Ryan Tannehill unstressed by potential offensive changes

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Three of Ryan Tannehill’s four leading receivers are free agents this offseason, which at least raises the possibility that Tannehill will be working with a lot of new faces in his second NFL season.

Wide receiver Brian Hartline, tight end Anthony Fasano and running back Reggie Bush will all hit the open market absent a new agreement or franchise tag from the team and the tag seems unlikely with this crew. It could be in play for left tackle Jake Long, but his inconsistent play over the last two seasons and the reported difference in contract ideas have cast some doubt on whether or not he’ll be back in Miami. Tannehill said he wasn’t experiencing any anxiety about the possible departures from his unit.

“I have faith it’s going to work out,” Tannehill said, via Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post. “I have faith in our organization, our leadership up front in the main office that they’re going to make the best decisions for us and bring in guys that we feel like we can with it. I’m excited to see how it shakes out, but it’s not stressful for me.”

Since the Dolphins were looking for a quarterback for a long time, it’s a lot less stressful for everyone in Miami with Tannehill in the fold. Right now, Hartline seems the likeliest to return to Miami. That might not be ideal for stability, but it isn’t like the Dolphins are looking at the breakup of the Greatest Show on Turf. They needed to get better with those guys and they need to get better if they fly the coop.

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  1. The Dolphins have a solid core at OL… It’s no secret that they need big time play makers at WR and TE. Hopefully they will be able to keep Bush… his leadership and play on the field have been great.

  2. Switching out players constantly doesn’t produce wins in the NFL. A Quarterback needs to be familiar with his offensive players, and they need to mater their offensive playbook.

    The Saints are a prime example, as Drew Brees has had his basic receiving corps for the entirety of his time with the team. And can anyone argue with the results of three 5,000 yard plus seasons?

    Knee jerk reactions every year only sets a club back.

  3. Keep them but don’t spend a lot on them. Find a speedy deep threat and a decent WR that can make plays after the catch. A seam TE with Fasano as the #2 TE would be nice as well. There are plenty of options and they have the cash to go get both Wallace and Jennings.

  4. Honestly i was very impressed with lamar miller and daniel thomas this past season (more so miller). I don’t think it will hurt too much if we lose bush, which will mostly likely happen. If they decide to not sign hartline they can afford mike wallace and greg jennings (if bush and hartline aren’t resigned). Imagine that with bess in the slot…….not too bad. Also, Fasano is not a necessity. We need a receiving TE that can Block not a blocking Te that can catch. This offseason Jared Cook, Fred Davis and Dalanie Walker are all available and would all help ignite this offense. Sorry fellas, there is a 60% chance jake long is gone especially with joe philbin running a zone blocking scheme.

  5. I feel sorry for this kid if he really has faith in the organization as it currently exists. He’s looking at a downgrade at O-line and backfield, a generic coaching staff who the rest of the NFL now has a year of tape on, and a front office that is cheap and clueless when it comes to player acquisition. Good luck kid.

  6. Keep Bush and use him to his strengths, keep Hartline as he is underrated and steady, let Fassano go and get a real TE seam threat and sign Wallace. As for Long, only if his contract demands are reasonable for his declining playtime and skills as he was not the man they signed as #1 for the last 2 yrs.

  7. While there is something to be said for continuity, keep in mind that (a) Tannehill has spent only one year with these guys, (b) there are lots of better players also going on the market, (c) these three, while not bad, aren’t THAT good, (d) one or more of them may be back anyway, and (e) it’s not like they were blowing the league away last year.

    We’re not exactly talking about the breakup of the Beatles here.

  8. I look at it like this: If Tannehill can win with these scrubs… just wait until we get probowlers around him similar to Luck, RG3, and RW3

    Go Tannehill skys the limit bud!

  9. “I feel sorry for this kid if he really has faith in the organization as it currently exists. He’s looking at a downgrade at O-line and backfield, a generic coaching staff who the rest of the NFL now has a year of tape on, and a front office that is cheap and clueless when it comes to player acquisition. Good luck kid.”

    This coming from someone with the screen name Wannstache is absolutely hysterical. That namesake is the personification for completly deconstructing a football team… He did it twice.

  10. Miami can let Hartline walk and sign Jennings and Wallace plus Draft a WR Keenan Allen or Cordarrelle Patterson to grow with Tanne. Miami will still have 8 more Draft Picks with 30 to 35 million in cap space after the WR FA signings ..What ever happens this offence will be alot better than it was.

  11. Hartline is the one guy I realllllly want to see return to the Dolphins next season. He’s proven to be a reliable target for Tannehill and makes the catches where the QB can put the ball where only the WR can make a play — Perfect for a young and developing quarterback. The way I would go about it is re-sign Hartline, sign Jennings to a reasonable deal, and draft a WR early to groom behind Jennings.

    To those saying we should sign both Jennings and Wallace aren’t looking at the whole picture. That would be terrible money management. We have other free agents in the coming years that we will need to address. Guys like Reshad Jones and Mike Pouncey are two names that immediately come to my head. Besides, if we’re giving $50+ million to a receiver, I’d rather that guy be Bowe opposed to Wallace.

    Outside of that, I would let Bush walk unless we can sign him cheap and for only two or three years. Let Jake Long walk, sign Fasano to a cheap deal allowing him be more of a blocking TE which is his specialty, sign or draft a receiving TE, and address the OL and needs on defense primarily through the draft.

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