10 Ravens count for $69 million under the cap


Yesterday, Tom Curran of CSN New England pointed out that a trio of Patriots count for more than $40 million of the team’s 2013 salary cap.  The Pats’ new AFC nemesis has a similar problem.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, 10 Ravens count for more than $69 million under the cap.

As we pointed out earlier this week, linebacker Terrell Suggs has a cap number of $13.02 million. The others nine are: defensive lineman Haloti Ngata ($11,500,000); receiver Anquan Boldin ($7,531,250); offensive lineman Marshal Yanda ($7,450,000); running back Ray Rice ($5,750,000); cornerback Lardarius Webb ($5,385,000); offensive tackle Michael Oher ($4,955,000); receiver Jacoby Jones ($4,900,000); fullback Vonta Leach ($4,333,334); linebacker Jameel McClain ($4,200,000).

With G.M. Ozzie Newsome declaring on Thursday that the Ravens won’t be robbing Peter to pay Paul via contract restructurings, the question becomes whether and to what extent any high-priced veterans will be approached with a take-a-pay-cut-or-take-a-hike ultimatum.

The primary candidates to face a dollars-and-cents dilemma are Boldin, Yanda, Jones, Leach, and McClain. Another guy who may get dumped is center Matt Birk, who is due to earn $2.75 million.

It’s a good problem to have, given that the Ravens have just won the Super Bowl.  Still, it’s a problem they’ll need to solve if they hope to continue to contend for championships.

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  1. Ozzie can say what he wants, but if we’re going to be competative next year there will be some restructuring of contracts. The good thing is we are not alone in the delemma. The Steelers and Ravens have the same cap problems…

  2. I seriously doubt Suggs, Ngata, Yanda, Rice, Oher, or Webb are in serious “take a pay cut or we’ll cut you” territory. Those salaries are what players of their value get paid.

    If the Ravens do cut one of them, it won’t be because they are earning too much (or their cap number is too high), but because the Ravens are simply out of cap room.

  3. Pierce is a monster. I don’t think he’s quite in Ray Rice’s league, yet. Durability issues might stand in his way, but I would have no problems with using Pierce early in the game to soften up defenses, then bringing Ray Rice in to make them miss when they’re tired as hell. Good problem to have.

  4. We all know that the Rats will be lucky to go 6-10 next year. Steelers dominate the division again and all is normal. Jealous?

  5. tmhofficial says at Feb 8, 2013 3:45 –

    I’m not joking. The salary cap is about speading as much as you can to many position. While Rice is a pro-bowler, his backup could do very well in this system and is a seventh of the cap hit. What most other NFL teams have done, is not over spend at RB recently, as this is now a passing league.

    I did say (or trade)…

  6. Tscostant is most likely a Jets fan praying that someone like Rice will be available to sign and save their rushing game cuz it was pretty ugly last year

  7. If they can get a 2nd rounder for Rice they should pull the trigger. Sorry, he was the second best RB the last quarter of the season and then through the playoffs. Not to mention, he has serious postseason fumbling problems that has gone on past the point of being flukey.
    I love Rice, and 4th and 29 was amazing, butt unless your last name is Peterson, as a RB you don’t deserve big bucks in the NFL.

  8. Love all the “non story stories” I guess the season is over so you need something.

    Seriously 10 players taking up 69 mil? Is that really that uncommon that a team has 10 players who average 6.9 mil in cap space?

    Next weeks story…. 49ers have 23 players who account for 68.55454% of their salary cap

  9. The primary candidates to face a dollars-and-cents dilemma are Boldin, Yanda, Jones, Leach, and McClain.

    Yanda? Are you kidding? He’s one of the 5 best guards in football!

  10. Cereal says: Feb 8, 2013 3:50 PM

    If they can cut Suggs & resign Kruger & Ellerbe it would be a smart move. Birk should walk away


    So… so… so wrong

    What was Kruger doing the first half of the year when Suggs was out? The answer is nothing.

    Suggs made Kruger when he came back and forced defenses to play differently. You will see next year when Kruger gets overpaid to go somewhere else just like Jarret Johnson did last year.

    I like JJ but a guy who was a stud with Bmore was an “ok” role player this year in San Diego.

  11. And Lollipop Joe is asking for $20M?! He’s either clueless or selfish, or maybe just doesn’t care about getting back to the dance.

    And where’s ravenator spouting off about the Steelers cap issues?

  12. What a joke

    “The primary candidates to face a dollars-and-cents dilemma are Boldin, Yanda, Jones, Leach, and McClain. ”

    Yanda grades out as the top Right Guard in the NFL every year

  13. Well, with $20m for Flacco, that’s $89m for 11 guys.

    Maybe they should pay those guys another $1m each and have ’em play both ways.

    That’ll leave the Ravens with $20m for special teams, and they’re done.

