Boldin says Flacco was serious about tackling Ted Ginn

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Recent in-game audio from Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco includes the Super Bowl MVP urging teammates to take out 49ers return specialist Ted Ginn Jr. during the last play of Baltimore’s championship win.

Predictably, the question of whether Flacco was joking or serious depends on the ear of the listener.  Ravens fans insist he was kidding.  Pretty much everyone else who listens to it objectively believes Flacco meant business.

Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin appeared on Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk, and Boldin admitted that it was no joke.

“He said it to me,” Boldin told Erik Kuselias.  “I started laughing like, ‘Don’t worry, they’ll tackle him.’  He’s like, ‘I’m serious.  If this guy breaks it I’m running out there to tackle him.’  I was like, ‘OK, feel free.'”

Flacco didn’t, because he didn’t have to.  But it would have been one of the all-time great moments in NFL history, and a fitting end to what ended up being, all things considered, the craziest Super Bowl of them all.

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60 responses to “Boldin says Flacco was serious about tackling Ted Ginn

  1. That shows what a poor football IQ flacco has. It’s not a spot foul, the refs could easily award a TD.

    Jsut dumb, not to mention the insane fine & suspension he would’ve gotten.

  2. “I was just running out there to give him a high five of congratulations, then my hand got caught in his face mask, and when he spun around I accidently stepped on his ankle with this damn big foot of mine….God, I’m so clumsy, I feel awful…”.

  3. It’s good to know that he was willing to cheat to win. Perhaps the folks in Philly could sneak into the facility in Baltimore and steal the Lombardi trophy. That would make them Superbowl champs if you follow Flacco’s lead.

  4. This is just a logical and brilliant plan by Flacco. He knew no flag would be thrown on the Ravens in the final minutes. It was evident that the game was allowed to devolve into, basically,a bar fight.

  5. No Anquan you are a total liar. Just ask your fans. Everyone who believed he was serious were just complete morons. Well that was the story at least…

  6. What’s been lost in this story is how funny it is the teammate said “after you Bert”! I never considered how much Flaco looks like Sesame Streets Bert personified.

  7. “Flacco didn’t, because he didn’t have to. But it would have been one of the all-time great moments in NFL history, and a fitting end to what ended up being, all things considered, the craziest Super Bowl of them all”

    All time great moments? It would have been a complete embarrassment if this took place.

  8. wow! I can’t believe he said that, take him out like he is in the mafia or something of course I may be biased since my college team is thee ohio state buckeyes and ginn played there.

  9. Since Joe’s dad called him Dull, Joe has:

    — told the media on the record that cold-weather Super Bowls are ‘Retarded’

    — dropped a huge, loud F-Bomb as CBS’ mikes and cameras swarmed him when they won the SB

    — encouraged his sideline teammates to come off the bench to make a game saving tackle if necessary for the final play of the Super Bowl

    I’m in no way a Joe Flacco fan but if he actually came off the bench to light up Ginn and then acted like that was a normal way to win the Super Bowl, I would be his biggest fan from that point on.

  10. Lord, take the wheel….

    Before every 40whiner fan starts crying here, let me just remind you all that the speedy, agile Joe Flacco was tucked away sitting on the bench with his hands in his pockets when Ginn was running it back. Non-story..

  11. How would this have been an all time great moment? It would have made the game into a debacle. Either the refs would have not given the 49ers a TD, which would be worse than the replacement ref debacle, or Flacco would have been ejected and possibly suspended for part of next year. Remember Sal Alosi?

  12. If Flacco had come onto the field to tackle him, it would have been an automatic touchdown for the 49ers and would have ended the game with a Baltimore loss on the spot.

  13. piscataquis007 says: Feb 8, 2013 9:41 PM

    More evidence that the Baltimore Ravens are nothing more than a steaming pile of trash at every level. Completely classless.

    Classless my as one of the best organizations in football everyone knocks their defense knocks their offense knocks the head coach but all they do is win, and they dont go around chasing big time free agents they do it with mostly homegrown talent. And ur team probably didnt even make the playoffs

  14. This actuially happened in the 1954 Cotton Bowl. The penalty is “palpably unfair act”, and the remedy is at the refs’ discretion. They would probably have ruled it a touchdown.

    Still would have been awesome to see happen in a Super Bowl.

  15. Look… None of us are going to ever pay for the nfl. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE GREATEST PLAY EVER IN ALL OF FOOTBALL HISTORY IF HE DD THAT!!! At that moment he could taste the victory. In his 5 years in Baltimore he has been treat much in the same way New Yorkers treated Eli in his first 4 years with the Giants. I absolutely applaud Joe Flacco’s passion and intensity at the moment. I hope he wins 3 more Super Bowls. Of course not at the Giants expense. Enough of that noise. Heh.

  16. Flacco is whacko! Don’t think he’ll ever luck into another SB. He really is not that good.
    Enjoy your incredible fortune, Baltiless Mavens.

  17. Next time Flacco may want to recruit some of the speedsters for such a mission such as Torrey Smith or Jacoby Jones instead of Pitta, Birk, and Oher. Then they might actually have a chance of catching Ginn.

  18. Hmmmm——-IF Flacco really said it—-IF he was serious—IF Ginn broke it–IF he ran down close enough to the Raven’s sideline-AND—-IF Flacco positioned himself and could actually tackle Ginn———THEN!!!! WOW! It’s been over almost a week, is this a really slow news day or what???

  19. Can’t believe you went back to this. Did he have his helmet on? no. was it in his hands? No. would he have tried to tackle him without one? No. You lose credibility with nearly every post.

