Chris Johnson isn’t going anywhere

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Barring an injury or other unforeseen development, Chris Johnson will be the starting running back for the Titans again next season.

At a press conference to introduce the team’s coaching staff, Titans head coach Mike Munchak also said that the team won’t be cutting Johnson before $9 million of his $10 million salary for 2013 becomes guaranteed on February 9. Things were pointing in that direction after Johnson broke word of a good meeting with Munchak, although it probably didn’t come down to that.

Munchak said Thursday that the Titans never considered cutting Johnson and that they always felt Johnson was “obviously” going to be part of the team next season. Johnson expressed optimism about where the team is heading after speaking to Munchak and Munchak said the conversation was simply to make sure Johnson knew where the team stood in regard to his contract.

“It will be business as usual,” Munchak said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I talked to CJ to see how he was doing and make sure there was no misunderstanding on what was going on, and he was fine and we’re good.”

With that settled, the Titans can move onto improving the team around Johnson. If they don’t, there’s a pretty good chance different people will be making decisions about Johnson’s future this time next year.

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  1. This is what any intelligent football fan reading these ridiculous articles have known since these started coming out, trying to create a story out of nothing.

  2. Yeah I hate those “clowns” that have never rushed for under 1000 yards EVER in their career. Hey don’t get me wrong ok, he’s overpaid, most football players (and athletes in general) are in the grand scheme of things. Exactly how many yards does he have to rush for before he’s not a worthless piece of crap anymore? That’s a serious question too, one I would like a serious answer to please. I’m a Titans fan, so trust me when I say our o line is horrible. It’s been bad for the last couple of seasons. We signed Hutchinson this offseason because it was so bad, we we’re trying to improve it. THEN, 4 out of the 5 starters on the o-line (including newly signed Hutchinson) go down on IR!!!! And CJ STILL pulls off 1200 yards this year.

    Since 2008 (CJ’s rookie year) he’s had 6,888 yards rushing, 318 receiving. His often compared to counterpart Adrian Peterson has had 7,508 rushing, 220 receiving in that same time frame. Yes, I know Peterson had an extra year in the league before Johnson so his overall number are look better than CJ’s. I’m simply comparing on field production of years played in the league together. The Vikings were also more competitive than the Titans during that time. 3 playoff trips to our 1. Meaning they had better personnel, A BETTER O-LINE!!! Granted Peterson went down in 2011 so his number would have been slightly higher than the numbers I present here, I understand that. However as it stand now, 620 yard difference in rushing in favor of Peterson, and 98 more yards receiving in favor of CJ. While Peterson’s number are still better, not much better really. Not enough to warrant such hate for CJ in my opinion.

    If you think he’s overpaid blame the Titans, not Johnson. The Titans absolutely didn’t have to pay him a damn cent if they didn’t want to or felt he wasn’t worth it. They did pay him however, so THEY felt he was worth it. I’ll never fault someone for taking what was offered to them, even in a holdout/negotiation scenario. If you were in line for a raise at work and your boss offers you more than you think you deserve. Are you going to turn them down and make them give you less? HELL NO, so shut up about CJ making so much. Unless you’re just jealous, in which case I understand that. Look fact is they can cut CJ anytime if they feel he’s not worth it. Now maybe the Titans brass are idiots for overpaying him and/or not cutting him now, but that’s not CJ’s fault.

  3. Gee, I wonder whose decision this was? A crazy old man who enjoys giving opposing fans the double-barreled salute perhaps?

  4. @bellicosejeff

    I 100% agree with you. To comment on the part saying “granted AD missed some time” shouldn’t be a knock on CJ2k. A lot of people say he can’t handle a full load, which is another misconception of him. He’s averaged over 18 carries per game for his career and only missed one game in 5 years. That sounds like a durable player. Kind of like pitchers in baseball, it’s worth money for someone that doesn’t get hurt at the position. Not to mention he’s averaged 4.7 YPC for his career, including 4.5 YPC this season behind a terrible and new oline every week and multiple starting QBs.

    This is coming from an avid Vikings fan too. I don’t think he’s as good as AD solely based on the fact that he doesn’t strike fear into defenders and can’t wear them down for 4 qtrs like AD (corners and safeties literally get out of the way when he runs at them, watch the tape), however, in terms of receiving and electricity to house it on any play, he’s probably a little better than AD. CJ2K is still a top 5 RB in the league guaranteed, and deserves the money if Matt Forte, Lesean Mccoy, and Ray Rice are getting it.

  5. Overpaid on a position that isnt really relevant to wins and losses. Lol I say that even when AP did what he did this season. But that is the exception, not the rule. As a rule you should never pay a running back big money. Unless its AP.

  6. Chris Johnson isn’t going anywhere:

    He got his 9 million, no need to earn 1000 yards this season. ” Chris Johnson isn’t going anywhere”

  7. @cmehustle

    AH so a back is only worth that kind of money if he’s fresh off a 2000 yard season? That is what you’re saying right there just so you’re aware. Please look up CJ’s stats, if the only criteria for that kind of money is to have rushed for over 2000 yards….then….just look at the stats. Also, a position not relevant to wins and losses. Really? The RB position is not relevant to wins and losses? Well, why does any team even bother having a RB if that’s the case!! EVERY position is relevant to wins and losses, even the kickers my friend.

    And just so we’re crystal clear, I agree he’s overpaid. OK? I’ll repeat, CJ IS OVERPAID. However, I think ALL athletes are overpaid. So I don’t get into the overpaying argument when it pertains to an individual player.

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