Ray Rice is head over heels for Joe Flacco


Ravens running back Ray Rice thinks his quarterback is the best in the game right now, and he has two reasons.

The Super Bowl title is one, but Rice may have some mild head trauma after an accident during the Ravens victory parade.

Rice was the latest to help give Flacco all the negotiating leverage a man would ever need during an interview on WFAN (via SportsRadioInterviews.com).

“If you had to put it in perspective right now Joe Flacco is the best quarterback in football right now,” Rice said. “I’m not saying that because it’s my guy, but look who he’s beaten. He’s beaten Tom Brady, beat Peyton Manning, and who else is out there?

“I think by Joe Flacco winning Super Bowl MVP a lot of people will just see the personality that we all see. He is really laid back but there is a great guy under that uniform and he fits our huddle the way we need him to fit it. I’ve said it all along, we will go as far along as Joe Flacco wants to take us. This ride proves it. I know we have playmakers and we’re going to continue to bring playmakers around our offense. I have made a Pro Bowl and there are some guys on the offense who made Pro Bowls, but this guy is the Super Bowl MVP and it’s all well deserved.”

Rice also laughed about his bumpy ride at the parade, in which he fell off the float at one point.

“I’ve never seen nothing like that in my life,” he said. “I have to tell you a funny story, the float stopped short and I fell off it but I caught myself and I’m good though. Yeah I’m telling you that because you all are my boys,but Ray Rice has no injuries, I fell off the float but I’m good.

“I was so engaged in the fans so you don’t know when he float stops short. My teammates fell down and I fell forward. I caught myself in the push-up position, got back up and said ‘let’s party.”

And if Flacco gets best-QB-in-the-league money, Rice will be there to help him celebrate the next party the Ravens host.

25 responses to “Ray Rice is head over heels for Joe Flacco

  1. Football is a team game. Joe Flacco did not beat Brady or Manning by himself. The Ravens D did that. Because the Ravens team beat the Patriots/Broncos does not make Flacco better than Brady/Manning.

  2. Joe Flacco and Ray Rice will dominate for years. So proud of this team. So proud of these players. What an amazing run. World Champions! Cheers!

  3. Here’s my take away from this. The team likes and respects Flacco. If they just tolerated him Rice would say nice things but not gush like this. The fact he does say so much means he likes and respects him. That to me is a good sign. Still don’t want to break the bank on him though.

  4. Does anyone seriously believe that the Ravens win in Denver if Denver had anyone else as a D coordinator?

    3 or 4 big passes that were just badly played by the defense led to a W for the Ravens.

  5. I’m going to take a wag at this.

    Manning/Brady 8 to Flacco 3?

    Still have to admit that Flacco has played well enough to be paid very well.

  6. ravenator says:
    Feb 7, 2013 4:01 PM
    “Joe Flacco and Ray Rice will dominate for years.”

    They would need to dominate. Since it’s inevitable that the Ravens are going to have so much cap space tied into the two that they won’t be able to afford any really good supporting talent around them.

  7. So is the fact that Ray Rice fell off a parade float in any way related to his postseason fumble-itis?

    Glad he wasn’t hurt. Probably good that he wasn’t holding the Lombardi trophy at the time.

  8. Joe Flacco and Ray Rice will dominate for years. So proud of this team. So proud of these players. What an amazing run. World Champions! Cheers!

    Ya Ray he didn’t beat Charley Batch unless ravenator rewrote history again….please one SB does not make you gods…just had a great run!

  9. johntonioholmes says:
    Feb 7, 2013 4:25 PM
    Does anyone seriously believe that the Ravens win in Denver if Denver had anyone else as a D coordinator?


    Does anyone seriously believe Denver would have won if Trindon Holliday didn’t have 2 return TDs?

    Oh, and Denver had a top 5 defense this season, so it’s not like Joe was out there picking apart the Saints secondary.

  10. moagecu says:
    Feb 7, 2013 5:24 PM
    Keep worrying about Flacco’s fantasy stats. We all know fantasy stats win Super Bowls.
    They don’t.

    I’d much rather have an efficient QB(one who does well the things he needs to do well in an offense) and a great team around him. THOSE are the only QBs who are on the W side in SBs. They really shouldn’t even give out MVPs in SBs. Yes some players play really well and some don’t but an MVP in a team sport in a championship is completely counterintuitive to what the SB itself means. MOST of your players have to have pretty good days to win at that level.

  11. While celebrating our our last two Super Bowl victories, I wouldn’t have traded Roethlisberger for Johnny U., Joe Montana, and Tom Brady combined. Flacco just led Ray Rice to the Promised Land. If he said anything else, I’d think he needed his head examined.

  12. great post as always deb. your guy is your guy. you dont give him up for anyone. i dont know where joe is ranked or who he is better or worse than. all i know is he is the champ

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