allowed another not so fortunate kid to take the Scholly..Maybe he did..I hope.

  28. Wow somebody posted 5’9 isn’t scholarship worthy. Tell that to Darren Sproules and every NFL player who is 5’9 or shorter. How tall is Holiday on Denver? Stop grasping for straws because you hate Ray Lewis.

  29. its so awesome too see this
    hope he’s a warrior like his dad and gym rat
    find ya position and become a legend lil ray
    hopefully in a couple years the browns can draft u

  30. For all you Ray Lewis Haters..

    Murder is one of the ten commandments. However, Ray was never thought to be a murderer only someone who obstructed justice, which he admitted.

    Bearing false witness is also one of the ten commandments. Calling Ray a Murderer is bearing false witness.

    You are all worse than Ray. Ray has ALWAYS been a model citizen. He has lots of very influential friends who would never associate with him if he was somebody capable of murder.

  31. Ray’s legacy will be like Muhammed Ali. He was absolutely HATED when he was boxing – me included. Then I realized when he retired..this sucks. Ray and Muhammed Ali are what makes great sport. They are EXTREMELY passionate about the sport they play and it shows. Thus, it brings out passion in the fan – positive and negative. That is a good thing. If it weren’t for that, Sundays would be much less fun.

    Ray is Loved and he is cursed, but he will absolutely be missed by all – just like Muhammed Ali.

  32. “Ray Lewis’ kid accompanies the dude who knocked his mom up to the kid’s college signing ceremony where Ray Lewis was also in attendance and available for photo ops.”

  33. I find this highly questionable. First some kid out there whos dad isn’t a future hall of fame lb should have probably got that scholarship since I’m sure Ray Ray can afford to send Ray Ray Ray to Miami and second if hes a 5’9 190lb running back who wasn’t good enough to be signed at the position he played then why is he getting a scholarship at all?

    Must be nice when your rich parents can buy you opportunities like that. Lets hope he makes good use of it unlike past NFL legacies. How is Nate Montana doing these days anyway?

  34. Good for Ray111 to sign with the U. Scholarship or not who cares it’s his life not his father’s. Get on with it all you haters on here. If you had half the talent of the 2 Rays you wouldn’t be writing crap on here.

  35. And you know he hasn’t been a part of Ray III’s life because you were there right? Fool, he has been a huge part of his children’s lives. His own father abandoned him when he was younger, he’s made it a point not to follow that path.

    People who don’t live in Baltimore don’t have a clue what kind of person Ray Lewis is. Take your cheap shots at him all you like, it just shows your ignorance.

  36. “movementarians says:
    Feb 7, 2013 7:45 AM
    I am shocked by the lack of vitriol in this article. Part of the reason why I like MDS. Florio would have found a way to insert deer antlers or other incidences where everyone involved was aquitted.”

    Florio is more insightful in his posts and he is an equal opportunity “shot taker.” MDS normally shills for his favorite players.

  37. It’s funny how people judge other people when they need to look in the mirror first. A lot of you are really hating right now. The bible says “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.
    Whatever Ray Lewis did or did not do is between him and God. For those who are judging this man need to be careful and if he has ask to be forgiven, Guess what? God has already forgiven him. This man is living his life not yours (haters). And about the whole scholarship thing, if the shoe was on the other foot, haters you would accept it to. Congratulations to Ray Lewis (Retirement)and Ray Lewis iii your new beginning .

  38. After a severe case of foot in mouth disease has “re-opened the door” rwgardin what Ray knows about what happened that night in Atlanta, Ray’s lawyers and PR handlers, err I mean God, told him to get down there and broadcast his parenting skills just in case character becomes an issue again.

  39. If you’ve ever used the word “haters” or “hater” when defending Ray Lewis, congratulations…you’re a tool

  40. Open the murder investigation again so Lewis can retire to his rightful place in a federal penitentiary.

  41. Come on people!!! Seriously!!! Let the kid make his own legacy. What has happened in his fathers past is “HIS FATHERS PAST” not his. You have a young and talented player trying to make something of himself. Give the kid a chance all these remarks are just straight up rude and ignorant….you all really need to get a life. So on a much nicer note :). Ray Lewis III I wish you the best of luck in your College football career. I think that it is awesome to want to go to the same school as your father. Dont let anyone get you down or bring you down. Let the ignorant people be the fuel for you fire on the field. Your father had an amazing career and you are very lucky to have such a sucessful mentor on your side. Good Luck Ray Lewis III!!! Hope to see you one day in Baltimore playing for the Ravens!!!

  42. A lot of comments about Ray sr hogging the attention. You have to be kind of dumb to think that a kid would not want his father there for him on the biggest day of his life. Would you say the same thing about any of the other less famous parents who were there with their children the day they picked a college?

  43. Some of you people on here are SICK. Attacking his son for getting a scholarship. Attacking Ray lewis for being at his big day???? Obsession, is a very sick thing. Ray has always been in his kids lives, and now in retirement, he has the time to spend more time with RayIII, and the others. Glad for ray and his son. I want him to do well.

  44. How are the kids from the other two or three mothers doing?

    There should be an update on their careers soon.

  45. Like you guys really give a damn about his other kids. Just another reason to attack him. Keep hating, it will not improve your miserable lives outside the internet.

  46. swagger52 | Feb 7, 2013, 10:08 AM EST
    Ray’s legacy will be like Muhammed Ali. He was absolutely HATED when he was boxing – me included. Then I realized when he retired..this sucks. Ray and Muhammed Ali are what makes great sport. They are EXTREMELY passionate about the sport they play and it shows. Thus, it brings out passion in the fan – positive and negative. That is a good thing. If it weren’t for that, Sundays would be much less fun.

    Ray is Loved and he is cursed, but he will absolutely be missed by all – just like Muhammed Ali.

    You must be under thirty…no one older would insult the greatest by comparing him to a murderer….smh

  47. How does he know this one is Rae Loouis the Turd? Didn’t he knock up 8 or 9 different women? This could be Rae Loouis VIII for all he knows. Well, whoever he is, I’m glad that he had such a fine, upstanding role model to show him how to murder, knock up women and use performance enhancing drugs. The kid’s got a bright future ahead of him. GO RAE RAE RAE!!! GOOOOOO!!!!

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