  14. Leach is as good as gone; can’t pay over 4 million for a guy who plays less than half of offensive downs.

    They’re going to keep either McClain or Ellerbe. Probably Ellerbe, but it depends on his asking price.

    Kruger has been good but probably not good enough for the kind of money he’s looking for. He was a total non-factor until this year.

    I think Joe is going to get a 5-6 year back-loaded deal with a good signing bonus.

  15. I love how people are now hating on Rice. lol.

    Sure, Rice has fumbled often in the playoffs. But remember, 4th & 29, not to mention monster runs off the screen.

    Rice is not your avg. runner. He plays a big role in the passing game too…

    Where does Flacco go when he runs out of options? yeah, you guess it right. And when right catches it, you can count 10-20 yards after the catch.

    Sometimes, some players become good because they have another player on their side. Kruger is good because he has Suggs. Flacco is good because he has Rice.

    Don’t forget.

  16. all this means is that the Steelers will drop to 5 and 11 with NO running backs and a Weak armed Roethlisberger who only throws interceptions.

  17. Hate to break it to you guys, but IF you want good things, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM.

    Tell me who among these who doesn’t serve his money?

    1. Ray Rice
    2. Vonta Leach
    3. Anquan Boldin
    4. Hiloti Ngata
    5. Suggs

    yes, you guess it right. All these guys are worth every penny.

    Is that how it works???
    — NYJ

  18. a FB making almost 5 million? i know hes one of the best FB in the game, but a 5 mill cap hit for him, hmmmmm

  19. Anyone ever question why their salaries are public matters?! I mean, why is this made available to the media? Because they are athletes, does that mean they are denied a measure of privacy? I don’t get it. I wouldn’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing my cash flow if I were in their shoes.

  20. Boldin is past his prime. He had a great playoff run but was pedestrian, at best, over the regular season. Releasing him just seems like good business. Leach as a fullback making that kind of money is crazy. No fullback is worth that kind of money.

  21. Actually its:

    1. overrated (top five RB in the league)
    2. non-existent (impact blocker and good pass catcher)
    3. slow (great hands, physical, leaping ability)
    4. fat (best runner stopper in the league with Wilfork)
    5. really ugly (at 100% one of the best pass rushers, pass defenders, run stoppers and coverage OLB on the league) could careless what he looks like…

    Your jealousy proceeds you.

  22. I’m a Bengals fan and I wish they were in the exact same boat as the Ravens right now worrying about a few contracts while holding a new Lombardi trophy.

  23. The whole idea of the salary cap is to allow every team the chance to win and not allow the dynastys like in years past. That is why you hardly ever see repeat Super Bowl winners anymore. That being said, there are a couple reasons why the Ravens,Steelers,Patriots,Giants,Saints,Colts and Packers are the teams to beat each year. Great QB’s and great front offices that can put winning teams on the field around their $20 million QB and stay under the salary cap. Congrats to Ozzie and the Ravens on another solid season. From a Colts fan.

  24. This is all scare-mongering from people who should know better.

    These numbers are exactly the same as what’s being reported online which have the Ravens currently UNDER the projected cap by $11million and NOT over by $5mil.

    The $11mil under also includes Lewis’ cap number of around $7mil which will disppear. Baltimore will cut Bobbie Williams and if Birk doesn’t retire he will go too which is another $3-3.5mil saved putting them around $22mil under.

    There’s no way Leach gets $4mil this year and despite his SB heroics I can’t see Jones getting $4+ either so there’s more savings to be had here.

    They’ll tender Pitta at first round and Dickson at third and probably keep them both. Then that leaves ample room to get Flacco to something like $100mil 6 year deal with $50mil guaranteed (cap number of about $11mil this year) and to resign Ellerbe and hopefully Reed. Some team will overpay for Kruger but we have Upshaw ready to take his spot. If someone can get McKinnie to not put on 50lbs this offseason then it might make sense to resign him as well. Williams will walk but that’s fine because Webb is coming back.

    I can’t see what all the fuss is about here.

  25. That’s nothing. 10 Raiders count for over 104 million of cap space, and their roster is far less impressive than Baltimore’s. Even Leach, who seems to be overpaid, has a lower cap number than Oakland’s kicker. But this is the time of year when millions of future dollars are made and lost, and by March 12 every team will be looking at different numbers. Smash, smash, su-mash that cap. Yeah.

  26. @crownofthehelmet
    I am assuming you are a steelers fan. If so I hope you are kidding with your list of those players. Only ones that are even close is boldin due to his age, and Suggs due to Achilles injury. Others can’t even compare.

  27. i so love how these trolling steeler fans are so consumed with jealousy over how a real franchise conducts business. in their black and gold dreams they see their old slow aging non playoff team surpassing the ravens. if it wasnt so sad it would be funny. go ravens…sb champs

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