  20. Why is this even a issue still? Whether he meant it or not it didn’t happen. I’m not a fan of either team, but come on stop talking about something that didn’t happen

  21. I listened to the audio and cannot for the life of me figure out how you came up that Bolden said Flacco was really serious. Bolden was laughing when he made the remark and he said Flacco said to him he was serious.

    Now think about it. Do you really think Flacco said, “I’m serious” with a straight face? Talk about beating an imaginary dead horse, T’eo style.

  22. ncp2 says:
    Feb 8, 2013 9:33 PM
    who cares?
    Apparently you do.

  23. Why should joe be any different from the rest if his team mates that tackled defenders on the last punt play and the mauling Bruce miller got from two raven special teamers that no doubt helped spring jakoby jones (Miller was in that lane until he was held and driven off) for the kickoff return for a TD?

    Yep the niners were lackluster in the first half but when they mounted their comeback the ravens did what they had to do to win no matter what even if it meant breaking every rule in the book (refs can get shoved in the Super Bowl) in order to do it.

  24. Somehow I said something that offended the editors. Oh yeah I disagreed and was shocked to see another post a out this stuff.

    Here’s the logic. Did he have his helmet on? Was it in his hands? Would he have tried a tackle on a full speed human without it? No to all three. He wasn’t serious.

  25. Before his nice run in the playoffs, he was a mediocre QB, always carried by his team to the playoffs. Now he has a little success and the arrogance is going to his head? I wish he had done it. I would have loved to see a team lose the Super Bowl because of blatant cheating.

  26. “But it would have been one of the all-time great moments in NFL history”

    Really ??? Blatantly and openly cheating to try and win a Super Bowl in front of hundreds of millions of people would have been an all time great moment ?

    Really ????

    All time infamous, embarrassing and humiliating maybe, great absolutely not. Interesting that PFT seems perfectly fine with the Ravens cheating but constantly bangs the drum about other teams caught in various bits of trouble.

    I was willing to give Flacco the benefit of the doubt that it was just joking in the moment, but if he really was serious about it that makes me wonder how many other ways he cheated this year and in the past.

  27. As excited as the situation was I would have thought about tackling the guy too. I’m sure he was just talking a bit crazy there. J would have loved to see the tackle though, if only to see the refs who “let them play” have to call a penalty that decided the superbowl. That would have been poetic!

  28. Do I think he was serious? Maybe.

    Do I think he would have actually ever done it? Nah.

  29. Great example of cheater’s mindset vs winner’s mindset.

    They should pay him$25m a year, as cheating will get them very far. Just ask the Patsies, or Ray Lewis.

  30. Flacco tackling Ginn.

    Can you imagine what Jim Harbaugh would have done???

    Would love to be a play caller for that.

    Flacco is off the bench, he tackles Ginn. Wait..Jim Harbaugh goes Helmet to Helmet with Flacco.

    I think I would have liked it. It would have been an even more memorable Super Bowl.

  31. In the 1957 Grey Cup game, a fan sneaked his way onto the sideline and tripped a player who had intercepted a pass and was running towards the end zone. This story reminded me of that.

  32. LOL! I believe that he was serious!

    Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin appeared on Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk, and Boldin admitted that it was no joke.
    “He said it to me,” Boldin told Erik Kuselias. “I started laughing like, ‘Don’t worry, they’ll tackle him.’ He’s like, ‘I’m serious. If this guy breaks it I’m running out there to tackle him.’ I was like, ‘OK, feel free.’”

    Yeah Boldin was laughing about it but he knew he was probably serious it was just the fact Bolden knew Ginn would be stopped before he had to do that. I Don’t care for either team but I care about cheaters and I do think he would of done it if Ginn wouldn’t of been stopped and he wouldn’t of let that happen. He trusted the guys to do it for him. he told them to stop him or he would stop him and I believe him, he would of tackled him to save a td and the win and during that situation would they just give the 49ers the td and the win or just penalize baltimore and throw him out of the game either way in his mind he would have to take that chance. The way it sounds like in the article boldin didn’t believe him but then he said he was serious and I think he didn’t know if he would do it or not. He was probably standing right beside him to tackle him before he went on the field to tackle ginn. lol! Just by chance he was kidding something like that is not funny.

  33. Wambulance. Anyone with half a brain knows they were not going to do that, because anyone with 1/50th a brain knows that they cannot get away with that.

    That makes it a joke on some level, regardless of what Anquan Boldin says.

    Some people are ridiculous with how little their brains have matured since age 9. That is about the age when we start to develop a sense of sarcasm – and some people never matured to that point, apparently.

  34. Great example of cheater’s mindset vs winner’s mindset.

    They should pay him$25m a year, as cheating will get them very far. Just ask the Patsies, or Ray Lewis.


    I was waiting for a new attempt at insulting Ray Lewis. You didn’t call him a murderer! – That means you are on a slow path to recovering from looking ridiculously silly. In the process, you made yourself look even sillier, though.

  35. Who knew that Flacco was such a punk?

    9ers should have won the Game. But the fix was in from the get go. So many uncalled penalties.

    Case in point. “Unsportsmanlike Penalty” on both sides of the ball called. The one that wasn’t was the Raven on top of Anthony Davis (who was on his back layin on the field) PUNCHING him in his midsection. Should have been 3 Unsportsman penalties on that play and that Raven should have been EJECTED from the game!!!

    An absolute ridiculously called game. The NFL is becoming the WWE of Professional Sports!

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